If you thought it was going to be hard to find stylish and trendy plus size maternity dresses your were actually dead wrong. You just need to know where to look. That’s why I have put together a list of places where you can find price worthy and beautiful plus size maternity dresses.

At the bottom of the list I’ve gathered some dresses I really like that are available in size 22 and up. I know it can be a bit tricky to find nice stuff in these sizes. Feel free to link to your own favorites in the comments. Let’s help each other find the goodies.

And please don’t get discouraged by the regular sized models in some of the pictures. If the dress is on this list, it’s available in plus size.

Where to buy plus size maternity dresses


Pinkblush tops almost all lists you can find on plus size maternity dresses. And for good reasons. They don’t just have a few items in plus size, you can find a separate, huge, category with it. This means you don’t have to sift through tons of dresses wondering if they’ll have it in your size. You can just scroll through the options and pick what you like.

Pinkblush also knows all about how to be comfortable, stylish and pregnant at the same time. You can find dresses here for all trimesters. And a lot of them are very flexible, meaning you can wear them from your first trimester and post partum. Some are even designed for both maternity and nursing. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to shop there. Most items are very reasonably priced.

3 favorite plus size maternity dresses from Pinkblush

black plus size maternity dress
plus size maternity dress with flounce
plus size maternity maxi dresses


Ever heard of Amazon? Yeah, I bet you have. I’m from Sweden and I’m well aware of it (and a loyal customer). I think Amazon is a wonderful place to find cheap plus size maternity dresses, or what ever else you can think of. But it does require some research and not the highest expectations on the quality to get satisfied. I usually check for a few thing before buying.

  1. I look for badges like “Amazon’s choice* or *Bestseller* because then I know a lot of people have been satisfied with the item before.
  2. Do the reviews include real photos from customers and seem otherwise legit?
  3. If the item seems too good to be true (high quality for a really low price), I keep on looking.

As long as these boxes are checked I usually feel confident buying. It’s easy to return if I get disappointed anyway.

3 favorite plus size maternity dresses from Amazon

maternity dress with ruffles
maternity t-shirt dress
maxi dress with pockets


ASOS is definitely another favorite of mine. Both for pregnancy and not pregnancy wear. It’s not just their clothes that are cool, I think their philosophy and marketing are so on point and current.

The ASOS family is about freedom, no judgement, uniqueness, expressing, including and being happy with who we are. In their book, clothes are meant to be source of fun. They should fit and sometimes be practical. And  they are supposed to boost your confidence, not the other way around.

They are especially big on the including part. They work with 200 models in all shapes and sizes and they have 4 different ranges – Maternity, Curve & plus size, Petite and Tall. That is of course on top of everything else.

3 favorite plus size maternity dresses from ASOS

trendy plus size maternity dress
tight maternity dress
plus size midi dress

Old Navy

It actually wasn’t long ago that I didn’t even know that Old Navy existed. And when I first encountered it I thought it sounded like an old fart. But boy was I wrong. Old Navy is part of GAP Inc. If you don’t know them, they’re all about fabulous and affordable fashion. And you can get a whole new wardrobe there if you like. For the whole family.

They don’t have a section dedicated to plus size maternity clothes, but they do have both a plus size section and a maternity section (with a lot of plus size clothes). I think you should browse them both. A lot of “regular” clothes can double as maternity clothes (I’ll go through these dress styles further down).

3 favorite plus size maternity dresses from Old Navy

fun and flirty maternity dress for plus size
Maternity Rib-Knit Bodycon Dress
maternity wrap front dress

Motherhood Maternity/Destination Maternity

At first glance Motherhood Maternity might seem a little, I’m sorry to say it, boring. Or maybe not boring, but a little safe. Not exactly fashion forward. But I started following them on instagram and suddenly I realized their value. They have a whole section dedicated to plus size maternity clothes. This means that they know what they’re doing and what suits a curvy figure. They do have a lot of staples but there’s also tons of cute, fun and beautiful stuff.

Motherhood Maternity celebrates all shapes and sizes. And the thing I like most about them is the warmth they communicate and radiates. It is for all mothers. Both you and me. At least, that’s what it feels like.

3 favorite plus size maternity dresses from Motherhood Maternity

sweet plus size dress for mothers to be
cute dress for plus size mommy
everyday maternity dress

Plus size maternity dresses – over size 22

I know it can be a bit more tricky to find trendy and fashionable clothes and dresses when we’re talking about size 22 and up. Some of the dresses I have suggested are offered in these sizes. But because I have gotten requests about proper plus size maternity clothing before I thought I make an exclusive section this time. To be ahead of you guys.

There are actually tons of plus size maternity dresses offered in these sizes. I’ve only chosen a few that I really like, but please keep on browsing the websites I’m referring to.  I am positive you’ll find some dresses you want. Are you looking for more inspiration, you’re welcome to check out my post about Plus size maternity cocktail dresses and Plus size maternity clothes.

If you have any questions, please ask. I would love to help.

cheap maternity maxi dress in regular and plus size
high quality plus size dress
maternity tank dress