Plus size maternity cocktail dresses

The cocktail dress emerged in the 1920s after World War 2 when the idea of the working woman began to take hold. Today cocktail parties have changed a bit, but the dresses are basically following the same rules. It should be a fun and flirty dress (or skirt with a top) preferably in a finer material. The dress should be knee-length and have some kind of sleeve. And the neckline can be a bit party bold. Like back in the day, it’s also a perfect opportunity to wear a nice hat.

Size 14-16

Two of my favorite online stores for maternity dresses are Tiffany Rose and Nordstrom. They don’t have special plus size collections but some of their dresses are available in size 14-16 (Nordstrom has bigger sizes as well). They are generally top notch. High quality, trendy and/or classic elegant designs and maternity friendly.

The dresses are wonderful, but you might find that the prices are not. Tiffany Rise and Nordstrom both have a little more expensive plus size maternity cocktail dresses, but they’re generally worth every penny.

A sexy vintage look

Let’s get this party started with a sexy vintage look. I think this is a classic cocktail dress. It’s celebrating its history but with a modern touch. The stretch lace, trimmed eyelash skirt and cross over neckline makes it perfect for an evening cocktail party. Just look at those delicate sleeves.

Why not let your partner know that it would look fabulous with some diamonds or pearls, *wink, wink*. 

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plus size sexy cocktail dress

A dress for any season

This might be my favorite Tiffany Rose dress. I think I’ve looked at it at least 15 times (just waiting for the right occasion to splurge on it). I love the color. Not just because it’s beautiful but because it’s versatile. You can use this dress in any season.

It just works. It’s elegant and shimmering, perfect for any fancy cocktail party.

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elegant maternity dress

The perfect plus size party dress?

I think this dress has such a clever and chic design. The architect of it gives a wonderful figure. Perfect for a party with fancy drinks. Nordstrom is a great place to visit when looking for designer and well designed maternity clothes. They gather some of the best dresses from the best brands for you.

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plus size maternity dress for party

Size 16-18

You all probably know about Amazon and all its millions of products. Of course, they will have some plus size maternity cocktail dresses. They have like everything else. But you might not know about Pinkblush and ASOS. Both stores have dedicated plus size maternity collections/sections on their respective websites. And a lot at wonderful stuff for a maternity wardrobe.

A flattering and comfortable dress

A beautiful plus size dress that will fit you from bump to baby. This dress will make you look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time. Not all dresses do. And comfort is so important when we are pregnant. The v-neck is always on style and it’s not too low or too high for most boob sizes.

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fun plus size maternity dress for a party

Beautiful and up to 4XL

This is a great plus size maternity cocktail dress. You got 8 deep colors to choose from and it’s available from L to 4XL. It ticks all the boxes for being a cocktail dress. But, it’s also suitable for work, vacation, a party or why not the beach. And I really like the pockets, it’s a fun detail that gives it a little confident and relaxed feel. It’s not the fanciest (and not the most expensive either), but you can easily style it up with heels and accessories.

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plus size maternity dress in 4xl

Absolut golden plus size maternity dress

When I’m going shopping for a dress, I always start at ASOS. They usually have so much and such cool designs to choose from. Like this absolutely golden party dress. It only comes in size 16 but if you like the style, keep scrolling and I will give you more choices in bigger sizes. Their maternity section only hold up to 16, but I got something I need to show you…

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golden plus size maternity dress

Size 18-22

Another plus size player is Yours Clothing. They describe themselves as “a fast growing and much-loved plus size fashion retailer from the UK”. They’re selling across the world and focus on affordable clothing for women sizes 14-34. They don’t have the widest selection of maternity clothes but what they have are really nice. And you can always choose clothes that have e flexible fit. If you do, you will be able to wear them even after being done with the whole pregnancy thing.

ASOS Curve

ASOS doesn’t have any maternity dresses bigger than size 16. I think that’s a bit of a shame. But… There’s a way to go around that problem. Just go to the section called ASOS Curve. There you can find tons of gorgeous maternity friendly plus size designs. Here we have a lot bigger size to choose from.

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plus size maternity cocktail party dress

Yours Clothing dresses

As I mentioned before, Yours Clothing is a great place to look for really nice plus size maternity clothes in bigger sizes. Not just dresses. They have very affordable fashion and you can usually find a lot of great stuff at discount.

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perfect plus size maternity cocktail dress

A cheap plus size maternity cocktail dress

If you’re looking for something cheap, Amazon almost always delivers. I found this cute floral dress with tons of great reviews. I wouldn’t choose this dress for a fancy event, but for something a little more low key it’s perfect. I love a dress with pockets, it’s both cute and practical. If you don’t like it, don’t worry. No one can tell they’re there if you don’t use them.

cheap plus size maternity cocktail dress from Amazon

Did you find what you were looking for?

Being pregnant and plus size can be challenging when it comes to finding trendy and priceworthy clothes. Especially if you know what you want. But if you know where to look you will definitely up your odds. Even if you didn’t like the plus size maternity cocktail dresses that I like, you might find “the one” if you keep browsing the sites I’ve linked to.

If you want some more inspiration for your maternity wardrobe, check out “Plus size maternity clothes“.