Plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses – the 5 best stores and dresses

Here you’ll find both where to look for plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses and dress inspiration. I’ve selected a few favorites from each store for you to get inspired by. Remember there’s usually several colors to choose from.

Can a pregnant woman be a bridesmaid?

Absolutely. When it comes to dresses there are actually quite a lot to choose from. Many places also offer custom made dresses. The only reason to decline an invitation to be a bridesmaid is if your due date is too close or you’re on bed rest.

Which is the best style for a plus size maternity bridesmaid dress?

I think all maternity bridesmaid dresses benefits from being flowy or very stretchy. No matter the size. It’s really hard to predict how big baby belly your bridesmaid will get. And we want her to feel as comfortable as possible. If I had to choose one style it would be the empire waist. It’s beautiful, popular, and fits all sizes and bumps.

Finding plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses

Finding and choosing bridesmaid dresses can be fun, challenging, and an absolut nightmare. Add a curvy figure and a baby bump and you’re in for a treat. I think it’s a little bit easier today compared to just a few years ago, because it’s trendy to have both a color scale and different dress styles. If you have several bridesmaids and want them all to wear “the same” dress, it’s more difficult to please everybody. Let alone one person. I’m not going to go in to color palettes and to do-lists. Here we focus on where you can find plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses and hopefully inspire you to reach a decision.

You will find two types of stores and webshops with maternity bridesmaid dresses. I call them single dress shops and multi dress shops. Single dress shops are regular brands offering occasion and bridesmaid dresses. They don’t specialize in bridesmaid dresses and probably works best if you only have one or two bridesmaids. If you have several bridesmaids you might want to look at the multi shops. There it’s easy to get lots of different dresses in the same color, or one style in different colors, or infinity dresses in different colors. I hope you get the difference. Let’s start with the multi shops.

Etsy – creative and custom made

If you’re on a little tighter budget, Etsy is a great place to start looking for the right plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses. Etsy is an online global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s kind of like Amazon, but for handmade and creative stuff. There are tons of amazing designers and seamstresses selling their goods and services. You can get a lot of dresses according to your own measurements, and still they don’t cost a fortune. Just make sure you read the reviews and choose a trusted seller.

Available sizes
It all depends on the seller, but many offer custom made dresses at very reasonable prices.

2 of my favorite dresses

This is an infinity dress. That means you can wear it in numerous ways. I think it’s quite amazing. You can wear this dress in 27 different ways. It’s available in 12 beautiful colors and suitable for plus size and maternity as it is super stretchy and soft.

infinity dress for pregnant plus size bridesmaids

Dusty blue boho separates that are absolutely beautiful and perfect for that romantic vibe. There are numerous personalizations available, like sleeve length and color choices. You can also get it custom made according to your measurements.

plus size maternity bridesmaid separates

Dessy – traditional bridesmaid dresses in tons of colors and sizes

Dessy is a shop specialized in bridesmaid and occasion dresses. They have both a maternity and a plus size section. I think you should have a look at both, because there are a lot of gorgeous maternity friendly designs in the plus size departement. Even if you don’t want to buy a dress form Dessy, their site is worth exploring because they have a lot of inspiration, guides, guides and showrooms available there.

Sizes available
It’s possible to get all maternity dresses in up tp 30W and a lot of the other dresses too.

2 favorites from Dessy

One of the best things about Dessy dresses are the color choices available. For this dress I think there’s 66 colors to choose from. It’s made of lux chiffon which gives the dress that flowy sense of grace.

maternity dress for bridesmaid in plus size

A draped off the shoulder gives the dress that extra something. It’s romantic and moves beautifully. An A-line dress might be the most popular choice for bridesmaid dresses because it’s the single most flattering fit for all sizes and body types.

bridesmaid dress for big pregnant girls

ASOS – trendy plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses

I love ASOS for two reasons, and get annoyed by them for one. They support and enable fashion for all kinds of shapes and bodies, and at the same great prices in all sizes. What I don’t understand is why they only offer maternity clothes up to size 16. Aren’t plus size women getting pregnant in their world or what? They do have a lot of maternity friendly options in both the Curve and Plus size section. And those are definitely worth checking out.

Sizes available
There are a few items in size 28, but a lot more in both Curve and Plus size up to size 26. The Maternity section only has clothes in size 16.

2 of my top choices

I think ASOS have a lot of gorgeous plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses. You can usually find both regular and multiway dresses. This dress is so elegant with a high neck and pleated fabric. The waistband is flexible to fit better.

elegant plus size maternity bridesmaid dress

If you like this style, there are a number of beautiful Maya Plus Bridesmaid dresses on ASOS. They are a little more expensive compared to some of the other brands there, but for good reason. Delicate sequins, dreamy colors, and lots of tulle in great quality.

tulle bridesmaid dress in plus size

Pinkblush – affordable stylish dresses & flexible designs

PInkblush isn’t a bridal shop. It’s a maternity shop. With a big plus size section. The dresses are not cheap, nor expensive. Somewhere in the middle, but on the affordable side. Pinkblush offers trendy and flexible designs. They want you to be able to wear them all through your pregnancy, and even beyond. I think many of their dresses are especially great for spring and summer weddings.

Sizes available
All plus size dresses comes in size 1X to 3X.

Get inspired by 2 of my favorites

You can never go wrong with lace on a wedding. This beauty has semi-sheer lace on long sleeves, the neckline, and on the back. A comfortable and classy choice for a nice price.

bridesmaid dress for pregnant woman

The mermaid style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a dress that fits and curvy, hourglass figure it’s so pretty. It also great if you want a bit of dress drama for your bridesmaid. The mermaid dress has attitude, and a slight train.

plus size maternity mermaid dress for wedding

Amazon – for when you’re on a tight budget

You probably know quite a bit about Amazon already, so I’m not going to go in to detail about that. If you didn’t know, it’s a great place to find of all kinds cheap products. The tricky part can be to find things in good enough quality. It’s important to read reviews and look at customer images. The best part is that it’s always easy to return. There aren’t that many plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses to choose from, but there are some lovely maternity friendly plus size gowns that will do the trick.

Sizes available
Differs from seller to seller. But there are big sizes available. The two choices I’ve made from there offers dresses up to size 26 and 30 Plus.

2 popular choices from Amazon

Finding bargains on Amazon can be tricky, but I think this flowy chiffon maxi dress is one of them. It looks great on all kinds of curves and sizes. Take a look at the customer images to see for yourself. Choose between 14 lovely colors.

plus size maternity friendly bridesmaid dresses

Here’s another beautiful dress that will fit lots of different shapes. There are also a number of colors available and a custom-made service. One great thing about choosing a dress that is maternity friendly is that it can be worn even after pregnancy.

chiffon bridesmaid dress in big sizes

Are you a pregnant bride?

If you’re looking for a wedding dress as well, you should check out Plus size maternity wedding dresses for information and  inspiration.