Plus size maternity swimsuits

There are basically three plus size maternity swimsuits styles. You got the one piece, the bikini (or two piece) and the tankini. If you don’t gain too much extra weight and your boobs don’t grow that much, you can probably keep using the bikinis you already own.

For all lot of us, that is not an option. I could wear my one piece for quite some time as it’s very stretchy, but sometime around halfway through I had to give it up.

If you already have made a few searches on plus size maternity bathing suits you probably realized that there aren’t that much to choose from. It’s not impossible to find something nice, but it requires a bit of searching. Hopefully I can help you save some time. I’ve gathered some of the maternity swimsuits in plus size that I like the most.

plus size maternity swimsuits

At the bottom you’ll also find options for leak proof plus size maternity bathing suits as well. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a leak proof swimsuit you can wear instead of a tampon or a pad. A period proof swimsuit.

Where to find plus size maternity swimsuits

I got a couple of go to places for plus size maternity bathing suits. If you’re already familiar with the stores and want to browse for yourself you can head over there directly.

I should mention that ASOS doesn’t have any plus size maternity swimsuits. But they have so many bikinis in their Plus size and Curve collections that works great for pregnant bodies. Just size up.

The links below will take you to their respective swimsuit offerings. Keep scrolling if you want to be served the goodies. Happy hunting!

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Get inspired by some favorites

Pinkblush Maternity 

If the weight is adding on this maternity one piece has a really nice and flattering fit. You’ll get a beautiful bathing suit in good quality. Padded cups, double lining and room to grow. It also has adjustable, convertible and removable straps. You can get it in 1 to 3 XL.

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plus size maternity bathing suit

Mix and match bikini top

ASOS has mix and match options for bikini tops and bottoms. This is great when you’re pregnant because sometimes one of them aren’t suitable for a big belly or nursing. When your belly is growing you need a low cut bottom that goes below the belly. And right now high waists are trending.

I think triangle bikini tops are great to buy when you’re pregnant because they transition perfectly in to nursing bikinis. Just loosen the upper tie a bit and pull it aside. It’s also easy to adjust the fit when your boobs are changing.

It’s worth mentioning that this lovely little leopard thing is made of recycled fabric. This helps to lower the environmental impact.

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bikini for curvy girls

Pregnancy tankini set

You can’t see it in this picture but the tankini comes with a pair of black bottoms as well. This made the list because of the loose comfortable design, double shoulder straps (for stability) and removable chest pad. And of course the cute polka dot print.

It’s available in 22 different colors and patterns and in sizes up to 6XL.

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plus size maternity tankinis

Elegant maternity one piece swimsuit

This is one of the few maternity swimsuits offered in plus size that has a little more elegant design. The halter neck design is beautiful and also makes the the suit more stable on your body. It has the Amazon’s Choice badge, which means it’s highly rated, well-priced and available to ship immediately. If you don’t like the print, take a look at the other 10.

Available up to size 4XL. 

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maternity swimsuit for big girls

A colorful two piece set

Motherhood Maternity almost always have one or two nice plus size maternity swimwear to check out. I first thought this was a one piece, but it’s actually a two piece set. I love the fresh colors and how it together with the ruched design offers comfort and confidence.

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plus size maternity swim ser

Super cute polka dot bikini

I just had to include this bikini top as well. It is so damn cute. The frill on the bottom is so feminine without being too girly. It has adjustable straps and is made with recycled materials. Mix it with any bottoms you like.

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cute plus size maternity bikini top

A solid one piece maternity bathing suit

A no fuzz maternity swimsuit for when you want nothing but a nice one piece. Nothing extra. Just comfort and relaxed style. Available in 1X to 3X (size 14-24).

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black maternity one piece swimsuit

One piece breastfeeding bathing suit

The seller, Oceanlily, give the one piece the following description: Modest, cute and easy to breastfeed in. I couldn’t agree more. Although I’m not a big fan of the word modest. It somehow doesn’t seem to fit the modern woman. The bathing suit has a lot of good things going for it. It has a built-in sports bra and thick adjustable shoulder straps that provide extra chest support for large busts. It’s made of quick dry material and are designed for both cuddling and activity.

Even though the photo doesn’t show it, it’s also a maternity swimsuit. It’s built to work well for both pregnancy and nursing. You can get in sizes S to XXL and in two different colors.

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nursing swimsuits

Custom made Nursing swimsuit top

This option comes from Etsy. I think that's a wonderful place to get handmade items for a great price. Just take your own measurements and get a perfect fit. There are a couple of vibrant colors/paterns to choose from. It has medium support and is easy to breastfeed in (ni buttons or clasps). If you're considering a water birth it's very suitable for that as well. And yoga.

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plus size nursing top

Leak proof plus size maternity swimsuits

So I'm a big fan of leak proof underwear and swimwear. If you don't know what that is, here's a short description. It's basically a panty that is leak proof, odor proof and moisture wicking. The idea is that they should replace tampons and pads. A lot of them are marketed as period proof underwear/swimwear. But they work for all kinds of leaks. We're talking pee, sweat, blood and discharge. If you want to know more about this head over to "Reusable leak proof underwear for women".

leak proof bikini bottoms

Now you might start to get why I wanted to bring this up here. Most of us produce a decent amount of discharge when we're pregnant. I know I did. And most of us have spring a leak (pee) every now and then as the pregnancy proceed. If you don't want this to show (or smell) on the beach or at the pool, leka proof maternity swimsuits can be the answer to your prayers.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a maternity bathing suit that is leak proof, only bikini bottoms. But I'm sure it will appear on the market at ay time now. Modibodi does have a regular leak proof swimsuit if you're interested in that. The "little leaks" tend to stay with us for a time and it's perfect for when your period returns.

Do you have any favorite plus size stores or brands?

Finding plus size maternity swimsuits can be hard enough. Trying to find a stylish nursing, or pregnancy/nursing/, swimsuit in plus size is almost impossoble. The supply is slim to none. The best ones I have found comes from Amazon and Etsy. If you're an XL you have a few more options. Like Cake Maternity. But otherwise I'm not sure where to turn to. Do you have any tips?