Where to buy maternity clothes

Congratulation on your pregnancy. Or on your partners pregnancy. Now that you got the baby thing done, where to buy maternity clothes? Nowadays it’s possible to find trendy and stylish maternity clothes in all shapes and sizes. Lucky us. It was a different story just 15 years ago. And let’s not talk about what our parents had to choose from. So, where to look? I got 6 favorite stores with awesome maternity clothes. And they all have their own style. I would love to introduce you to them. You can find everything from maternity sweatshirts and nursing bras to designer dresses and fashionable active wear.

I have also picked out some favorites to inspire you and get your juices flowing.

Pinkblush – fresh & trendy maternity clothes

Pinkblush describe their clothes as “Not your mothers’ maternity clothes”. I love that expression because so much has happened in the industry since our mothers wore maternity clothes. But still, there are only a few stores that offers stylish and trendy clothes for a modern mom. Usually I’m quite the fan of stores like H&M, but they don’t have any cool maternity clothes. And they’re not alone. It’s like somehow the notion of what a mom should look is universal. We should stop being individuals with a sense of style as soon as we become pregnant. And start loving dotted t-shirts and ill-fitting shirts.

Thank G, for places like Pinkblush. Here you can find fresh and trendy clothes for any occasion. They have anything you could want for, an abundance of maternity dresses, tops, jeans, leggings, active wear, etc. And they have the cutest and best delivery robes on the market.

There’s one other thing about Pinkblushs’ maternity clothes that I think is worth considering, before going on a shopping spree. That is how they value versatility. I think versatility is the key to not getting absolutely ruined building a maternity wardrobe. AND being able to wear them even after pregnancy. So, you don’t need to buy clothes you can only wear for a few months.

Plus size maternity clothes

To continue my rant, Pinkblushs’ plus size department is almost as big as the regular one. That’s worth a, hurray! And the designs are just as cute and stylish. Want more tips on where to find modern plus size maternity wear?

Favorites from Pinkblush

maternity maxi dress
white lace maternity kimono
where to buy maternity clothes that are trendy

ASOS – edgy fashion for mamas

If you’re looking for fashionable and expressive maternity designs, ASOS is a great place to start. They offer both their own ASOS Maternity line and other brands. ASOS invest heavily in a varied range, exclusives and cool collaborations. They want you to help you keep being you.

Having looked through a lot of their clothes several times I think their clothes stand out in two ways compared to other maternity stores. For one, they got you covered from day to night. They’re on both ends of the spectra. Top notch designer dresses for a night out, but also super comfy sweatpants (in style of course) for the sofa days. And business wear á la mode. And secondly, they really care about your individuality and how different we all are and look. Which leads to the next point of business…

ASOS Plus size, Curve, Tall & Petite

Trends and the latest ins and outs are interpreted and then represented in all of ASOS different lines; ASOS, ASOS Curve, Plus size, Tall, Petite and Maternity. Check out all of them. Or maybe not all. But you’ll probably find something great in Curve that can fit you as a plus size pregnant. Think outside the lines. 

Favorites from ASOS

Maternity gown
maternity office wear
maternity pants

Amazon – millions of things to choose from

Ever heard of Amazon? Just kidding. Of course, you have. In one way or another. Amazon is huge. They sell products from about 1.9 million businesses, content creators and developers. This keeps more than 275,000 people in the U.S. busy. It’s a massive machine that can be a little scary, but they actually do a lot of good things as well.

One good thing about Amazon is that you can find just about anything. And usually to a reasonable price. One not so good thing is that it can be really hard to assess the quality in advance. If you’re not familiar with the brand you need to do your research. A few things to look for are good reviews, pictures from buyers, location of the company and the price. If the business is located in China, or any other country far far away, you know it might be tricky with returns and refunds. And if the price seem to be too good to be true, it probably is.

With that said, the only thing that is stopping you from striking a bargain or two is only time. Time to browse and research. And of course, I got some nice tips for you.

Favorites from Amazon

cheap wireless nursing bras
classic side ruched t-shirts for maternity
short knot front maternity dress

A Pea in the Pod – designer maternity clothes

A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity (the next suggestion) are both part of the corporation Destination Maternity. Destination Maternity started out as a mail-order maternity catalogue more than 20 years ago. Today it’s a publicly traded company with over $500 million in annual sales. They have retail stores, online stores and superstores. All with the focus to make busy and selfless moms pamper themselves a bit. To bring their inner beauty to the outside.

Even though A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity are part of the same corporation, they target very different moms. A Pea in the Pod is all about designer maternity clothes. Super cool, right! Don’t get intimidated by the word designer. The prices are not monstrous. It’s not cheap of course, but reasonable and definitely within most peoples’ reach.

They got a great selection of maternity clothes from famous designers and labels. And they also have their own collection. Everything with little extra luxurious feel and touch.

Favorites from A Pea in the Pod

Maternity designer dress
green maternity overall
Tie front maternity top

Motherhood Maternity – your everyday wear

Together with A Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity has the largest collection of pregnancy fashion. If A Pea in the Pod offers designer maternity clothes, Motherhood Maternity is kind of on the other side of the scale. They do have a lot of pretty things, but I think it falls within the everyday-wear category. You can definitely find stylish options. Just a little more basic and mass-produced. But as you might expect, the price tags are also a little different. Here you can truly find great clothes that will fill out your pregnancy wardrobe.

The plus size department is a big plus

Motherhood Maternity has a considerate and stylish plus size department. It’s doubtlessly worth checking out. You’ll find jeans, dresses, tops, swimwear, skirts, lingerie and much more. Yet again, at a reasonable price.

Favorites from Motherhood Maternity

summer maternity maxi dress
maternity demin shortalls
cute maternity swim top

Seraphine – fashion and innovation

Did I save the best for last? Maybe. Seraphine is definitely a check out must if you’re maternity clothes hunting. They have gone for the fashionable and innovative. Which makes them quite a unique player. Although I think they were more unique when they started out in 2002. They really did help revolutionize the industry for maternity clothes. You know, from bland and boring to unique and stylish. Their goal was to create trendy clothes that was both comfortable and designed for changing curves and shapes. Apparently, they succeeded and I think they still are.

Today Seraphine is a global brand with both stores and an online business. You can find almost everything you need to wear for you pregnancy there (although I would recommend finding some things at cheaper places). One cool thing they got going is their celebrity section. Countless celebrities have worn their clothes. Pictures and names are listed on their websites. So, if you want to look like your favorites star it’s easy to get inspired here. I think this also says something about their sense of style and quality in their designs.

Choosing just three favorites from Seraphine is like mission impossible. You just have to head over there and see for yourself. I think it’s wonderful.

Favorites from Seraphine

stylish bodycon maternity dress
maternity shirt dress
3 in 1 maternity hoodie

Where to buy maternity clothes to maximize your budget

So, have you figured out where to buy maternity clothes yet? I suggest you look through all stores before deciding. And then make a plan for what you have to get to maximize your maternity wardrobe. Make a list of what you think you’re going to need. Where will you be spending your time? At work? On holiday? At parties and gatherings? At home? Which pieces can you easily dress up and down for different occasions? You probably won’t find all you need in one place. All the choices I presented have their own touch and specialty. Make sure you take advantage of that.

Tip! You can wear a maxi skirt both over and under your pregnancy belly. Pair that with different tops and you have two completely different outfits for the price of one. Do you have any smart tips to share?