Reusable leak proof underwear for women. Who knew such brilliant and wonderful thing would be invented? Seeing this for the first time was such a joy. It’s like a win-win situation. The environment wins because they are reusable. Women all over the world wins because they save money while looking and feeling confident. Everybody wins. Except maybe the tampon and pad industry. But hey, we still need them sometimes as well. Now they just have to share the cake they’ve been eating alone for so long.

Reusable Pee and Period proof underwear for women

I will actually group leak proof pee and period underwear together as they can be used no matter what is leaking. It’s just different labelling. Just make sure you’re wearing the right absorbency level. They differ between light, moderate, heavy and overnight. That translates to about 1/2 tampon, 1 1/2 tampons, 2 tampons, 2-3 tampons.

So, are you on the market for reusable leak proof underwear for women? Then you’re in the right place. You are now only a few steps away from finding the underwear that will make your life easier, more comfortable and way more sustainable. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from.

Easy, comfortable and smart. Just like choosing reusable leak proof underwear is.

Seamfree and leak free

seamfree period proof underwear


Moderate-Heavy absorbency

Need some seamfree leak proof underwear for that sexy pants or bodicon dress? Why not spend on a pair that are both leak proof and comfortable. They will amaze you with being both super light and super absorbent at the same time.

seamfree leak free panties


Moderate-Heavy absorbency
Heavy/Overnight absorbency

Will this be your favorite new style? The minimal seams, the comfy, fresh and safe feeling, and the lightness. Maybe it’s time to wave goodbye to the pads and tampons and embrace the reusable leak proof underwear for women full time.

reusable leakproof underwear without seams


Heavy absorbency

These bad boys hold up to 3 tampons worth and are absolutely seamfree. Super absorbency and super comfortable. They will stop almost anything from leaking through and are perfect for both night and day wear. Sleep well and sweet dreams.

High waist and leak proof

pee proof high waist bikini


Heavy/Overnight absorbency
Light-Moderate absorbency

Sustainable, sensual and super safe. Go with the flow and choose absorbency after need and activity. These are one of the best sellers so I can almost guarantee your satisfaction. Get rid of those pads, liner and tampons today.

sexy leak proof underwear


Moderate-Heavy absorbency

Do you need something sexy for those moderate period days? I say you do. Nothing makes you feel better than feeling great. Look good, feel good. Get that smooth, firm silhouette with this throwback style with a mesh upgrade.. You’ll be good to go. There’s even a sexy leopard print if you’re up for it.

super high rise leakproof underwear


Moderate-Heavy absorbency

Try a super high rise that sits at your natural waist. They’re super comfortable and super safe. These panties will keep you covered. Pun intended. You are in for a snug but perfect fit. If you’re not feeling the flowers, there’s traditional black, beige and pink to choose from.

Bikinis to trust

leak proof bikini underwear


Light-Moderate absorbency

No more mishaps or embarrassing stains. Use as backups on heavy days, when you need to train you pelvic floor or got some heavy discharge going on. Feel liberated, fresh and sensual all through the day.

period proof underwear from Thinx


Moderate-Heavy absorbency

This is one of the best-sellers. A great style for the weekdays. The improved and strong waistband will make sure you’re fresh, dry and snug. Choose from 4 different colors.

cheap leakproof underwear


Light-Moderate absorbency

For them medium period days or if you’re getting started with a little pelvic floor training. A lovely mid rise silhouette for periods, pee, or sweat.

Full brief – full protection

leak proof underwear classic full brief


Light-Moderate absorbency

Be protected from the unexpected in a modern classic full brief. If you don’t trust your pelvic floor just yet or are trying to rush aunt flow out the door, get a little extra backup from your leak proof underwear.

period proof full brief


Light-Moderate absorbency

Make an impact! Use fewer disposable pads, liners and tampons. And look sensually fabulous in reusable leak proof lace underwear. Two good things in one.

pee proof panties cotton


Moderate-Heavy absorbency

They call this a no-stress fit. That means your favorite pair you only wear at home. When you need to be nothing but comfortable. Snuggle up in these pee proof and period proof underwear. Choose between 4 colors, including cute polka dots.

Leak proof activewear

reusable leak proof underwear for training


Light-Moderate absorbency

Don’t ever worry about embarrassing leaks in the gym again. This sweet little thing will protect your from sweat and any female leaks. Unexpected or not. Go lift them weights or jump on that bike. Nothing can stop you now.

pee proof sports underwear


Light-Moderate absorbency

This leak proof sports undies have a great design for all kinds of movements. It’s high, wide, soft, breathable and comfortable. Hit the gym and go with the flow.

Thongs to be trusted

leak proof thong


Light absorbency

I bet you didn’t think thongs were an option. But it sure is. And it will protect you from little leaks here and there. Put them on and now one will ever know what’s going on below.

period proof thong


Super light absorbency

If you want the cake and still eat it, this little thing might be what you want. You can almost be naked. You can wear any pants you like. You can get that little extra protection. Perfect for sneaky drips and discharge days. And a cute butt.

leakproof high rise thong


Light-Moderate absorbency

All new! How about a high rise thong huh? Sitting comfortably at your natural waistline. Making you look and feel absolutely smooth and ready for whatever.

Are you ready to give reusable leak proof underwear a try?

If you’ve never tried reusable leak proof panties before you might have a few questions. Here are the answers to the most common ones.

  • They do not smell. The three-layer technology locks away the smell in the middle.
  • You won’t feel wet wearing them. The moisture wicking layer transfer away all fluids. You might even forget about your leaks.
  • You can wear them all through the day (and/or night). As long as you have chosen the right absorbency level.
  • How many do you need? You need at least one pair a day and one pair a night. How many you’ll need in the long run depend on how often you do laundry.

Want to know more about how it works. Jump on over here.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Did you know that there aren’t just leak proof underwear available? Nowadays you can find leak proof maternity wear, perspiration proof clothing and leak proof swimwear. Amazing!