Finding a nice nursing sports bra is actually not that easy. I thought it be like a huge market, but it really isn’t. There are just a few bigger brands and a bunch of unknown. I used to love Moving Comfort and their bounce control technology but realized that since they were bought by Brooks their quality has plummeted. And it’s not just me, going through a lot of reviews people are abandoning the brand.

There are still a few good places to browse though. And I’ve gathered the ones that I think are the best nursing sports bras. I’ve looked at impact, function, fit and style. The goal is to look great AND feel great.

Low impact nursing sports bras

I had the illusion that finding a low impact nursing bra was going to be a little easier. I mean, a lot of moms start with light exercise a couple of months after giving birth. And yoga is still super popular. But no. After hours of scouring the net I realized that it was just that, an illusion. But don’t worry, I found 3 solid options for us. Practical and stylish.

Supportive but not too tight

Just being a mom will make you break a sweat at least a couple of times a day. This seamless maternity sports bra will help you get through it. No matter if you’re comforting an inconsolable little one or breathing it all out during a yoga class. It has all the essentials, a supportive chest band, adjustable straps, sweat-wicking material, clips for when you need to breastfeed and a nice classic sports bra design.


The best low impact sports bra?

At the moment I think Cake Maternity has the best nursing sports bras available. Heck, I think they have the best nursing bras in all categories. They don’t have thousands of designs to choose from. Instead they focused on producing a couple very well-designed nursing bras. I don’t agree with the style to a 100 %, but they’re better than average for sure. This is their Lotus bra. It’s a nursing and hands-free pumping sports bra all at once. Super comfortable and super easy and discreet access. There are 4 different color combinations to choose from.


Vivid colors from Hotmilk

Most nursing sports bras I found are either grey or black. And I get it. We don’t want to buy a hundred different sports bras. We are not going to breastfeed forever, and we need something that goes with everything. But I like this one because of the colors. I think it really light things up. And to be honest, I really like to wear black tank tops when I work out. Then the bra can be the much-needed color pop. It has a beautiful racerback and clips for easy access. What more could you ask for?


Medium impact nursing sports bras

Remember not to measure your chest and breast until at least 3 weeks after delivery. If you’re breastfeeding. By then they should have settled in size. And the bigger boobs you got, the more important it is to find a supportive sports bra. Especially when the training intensity increases. It will take a while for your abs to find their way back, which means your back is already strained. 

Cute, sporty and very supportive

Some people say that you shouldn’t wear an underwire or a too tight bra as it can inhibit blood flow and cause clogged milk ducts or even mastitis. There’s no real proof of that though. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. I recommend doing and wearing whatever you feel comfortable in and works for you. I think the ones without wire are considerably more comfortable. Or, at least as long as I’m not doing any high intensity workouts. Then it can be more comfortable to up the support.

This bra doesn’t have any wires but still offers great support. The racerback design and elastic band makes sure of that. The cups give full coverage and help restrict movement. And it has side slings that stops the breasts from sagging when you breastfeed (that generally makes it easier to feed). The clips are easy to maneuver with one hand making sure you can breastfeed anywhere at any time.

easy access nursing sports bra

It’s all in the details

This is another solid choice from A Pea in the Pod. And why is that? Well, I would say that it is in the details. Except from it being stylish it has

  • a wide elastic bottom band for support and stability
  • moisture wicking inner lining
  • one hand nursing clips
  • internal frame for extra support
  • reduced bounce fabric
  • adjustable straps with 5 adjustments

Not too bad, right?


Plus size nursing sports bra

By just looking at this bra you can’t really tell it’s a sports bra, I think. But it is, and buyers are generally very pleased with it and the support it offers. Just check out all the reviews. It’s soft and comfortable and has the classic clip down breastfeeding feature. The back strap is really thick, which is probably what gives the good stability.


High impact nursing sports bras

Are you ready to up your game and get serious about your training again? Then you definitely want to invest in a great nursing bra that supports those milk machines. Things could get really uncomfortable otherwise. If you also have a bigger chest you want it to protect your back from getting hurt. Just remember to give your body time to recover from the pregnancy and labor. You got the rest of your life to get into shape again. Make sure your body is as ready as your mind.

Serious bounce control

I almost thought it would be mission impossible to find a nice high impact nursing sports bra. I did have to search in places I’m not that familiar with, but I did find a couple of great options. Although this first one was not a surprise. It’s from Cake Maternity. That was the first place I checked. If you want a safe bet, go for this one. It is a full-structured sports bra that will minimize bounce, no matter the size. It’s comfortable, practical and designed with a purpose. It has a long list of high-quality features and functions. It might have it all. You must check it out.

You can choose between three different color combinations and if you’re looking for a high impact plus size nursing sports bra, this might be it.


A nursing sports bra that looks like a regular sports bra

So, now we have reached uncharted territory. For me at least. Before heading out on this quest for the best nursing sports bras I had never heard of Sweet & Milk. But they do seem legit. They have their own patent-pending design. What makes it so special is that it doesn’t look like a nursing bra at all. The nursing and hands-free pumping function are hidden. And I got to say I love the blush leopard patterns and butterfly wings back. Of course, it has all the other necessary feature as well, like adjustable straps and breathable material, etc.

They do have a couple of other nursing sports bras and nursing sports tank bras as well. If you’re curious, have a look.


A very flexible sports bra

This high impact sports bra actually comes with a free 7-day exercise program. Hotmilk is serious about getting us mamas into shape again. This one is also great for the bigger boobs. You can get it in up to H cup. One cool feature is that the top cup is stretchy enough to allow for growth (and shrinking). And I love the vibrant colors, especially the gold in the back. It also has 6 hooks and eye extension for ribcage expansion. All this makes it a really flexible sports bra. If you’re intrigued read more about its design and functions under the link.


Which is the best nursing sports bra?

Well, that is subjective. I guess it’s the one that fits your body and style. I think you’ll up your chances of finding the right one if you do your homework first. What type of exercises are you planning to do? What are your needs? What is your budget? If you’re planning on starting with walks but move into jogging as soon as you can you might want to get a high impact bra straight away to save some money.

Do you have a favorite nursing sports bra? Share! We all benefit from each other’s experiences and opinions.

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