Period proof swimwear – sustainable, safe & stylish

I first stumbled upon the period proof underwear and thought that was a great idea (have a peak over here if you’re curious). When I saw that there also was period proof swimwear available I got super sceptical. Is it really possible to make leak free swimwear? Have we reached a point where we can make watertight bottoms that don’t look like diapers under water? The answer is YES.

The secret is three layers that absorbs, locks away and are waterproof. You don’t have to take my word for this. If you’re interested in how it works, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you find a video that explains it all.

The best period proof swimwear

I think the best period proof swimwear come from Modibodi and Rubylove. They differ quite a lot in style but both have quality products. Modibodi offers a more classic line, whereas Rubylove are more colorful and diverse. They’re both well-known brands with tons of satisfied customers.

If you’re a bit unsure about period proof swimwear, here’s a few reasons why you should consider buying a pair.

period proof swimwear
  1. Sustainable – no more pads or tampons necessary. If you do feel you need extra protection, consider using a menstrual cup.
  2. The function – they will make you feel great and confident in the water, by the pool or strolling to get an ice cream. No more worries.
  3. Comfort & style – period proof swimwear can be super stylish and oh so comfortable.

Modibodi swimwear

All swimwear from Modibodi holds up to 2 tampons worth of fluids and are made of 100% recycled materials. Impressive and amazing.

One piece swimwear

A stylish black swimsuit with light to moderate absorbency. You will be protected from all kinds of leaks in this one. It’s also water resistant, dries fast, doesn’t stain and keeps you fresh and odor free. It has a new feature. Adjustable shoulder straps. Making it even more comfortable and flexible.

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period proof swimsuit

Period proof swim bottoms

Want to pair your period proof swimwear with something else? No problem. Just get the bottoms. The bottoms in the picture have Brazilian brief cut and goes with so many designs and colors. There’s also a trendy high waist option and regular bikini briefs. They will keep you safe, dry, fresh and comfy no matter what style might be.

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period proof swim bottoms

News – reversible recycled swimwear set

This is seriously cool and so innovative. First of all, the top is reversible giving you two styles for the price of one. Both the top and bottom are made of recycled fabric and is chlorine resistant and UV50+ rated for sun protection.

You can mix your favorite top with any of the period proof bottoms as well. Modibodi has Hi waist bikini briefs, Brazilian briefs and Bikini briefs to choose from.

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sustainable period proof swimwear

Youth size racerback One piece from RED

RED is Modibodis’ youth brand. This means that this One piece only comes in youth sizes 8 to 16. The swimsuit is perfect for both competitive swimming, a few relaxing laps or just a nice dipping. It’s available in navy and black which match most uniforms. It has molded cups and racer back so you don’t need to worry about your breast stroke. RED also has leak proof bikini bottoms if that-s what you’re looking for.

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At the moment you can get 50% of RED period proof swimwear

period proof swimwear for youths

Rubylove swimwear

Let’s start at the bottom

Rubylove has a several different colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. Do you want hipster, classic, or double tie period swim bottoms? I think they all fall within the category of classics to be honest. You can wear them this summer, the next, and the next.

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period bottoms
period bottoms for swimming
leak proof swim bottoms

One-piece period swimsuits

As I mentioned before, there’s a black option for almost all styles. If you’re not into color and patterns. Black has its advantages, but I’m in love with the off-shoulder one-piece. Both the color and the cut. There’s a one-shoulder available in a range of colors as well.

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one-piece period swimsuit
leak proof period swimsuits
red period swimsuit

Are you a tankini or bikini girl?

No matter what, Rubylove got something for you. The tank set will give you a somewhat sporty vibe and the ruffles are a bit more feminine. If you for some reason want to hide the belly area a bit, the tankini is golden. They will all protect you against any embarrassing leaks.

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period tankini set
pink period bikini set
period bikini with ruffles

They even have swim dresses and skin suits!

I bet you didn’t think it was possible to get a hold of a period proof skin suit or swim dress, huh? I didn’t. I think it’s great how theses kinds of products enable women to do what ever they want, when ever they want it.

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period swim dress
short sleeved skinsuits for periods
leak proof skin suits

Some reviews…

Here are some other reviews I found (stole). I’m posting them here to show you that a lot of people really love them. And they do work.

I absolutely love my Bikini. I backed this product on kickstarter and couldn’t recommend it highly enough! No more pelvic floor leaks running from the water to beach cover! Highly worth the investment.

Really happy to have a solution for my 12 year old daughter! She loves the shape and style of the swimmers – and the fact that she is not missing out on joining in swimming, no matter what time of the month. Brilliant!

Fabulous one-piece bathers! My daughter wore these with complete confidence, all day, at a water park! Highly recommended

Saw these on Facebook in November and thought it was too good to be true. Tricked me. I never leave reviews, but these work great. I used them last month during my period and it definitely was a peace of mind. 

How does it work?

So, will anybody be able to tell you’re in your period swimwear? Will they point and laugh? Nope. No one will know. You might even forget about it yourself.

They might look like any regular bottoms or swimwear. But they’re not. They have a hidden lining. There are actually 3 layers.

The outside layer is made of a waterproof material, to not the water in. The middle layer is the period absorbent one. Most period proof swimwear brands have light to moderate absorption capacity. This means that it holds up to 10 ml of fluid. That is like 1-1/2 tampon. This means you don’t need to worry about pads or tampons, at all (like with other period proof swimwear).

You can’t wear them forever on your heavy days of course. The inner layer is moisture-wicking which is great for keeping your dry and odor free. No more stinky bacterias.

You can naturally wear period proof swimwear if you’re having problems with incontinence or heavy discharge. Or any other leakage bothering you. They’ve gotten super popular among competitive swimmers as well.

Are you ready to give period proof swimwear a try?

I get if you’re hesitant. They aren’t cheap and is it really necessary? Well, you don’t need them to survive, that’s for sure. But I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate them. Modibodi period swimwear are what I would call “vardagslyx”. That is an expression in Swedish which basically means everyday luxury. It’s about that little extra indulgence. You’re worth it – kind of thing. Not a necessity but oh so nice.

Maybe you have another experience with this? Or some other concerns or questions? Just ask and I’ll do what I can to help.

Have a lovely day.