Sweat proof underwear for women – and all kinds of activewear

We all sweat from time to time and it’s absolutely natural to do it. And nobody likes sweat stains and feeling shabby. Luckily we don’t have to. Most of the stuff here is real perspiration proof clothes. Not just wimpish quick drying things. There are different levels to choose from. Depending on how much protection you need and which activity you want it for.

No matter if you are planning a rough work out session or just a hot day at work, these sweat proof underwear for women got your back. If you keep scrolling, you’ll also find lots of sweat proof active wear for all kinds of occasions . There are leggings, sport bras, tops, shorts and bodysuits.

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Sweat proof underwear for women

Active briefs from Modibodi

These are not your ordinary workout underwear. A lot of brands have underwear that breaths and dries quickly. Modibodis’ Active briefs will keep you clean, dry and fresh no matter how much you sweat. It will even keep you safe from unexpected leaks like pee and period mishaps. And absolutely no odor.

If you want to look at more leak proof underwear, please head over here.

ACTIVE BRIEF sweat proof underwear

Sport panties from Thinx

I think Thinx has the most attractive design for sweat proof underwear for women. In these you can definitely perform better while feeling better. You can use them both as sweat protection when you work out and as period panties on your medium days. It holds up to 1 1/2 regular tampons worth and fluids and are smelly-free.

If you’re looking for something a bit more colorful than black, these are available in 4 different colors.

period proof sports underwear

Absorbent leggings

Activewear leggings

Have you ever heard of sweat proof leggings? I hadn’t. You don’t even need to wear panties under them, #gocommando. They hold up to 10ml of fluids. No one sweats that much from that area of course. It is to keep you dry and clean from things like heavy discharge, a light period and other sneaky leaks as well. They are so comfortable you might just want to wear them at home instead.

sweat proof leggings

Revolutionary sports bras

Even if you’re not sure you need “another sports bra”, please read about these ones. I think they change the sports bra game a bit. Moisture-wicking and breathable, comfortable, supportive, no wires, and for all sizes (even big boobs).

Sports bra for high impact

So, what’s the big deal? It might not be revolutionary, but it sure is a little bit better than all that has come before it. I’ve summoned up the titbits for you.

  • Completely flexible and customizable to your shape and fit.
  • High impact sports bra for women up to size 42G
  • Gives more support than the 800 other bras it was tested against.
  • Performance molded cups – separates and encapsulates the breasts for reduced movements.
  • 40 % easier to remove – you might laugh at this, but the struggle can be real.
  • Breathes between the breasts – your sweatiest point.

I would say this is a winner!

best high impact training bra

Evolution tank

It might look like an ordinary tank at first sight. But I can assure you it’s not. This tank has taken a step up on the evolutionary ladder. So, what makes it so special? I’ll tell you.

  • Seamlessly integrated built-in wire-free bra for cup sizes A to DD – perfectly soft and snug with a construction that has great support and lift.
  • Super versatile – the bra, yeah, the whole tank is seamless and has a shape that will flatter any figure.
  • Removable cups that are thin, breathable and gives a beautiful shape.
  • And oh, it’s lightly sweat and odor proof – wear it all day and all night.

No need to spend money on both a bra and a tank. Going braless with confidence is the future.

sweat proof tank top

Sweat and period proof shorts

Training shorts

Need a pair of shorts that will get you through the toughest training? It can handle your blood, sweat and tears, all at once. That’s like at least 20 ml, or what? How, you might ask? With a 4-layer tech that is built into your shorts. So, no undies needed, #gocommando.

Did I mention the ultra-booty-flattering design. Oh yes. You’ll look cute as a butt(on) in these.

sweat proof shorts

Sweat proof Cycle shorts

Get on the cycle on your cycle. These are tight and firm and will keep in place what ever you wish to do. They old up to 2 tampons worth and are definitely a great investment.

sweat proof cycle shorts

Bodysuits made for sweating


Look and feel fabulous while working out, doing a routine, watching Netflix or going out for lunch with your friends. No matter if you sweat, is training your pelvic floor or got your period, you’ll be covered. It holds up to 1 tampons worth of fluids. The big question is, are you going to style it with a high-waisted skirt or track pants?

leak proof leotard

Sweat tips

Do you have any other sweat preventing tips that has worked for you? Please spread your knowledge with the rest of us.