Plus size maternity clothes – the 6 best stores

Finding cute, stylish and trendy outfits as a plus size girl or woman can be challenging. Finding cute, stylish and trendy MATERNITY outfits as a plus size can be hell. At first glance it might seem somewhat impossible. But believe me, it’s not. It is somewhat limited. But heck, maternity clothes have been boring no matter the size. It is only in recent years that the supply has expanded considerably. We mamas don’t have to wear just stripes and dots anymore (I have no idea why we should want that when we get pregnant). We want the same style as when we’re not pregnant. Surprise! And the industry is starting to catch up.

Great stores for plus size maternity clothes

I think that there are 5 great stores online where you can find nice and price worthy plus size maternity clothes. I’ll go through them with you, explaining their style and giving you some examples. I’ve chosen things I really like and that I think fits the plus size pregnant shape. But remember there are tons of other stuff offered by each and everyone of the stores. Don’t take my word for it. Browse for yourself.

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Pinkblush – Fun, floral & flowy

If you have been searching the web for plus size maternity clothing stores you have probably come across Pinkblush in one way or another. They are a lot of peoples top choice. And I’m no different. Pinkblush have such a nice and fun collection of clothing for pregnant plus sizers. And they have so much stuff. Almost everything you could want and need during your pregnancy. Their prices are very reasonable. I would say they have nothing really expensive at all.

Pinkblush describe themselves as a place where fashion meets motherhood. They’re designing for the modern mother. Stylish, trendy and affordable. One of their key goals is to offer versatile clothes that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy (I think they really succeed in doing that).

And if you’re a little lost on how to dress throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding phase, get help from experienced stylists. They can help you to dress right no matter if you need clothes for a comfortable stay at home evening or night out with your partner. This is such a lovely added value.

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Plus size Maternity Maxi Dresses

All maternity wardrobes needs at least one maxi dress in my opinion. They are usually easy to dress both up and down, very comfortable and fits all through your pregnancy. It works for all seasons as well. Pinkblush has a lot of gorgeous plus size maternity maxi dresses. I really like this one. The navy rose print gives our bodies smooth lines. It has an elastic waistline which is both super comfy and gives a nice silhouette. It’s a little fitted and doesn’t have too much fabric added to it (that can make us look bigger than we are). And finally, the cute pockets.

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plus size long maternity dress

Plus size maternity kimonos

Except for loads of beautiful dresses, Pinkblush has all kinds of maternity tops. When I was pregnant I loved wearing kimonos. They can make you and just a white top look super trendy, they help to hide any extra baby weight, and you can wear them while nursing and post baby as well.

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plus size maternity kimonos

ASOS – trendy & affordable fashion

Maternity, Curves & Plus size

ASOS. I absolutely love ASOS and their maternity fashion. I think they have the same view of clothes and their purpose as I do. It should be fresh and creative, but it should be individual and it should be YOU. No rules – just endless ways to be you (as they expresses it).

What also makes them a little special is their different sizes. They have all the regular sizes, but also offer ASOS Plus size, Curve, Tall, Petite and Maternity. The brands are all about the healthy body image. They work with models in all different shapes and sizes and never digitally alter their appearances.

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ASOS Plus size & Curve

ASOS actually doesn’t have a plus size maternity section, but they have ASOS Plus size and Curves, Here you can find tons of awesome plus size stuff that are maternity friendly. That means clothes that will fit you pregnant or not. That means you also can wear them after the baby has arrived. Generally, the clothes in the Curve collection has a better fit for a pregnant body compared to plus size. Plus size clothes are just that. plus size. The clothes in the Curve collection are more fitted for rounder shapes.

A classic maternity friendly style is the maxi skirt. You can wear it either over or under the belly. Usually you can wear your regular size or just one size bigger.

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plus size maternity clothing stores

Another great maternity friendly style is the high empire waist. That area doesn’t expand that much when you’re pregnant. The best dresses have an elasticated waist. Then you’ll know for sure it will fit comfortably through all the stages. The flowy skirt will cover your belly no matter how big and pregnant you get.

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plus size maternity empire waist dress

ASOS Maternity clothes

If size XL and XXL fit you, there’s ASOS Maternity to check out as well. There’s not as much to choose from, but definitely worth sifting through. I think they have really cool items and outfits. If you’re a bit concerned about the size, look for clothes with a loose fit. Most of us gain weight during pregnancy and might have to go up a size or two. With a looser design that doesn’t have to be the truth.

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trendy maternity clothing in plus size

Etsy – handmade & custom made

If you haven’t heard about Etsy, it’s kind of like Amazon but for unique and creative goods. Here you can find beautiful handmade stuff in all kinds of sizes and even custom made to fit your body. There’s a review and grading system helping you choose trustworthy sellers with quality items. I think they offer great plus size maternity dresses and cute tops. Beyond that I’m not sure. And by that I mean, if you’re looking for a pair of maternity jeans, you’re better off with a place like ASOS or Pinkblush.

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Plus size maternity dresses

Etsy is a great place to find unique and really gorgeous plus size maternity dresses. If you’re going to an event or want something special for a maternity photo shoot, start your search here.

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beautiful plus size maternity dress

Cute and fun shirts

You can also find a lot of fun shirts with cute designs and texts. There are so many funny clever ideas.

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cute plus size maternity t-shirt with print

Amazon – cheap plus size maternity clothing

Amazon can be mind blowing for online shoppers. But some categories are definitely easier to navigate than others. It’s not super easy to find good quality plus size maternity clothes there. They have the category and you can search for it, but the items popping up are not well selected. I generally look for their own Bestseller mark and stuff that has a lot of good reviews. And I recommend not buying stuff that are too cheap. That’s of course subjective. But I mean, don’t buy thing that seem to be to good to be true. Chances are pretty big they are and you’ll only end up getting disappointed.

With that said, don’t be afraid to browse there. They do have some nice, price worthy items that’ll help you build a nice maternity wardrobe. Without spending a fortune. And it’s super easy to return and get the money back. Here’s 3 suggestions.

Classic plus size maternity top

A good quality basic maternity top. I think it’s cute and very mixable. Meaning, you can wear it with many other items like a scarf, short jackets, jeans, shorts, different necklaces, etc. We all need a couple of these in our closets. The flowy fit makes it perfect for the whole journey and even after. No wasted money here. It comes in a few different colors and it nicely priced at $ 19.97.

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cute and cheap plus size maternity top

Comfort and mobility 

Maternity leggings are one of the most comfortable things you can wear as a pregnant woman. Especially the ones that goes over the belly. They help support the belly a bit and doesn’t constrain your movements at all. Not to mention, they’re super stylish to wear with oversized shirts and dresses. It’s one of those items that is so versatile in your maternity wardrobe.

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plus size maternity leggings

Bargain dresses

This is a cheap (about $16) but stylish plus size maternity dress with thousands of great reviews and buys. There are a lot of colors and patterns to choose from. I really like that the design is both elegant and flexible. You will be able to wear it before, during and after pregnancy. In my book, this is a classic Amazon bargain. Cheap, nice and not super high quality.

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long maternity dress for plus size women

Old Navy – everyday wear at low prices

Old Navy is maybe not as well known as the previous plus size maternity clothing stores. They do have an OK collection of what I consider basics and everyday wear. Unfortunately the maternity department doesn’t have anything over XXL, but they also have a plus size section where you can find maternity friendly items. Old Navy was created to be a less expensive alternative to GAP. Today it is part of American multinational corporation GAP Inc. The other five brands being Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix and Hill City. Today they focus on vibrant colors, easy shopping and mothers with children.

As you probably can tell it’s not a high fashion brand and store. Instead they offer what I would like to call “happy” clothes at low prices. Don’t expect super high quality but basic clothes in vibrant colors that can be oh so pretty and comfortable. Kind of perfect for maternity clothes.

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Maternity clothes from Old Navy

As I mentioned before, you can only find up to size XXL in the maternity selection. If this will fit you they have great staples at reasonable prices. Most of us need to buy some of these to make our pregnancy wardrobe work within our budgets. Basic items like simply designed tops, tanks, pants and leggings can be worn with and styled in numerous ways. You can usually pair it with cardigans, kimonos and jackets you already have.

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basic plus size maternity clothing

Plus size maternity friendly outfits

The clothes that in general have the most maternity friendly designs are dresses and tops. Look for empire waists and flowy loose fitting designs. These will make your silhouette more attractive compared to just going up in size.

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plus size maternity friendly dress

Motherhood Maternity – comfort & style

Motherhood Maternity used to have a pretty decent range of plus size maternity clothes. They don’t have designer clothes or cutting edge fashion, but instead items for a solid and flexible wardrobe. I would say that comfort, style and intimate knowledge of how to dress the growing body describes them well. At the moment the plus size maternity clothes offered on the site are quite limited. I still think it’s worth checking out though. There are gems there. You should at least have a look at the items on sale.

They also quite recently started offering maternity rental wear. You choose 3 looks that you can wear as long as you like. When you grow tired of them you swap them for 3 new ones. The shipping is free and you can buy the clothes you really like at discount. Get started here →

A comfortable pair of jeans

I love jeans. I know everyone isn’t sharing this affection, but hear me out. Maternity jeans are usually very comfortable. The over the belly band is both stretchy and supportive at the same time. The maternity jeans I have bought have been super comfy and almost felt like lounge wear. I didn’t want to stop wearing them after giving birth, even though they obviously didn’t fit anymore.

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Plus Size maternity jeans

Where do you buy you plus size maternity clothes?

Have you found a favorite plus size clothing store? I like Etsy and ASOS the best. Their collections fit my body and mind the best. But we’re all created differently. Which makes the world so much more interesting. Let’s be different together, right?!