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Modibodi understand that coronavirus stockpiling has resulted in a shortage of many essentials, from toilet paper to personal hygiene products. As a result Modibodi are offering a leak-proof alternative delivered direct to your door.

In short, period proof underwear are panties you can wear all day and all night instead of pads and tampons. They are reusable and washable. If this is your first time reading about period proof underwear. Get ready to be amazed.

  • Environmentally friendly (except for the disposable ones of course). Period proof underwear have become a part of the sustainable fashion trend. So, instead of adding to the massive mountains of waste, choose something reusable. Just wash them and use them time and time again.
  • Save some money. By washing and reusing your menstrual protection instead of disposing of it you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.
  • Flexible function. Period proof underwear can actually be used for all kinds of fluids and leaks. Not just for your period. Pee, blood, discharge and sweat. And dare I say “cum” (I saw that people were looking for this).
  • Comfortable and beautiful. No one can ever tell that you’re wearing anything but underwear. They are stylish and super comfortable. Not bulky like pads can be.
  • Keeps you dry and fresh. All day and all night. They are antibacterial, odour resistant and moisture-wicking.

If you want to know more about how it all works, please head over to How it works.

The best period proof underwear

When it comes to quality I really like Modibodi and Thinx. They are not the cheapest on the market but they’re the front runners and they have discounted bundle packs. And in my experience, you often get what you pay for. Depending on what kind of underwear you are looking for I prefer different models. These are my favorites. Both Modibodi and Thinx got loads more. Make sure you browse a little before making up your mind.

It’s worth mentioning that both Modibodi and Thinx offer period proof underwear in plus size. Most styles are available in 3XL and Modibodi offers styles in up to 6XL.

Women’s underwear – a classic

This is the well established Thinx absolute best seller. They call it a classic with a twist and it has sort of become their trademark underwear. I give you The Hiphugger by Thinx.

period proof underwear

Heavy flow – protection from Modibodi

Modibodi currently has 5 styles to choose from if you want the best period proof underwear for heavy flow. They got the classic and a vegan bikini, the Sensual Hi-Waist bikini,  a pair of boy shorts and, one of my favorites,  the seam free full brief (the image) . Take a look at the whole heavy flow collection.

period proof underwear for heavy flow

Teen underwear – from RED by Modibodi

I choose to display the black hipster bikini as most of us go for the basics, but there’s also a lot of fun colors and styles to choose from. Check out the entire RED collection for teens by clicking the link or the image.

period proof underwear for teens

For sports – move & feel better

These bad boys will keep your dry, comfortable and good looking. They hold up to 1½ regular tampons’ worth of fluids. Blood or sweat, it doesn’t matter. You can just focus on your workout. Both Modibodi and Thinx offers a sports cut, but I think the latter has the best design, by far.

period proof for sports

Thong – Yes it is possible

It’s only for the lighter days, but you can now wear a thong when you’re on your period. They’re perfect for those last days or discharge strikes. A great way to feel dry and fresh and gives no visible panty lines. I definitely prefer Modibodis’ thong.

period proof thong

Cheap period proof underwear

You can definitely find the best cheap leak proof underwear on Amazon. They actually got lots of great products to choose from. I have found a couple choices with great reviews and markings like “Amazon choice” and “Bestseller”. Just remember that the quality of these cheaper ones are not the same as the ones from places like Modibodi, Thinx and Knix. You will probably notice differences in life span, fabric quality and seems.

One tip for you. Go with darker colors. They usually hide visible seems and stains better.

5 pairs $26.89, size XS-3XL

cheap period proof underwear

3 pairs $22.99, size S-6XL

Menstrual Period Briefs

3 pairs $18.79, size XS-4XL

menstrual underwear for women and teens

Stylish period proof underwear

As you might have noticed it’s hard to tell period proof underwear from regular ones. And there are lots of styles to choose from. Which is great, because we all have different preferences. Here I have gathered a few of my top choices. The ones I think are among the most stylish and trendy panties with leak protection on the market right now.

Number 1

At the moment my absolute favorite comes from Thinx. It’s their Hi-Wiasted period proof underwear with mesh and leopard print. If you like this style but not the print, check out the other colors available in the Hi-Waisted collection.

sexy period proof panties

Number 2

Number two on my list comes from Modibodi. And it’s not just a pair of panties I’m referring to this time, but the whole Sensual collection. Choose from Hi-waist bikini, bikini, boyleg and full brief. They’re all just the right amount of sensual.

stylish menstrual underwear

Number 3

I haven’t mentioned Knix before, but they do have a couple of period proof undies worth peeking at. They got good quality stuff and I must say some of the most attractive patterns out there. Check out Knix whole period proof underwear collection here.

washable period underwear

Disposable period proof underwear

So why am I bringing disposable period proof underwear into the discussion if I’m preaching about the environmental impact and saving money? Well maybe because I am also a realist. Sometimes we just need something that is convenient. For when you’re going on holiday or taking a road trip.

disposable menstrual underwear
disposable period proof underwear
disposable period panties

Mix it up!

I would recommend buying a mix of everything. Some cheap ones, a couple of black basics, a splash of color and a one or two special ones. Then you’ll be all set for what ever life will throw at you. And make sure to keep a pair in your handbag. I would probably only buy disposable ones if I’m going an vacation. They’re perfect for that. After using them, there will be extra room in your bag.

Which ones do your prefer?