Plus size maternity wedding dresses – from cheap to exclusive

Finding the perfect plus size maternity wedding dress online isn’t done in a heartbeat. To be honest, there aren’t that many places offering stylish options. But don’t fret, there are a few really good ones. You can also broaden the search by looking at maternity friendly designs. By that I mean “normal” dresses that fit pregnant bodies as well. If you still don’t know what I mean, just keep reading. I will show you some great examples.

Even if you don’t find your wedding dress right away, try to have fun. Give yourself time to search, imagine, and dream. And keep a constant eye on the outlets sales, and discounts offered. A too expensive dress might suddenly be within your budget.

Exclusive plus size maternity wedding dresses

Tiffany Rose – timeless designs with a twist

I put this one at the top because I think it’s so beautiful. It ticks all my boxes for what a wedding dress should look like. And make me look. Let’s start at the top. The bodice is a sequin, lace and embroidery story in ivory and gold. And the neck and sleeves details gives a sophisticated glamour. Finally the full-length skirt and empire waist will give you a flattering silhouette with a subtle shimmer. No matter the size of your belly. I think it’s a perfect mix of fairytale and modern style.

Tiffany Rose has many high quality maternity wedding dresses in plus size. If you have about $300-500 to spend on a wedding dress, this is a good place to start. If you want to check them all out, here’s the shortcut.

It also comes in a short version

Plus size maternity wedding dress

Blush Fashion – glamorous and unique

I absolutely love Blush Fashion’s wedding dresses with tulle skirts and two colors. They are so romantic, unique and truly memorable. You can custom order them, which means you can get any size and any measurements you want. It’s a little bit more expensive, about $80) but you’ll get a perfect fitting dress. I think this is a great example of a “regular” dress that can fit a pregnant body just as well. Most dresses with an empire waist works.

Blush Fashion aren’t a big chain but a small team of talented and devoted members. Here you get a great personal service and truly wonderful and trendy designs. They have a whole line of plus size and curvy wedding dresses that you should have a peek at if you’re intrigued. Many of them will work as maternity dresses as well. Several are more classic looking. Just make sure the measurements are correct. I’m sure they will help you if you contact them.

unique plus size maternity wedding dress

Seraphine – Maternity bridal gown

Seraphine is all about fashionable maternity wear. I think you can find some of the best and most stylish clothes for your pregnancy here. Their quality is really consistent. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. It’s a go-to-place for both royalties and celebrities. They have several maternity wedding gowns that are so so beautiful. The only downside is that they only provide dresses in up to size US14.

The dress in the picture is inspired by vintage Channel with feminine French lace. The A-line fit makes it wearable through all the stages of a pregnancy. If you’re intrigued you have to take a look at the back.

fashionable plus size maternity wedding dress

Plus size maternity wedding dresses under $200

Amazon – Elegant lace with a little stretch

We’re moving down the price scale but not necessarily in style. I think this wedding dress is absolutely beautiful and it comes in a wide size variety. The quality won’t be the same of course but the lace makes it very elegant. And it has that extra stretch for a perfect fit. You’ll be portraying the classic picture of bride in it.

The great thing about Amazon is that you can find almost anything. It might just be tricky to find that one thing you want among the millions of products they’re offering. So, if this isn’t the dress for you, give yourself some time to search the hides. How knows, you might strike a bargain.

elegant plus size maternity wedding dress

Pinkblush – A beautiful open back

This ivory lace chiffon dress has a pleated cinched bust and lovely lace details on the sleeves and back. The open back is the icing on the cake in my opinion. It’s just the right amount of skin showing and you can still wear your bra. Make sure you get the right size. Apparently it runs a bit small on the top. Right now you can get this dress for just $69!

I have so many great things to say about Pinkblush. It’s a wonderful place for mothers and preggos. They design for the modern mom who is looking for stuff that is trendy, stylish and, so importantly, affordable. I also love that they focus on versatility. They want their clothes to be used. Not just for a few months. That’s why they offer maternity clothes that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy.

plus size maternity wedding dress with open back

Etsy – custom made plus size maternity wedding dress 

This is such a dreamy infinity wedding dress from Etsy. You can get it in any size you want. For just a few more bucks you can even get it custom made to fit you and your bump perfectly. The design is very smart and flexible as well so don’t worry about your growing baby tummy. If you’re not convinced, check out the price and the many beautiful pictures and reviews from happy customers.

If you haven’t payed a visit to Etsy before, now is definitely the time. It’s an online marketplace where private sellers meet potential buyers from all over the world. It’s kind of like Amazon, but here you only find creative goods. It’s the perfect place to find the perfect wedding dress. There are a lot of sellers offering custom made plus size maternity wedding dresses at great prices. Just find a dress you like with a trustworthy seller.

cheap custom made plus size maternity wedding dress

ASOS – maternity friendly wedding dress

ASOS does have maternity clothes but the sizes ends at US16. I think it’s better to search for maternity friendly designs in the Curve & Plus size department. There you can usually find a couple of lovely wedding dresses for a reasonable price. This lace crop top wedding dress is so cool and special. It embraces todays trends and still portrays a classic feel. Wonderful, if you ask me.

I have never bought a wedding dress from ASOS but almost everything else. It’s probably my number one place for a lot of clothes. Both maternity and regular stuff. I love budget design.

plus size maxi wedding dress

Cheap plus size maternity wedding dresses

Amazon – Classic wedding dress

Now we’ve come to the under 100 $ section. We obviously can’t expect the finest materials and craftsmanship but it’s very possible to find something really nice and beautiful. This dress is made and shipped from China. This can feel a little risky but after reading the reviews people seem to be satisfied overall. And it’s a really pretty princess dress. Just don’t expect the rhinestones to be high quality at this price.

classic plus size maternity wedding dress

Pinkblush – A bodycon wedding dress

This pretty bodycon dress would do a great job as a maternity wedding dress if you’re looking for the opposite of the previous choice. No princessness here. Just a feminine dazzling plus size dress short enough to move around in like a dancing queen. The sides are ruched for a great fit and it’s double lined.

And the best part, it’s only 75$.

fitted plus size maternity wedding dress

Pinkblush – Maternity maxi wedding dress under $100

This is a bestseller from Pinkblush. A lovely lace plus size maternity maxi dress, perfect for a wedding on a budget. I think the patterned sheer short bell sleeves and back are what makes it that extra something. What do you think?

plus size maternity maxi wedding dress

Did you find the dress you were looking for?

As I mentioned earlier, the selection is not huge. But after scouring the web several times I think there are great options for a lot of different dreams and wallets. If you’re still far away from your “the One” I would recommend visiting Etsy once again and search for someone that can custom make it for you. It doesn’t have to be that expensive. Just make sure the person/company has a lot of good reliable references. And if you do find someone, please let the rest of us know in the comments. Where did you find your perfect plus size maternity wedding dress?

If you need plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses you can find some great options right over here.