Plus size delivery robes

Want to look cute at the hospital with minimal effort? The delivery robe is the way to go. It is super easy to throw on and will make you look and feel so much better. Did I mention it’s probably the most comfortable piece of clothing ever made? Especially if you need to breastfeed all the time. I don’t see any downsides putting one in the hospital bag.

Where to find plus size delivery robes

Finding cute plus size delivery robes aren’t too hard. Unless you need something over 3XL. If you do, you’re in trouble. 4 of my favorite online stores for plus size maternity clothes offers really nice delivery robes. It is Pinkblush, Amazon, Nordstrom and Motherhood Maternity. But none of them offer anything above 3-4XL. Amazon might, but I haven’t been able to find something that also looks nice. If you do, or have, please share with the rest of us.

If you’re looking for a delivery robe over 3XL I would check out Etsy. There you can order handmade stuff that is made completely according to your measurements. Just make sure both the seller and the reviews seem trustworthy.


Short description of Amazon

You probably already have a notion and opinion on Amazon. It’s a huge multinational technology company that is pretty hard to miss. One of the big four. Right next to the giants Google, Apple and Facebook. It’s the largest e-commerce marketplace ,which means you can find millions of products here. It started with just books, but now they sell almost everything and anything you can think of. Including a lot of maternity and nursing clothes and accessories.

My thoughts on Amazon

Amazon has millions of products. Which is great. But it’s also a bit of a problem. It can be hard to find the goodies. You can certainly strike a bargain here, but you can just as easily feel ripped off. There are no guarantees here. I usually operate according to the following rules. 1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 2. Things marked Amazons Choice are usually good. 3. Does the products have a lot of good reliable reviews (with emphasis on reliable). If these boxes are checked, I feel pretty safe buying it. If I am still not satisfied with the product, it is easy to return.

Nursing robe from Kindred Braverly

How about a nice lightweight robe with feminine satin trim? It has not just one but two belt positions. Why? To make you look great when you’re pregnant AND after. Use the higher position to get the empire waist when you are pregnant and the lower position for the traditional around the wait afterwards.

You also get extra deep pockets for all the nursing essentials you’ll be carrying around (phone, pads, snacks, etc.).

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plus size robe

Long robe with inner tie band

Let’s continue with a comfortable classic cotton robe in mid-calf length. It has practical side pockets and there’s 9 deep lovely colors to choose from.

The robe has a couple of nice details, making it stand out from competitors. The waistband is a little shiny giving it an extra luxurious touch. There is an inside tie that keeps it from sliding open and also gives it a better fit to your body.

Note that it’s a regular robe. That doesn’t really matter. If you want something that doesn’t scream delivery, buying something like this make sense. You can keep using after your pregnancy. And oh, it’s an Amazon number 1 Best seller.

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long plus size delivery robe

A housecoat anyone?

I have never heard that expression before, housecoat. But I need one. It’s not the most elegant option but I think it’s soo cute. It does come in solid colors as well if you want to tone down the youth feel a bit. There’s also a shorter version but I don’t think it’s half as playful.

I can totally see myself wearing this around the house with my two-year-old and a baby all day long. Just zipping it open when it’s time to breastfeed. Two big pockets for snacks, phone and some nursing pads.

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plus size housecoat


Short description of Pinkblush

Pinkblush is a place where fashion meets motherhood. They are focusing on the modern mother who wants to be stylish and trendy. It should be affordable to keep your style all through the pregnancy and beyond. Versatility and quality are key features. They want to make clothes you will wear over and over again. Even after your pregnancy.

My thoughts on Pinkblush

For me, Pinkblush is one of the top three online maternity clothing stores, regardless of size. They have fresh fashionable maternity and nursing clothes for lots of body types. And they focus on flexible outfits. I always strive to buy and recommend things that can be repurposed and used during and after being pregnant. It’s not the cheapest place but it is definitely affordable and price worthy.

Lovely crochet trim

At the moment this is my favorite Pinkblush plus size delivery robe. It ticks all my boxes. It’s just the right amount of feminine, beautiful crochet trim and color, and a comfortable length with a tie closure. It does come in black and blue as well if you’re not liking the ivory.

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robe for pregnancy

A solid choice

Pinkblush usually have one or two floral options for plus size delivery robes. They’re kind of famous for the floral prints. At the moment they don’t. I think that’s sad because a floral pattern can be such a delight and a mood booster. It’s feminine and beautiful.

They do have a couple of more simple styles in solid colors. And sometimes less is more. It’s soft, comfortable and perfect for breastfeeding. Maybe that’s enough.

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simple plus size pregnancy robe


Short description of Nordstrom

Nordstrom was founded in 1901. It started out as a small Seattle shoe shop and is now a fashion retailer with over 100 stores and an e-commerce business. Nordstrom Rack has been around for about 40 years and they offer the most current trends and brands for 30-70% off original prices. That’s worth browsing.

My thoughts on Nordstrom

If you want trendy, and even not trendy yet, maternity clothes, you should keep an eye on Nordstrom. They got quality stuff at good prices. I think almost everything I’ve seen holds a certain class and style. It’s never too much or over the top. Very Scandinavian if you ask me. To my surprise, they don’t just have maternity clothes but also offers things like pregnancy support pillows and nursing slings. So be sure to check out it all.

Robe, nursing dress AND baby blanket set

I don’t know why I haven’t brought up more sets like this. There are some really cute ones out there. This one is super stylish and practical. You’re covered if you’re hot or warm, it’s easy to nurse in and you can wrap the baby and be ready for a cute photo instantly.

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maternity robe, nursing dress and baby blanket set

Motherhood Maternity

Short description of Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity wants us moms to be beautiful inside and out. Since we have the most important job in the world that requires us to put ourselves aside a lot of the time, they want to help us feel and look good. Creating and maintaining our own style during motherhood should be fun and easy to accomplish.

My thoughts on Motherhood Maternity

I’m not sure I’m 100 % right, but I think Motherhood Maternity’s clothes are for a little more mature mom. Their collections are absolutely not old and boring. On the contrary. They’re fresh and modern. But they’re not super youthful and edgy. A little safer. With that said, you should definitely check out their goods and see if they got some stuff for you. You’ll find good prices and stuff that can make your maternity wardrobe more fun and versatile. 

Super comfy with pretty details

Unfortunately they only offer one plus size delivery robe at the moment. It’s a shame. But I think it’s a good one. The robe is black, classic in style and has nice lace details (and a nice price). It has a relaxed design and tie front and should fit you right up to the big moment.

The long arms will keep you snug and warm during late night feedings. And it’s so comfortable you might want to start to live in it.

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maternity robe from motherhood maternity

Did you find one you like?

I hope you did. In that case you can check that box and get back to relaxing and being excited about the arrival. If you haven’t I have one more tip for you. Take a look at some regular robes. Maternity and delivery robes are adjusted to fit your body better but that doesn’t mean a regular robe is out of the question.

One place where you can find some really nice plus size robes is ASOS. There you will find trendy, fun and price worthy stuff in all kinds of sizes. Look in the section called Plus size & Curvy.

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