Plus size maternity hospital gowns

Are you searching for plus size maternity hospital gowns for labor? Then you’re in right space and place. There are tons of pretty, cute, fashionable and stylish options. You just need to know where to look. If you’re looking for plus size delivery robes, I suggest you click that link instead. There you’ll find what you’re looking for.

A lot of moms have had terrible experiences with the washed out gowns the hospital provides. They might be oversized, making you flash your behind, itching, having shoulders that keep falling down, strings untying on you… The list goes on. This is not the end of the world. But you can definitely make sure you’re more comfortable than that. The maternity gowns you buy for yourself are comfortable, the right size, functional and makes you look good. I also like the fact that it hasn’t been washed with a lot of strong chemicals. Intrigued? Well then, scroll down and feast your eyes on these wonderful maternity nursing nightgowns all available in plus size.

As requested I have gathered some stylish maternity nursing nightgowns in sizes 4 XL and 5 XL. You find them a little further down the page.

The best plus size maternity hospital gowns

The classic hospital gown – the gownie

Have you heard of the gownie? Maybe if you’re on kid number two or three. Otherwise this is probably new territory for you. Anyway, this is a classic hospital gown but with fun and pretty colors and patterns. It has all the functions as the terrible (sorry) maternity gowns the hospital provides but with style. It’s approved by hospitals and hospital staff so don’t worry about that.

This delivery gown has snaps both in the front and in the back for all kinds of medical examinations, IV, surgery, and recovery. They’re machine washable and comes in a wide range of sizes. Since you can wear them all through your stay you might want to consider getting more than one, if you like them.

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Style & Comfort

You heard me right. There is such a combo as style and comfort for maternity hospital wear. At least in my mind. The fabric is soft and has almost a t-shirt feel to it. There are snaps both in the back and at the front for all kinds of easy access. And finally, we’re offered more than one size fit all. Choose between 3 different sizings.

You can also use it as a nursing nightgown at home. Perfect for those nightly feeding snuggles.

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3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

Here’s an option from Ekoauer, a popular maternity brand. This one has the 3 in 1 function; maternity nightgown, labor and delivery gown and nursing nightgown. All you’ll ever need. It’s a fairly new and super popular design. You have the buttons for easy access in the back and on both sides. It has great coverage and cute short sleeves. Choose from numerous colors and pretty patterns. One thing you can’t complain about, is the price.

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Maternity nursing nightgowns in 4XL and 5XL

The options for stylish maternity hospital gowns in sizes 22 and over are a little more limited. But I have found a few that are worth considering. They are all cute, comfortable and comes with good reviews. They are designed for easy breastfeeding access and work great for pregnancy, the hospital stay and the post partum body. Super soft and practical. Take a peek at them all and see if we have a winner! There are usually a few colors to choose from.

A traditional gownie set

If you prefer the traditional gownie design instead there are several patterns and colors to choose from. As mentioned, before they got all the crucial snaps in all the right places and are super comfy. They got tons of satisfied customers.

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Reusable leak proof underwear for after birth

Why do I need this, you might ask? Well, most of us are so damn focused on the birthing itself, we don’t really think too much about the aftermath. You might be really really sore. And you will definitely bleed a lot. We all do.

When the placenta detaches from the uterine wall it leaves a wound that bleeds for about 4 to 6 weeks. The first 2 days the bleed is quite heavy but after that it normally slows down until the wound is healed.

I suggest you use pads or disposable underwear for the first day or two, but after that I recommend using washable underwear. You can use them as regular period proof underwear after that. I think it’s a great way to save both money and the environment.

You’ll look great and they’re so much more comfortable than disposable products. They’re also much safer. If you want to know more, check out the article “Plus size leak proof underwear for women“.

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plus size leak proof underwear for after birth

First time mom or second time around?

Or even third? Are you here searching the web because you had an awful labor gown the first time? Or are you a preventative first-time mom? Please share your experiences and thoughts with the rest of us. What do you think plus size maternity hospital gowns should look like?