Pee proof ladies underwear

Millions and millions of people have problems with incontinence. Some are temporary and some are permanent. Regardless, it is something that can be both embarrassing and very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Your savior in all this? Pee proof ladies underwear. They won’t help you get rid of your bladder leaks. But they sure will help you feel comfortable and fresh during days and nights. You’ll be safe no matter if you’re on an adventure or if you are watching one on the TV.

Jump, sneeze, run, sleep, laugh. Do whatever you want without being afraid of any little (or big) leaks.

Incontinence underwear keeps you dry and odorless no matter what type of urinary incontinence you suffer from. This includes stress, overflow, urge, functional and mixed incontinence problems.

incontinence underwear

The best pee proof ladies underwear

There are a couple of different brands for pee proof ladies underwear to choose from. Depending on your level of leaks, there are different brands to choose from. From light, to moderate, to heavy incontinence there are really nice washable incontinence underwear available. I like these best because they save your money, the environment, and your style, all in one. 

If you’re experiencing severe or total incontinence, you’ll need to wear disposable ones.

Pee proof underwear for light incontinence

In this category it’s pretty easy to find nice underwear. I have 3 favorite brands that all offer quality leak proof underwear in style. We have, Speax, Modibodi and Knix. I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer. I know you’re curious to see the actual pee proof undies. Remember, they all have lots of different styles in a variety of colors and patterns available on their sites as well.  Just click the links or the images if you want to take a closer look at the colors and prices.


If I had to choose I would say that Speax have the best pee proof ladies underwear in this category. They are specially designed for bladder leak protection and they hold up to about 40 ml of fluids. They have a lot of styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Except from the bikini you see in the picture they have Hi-waist, Hiphuggers, French cut, and Thongs.

Check out all styles from Speax →

pee proof ladies bikini underwear

Absorbency: up to 40ml


Modibodi doesn’t have an incontinence line, but their underwear works for all kinds of leaks. You can use them for your urine, period, discharge, sweat, etc. Don’t stare yourself blind on the labelling here. Although, their underwear only holds up to 50ml. We’re talking little leaks here. Make sure that’s enough for you.

The seamfree full briefs in the picture might be the most ultimate underwear ever created. It has full comfortable coverage and is light as can be. Designed to contour your body to give you that smooth look. AND they keep you dry and carefree. You’ll be like, “Come on life. Give me your best shot.”. Did I mentioned they’re made of recycled material?

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Right now Modibodi offers discount on all their Bundle packs.

Recycled Seamfree Full Brief

Absorbency: up to 50ml


Like Modibodi, Knix is branding their underwear as leak proof, and they hold about the same amount of fluids. They offer some unique styles and designs and aren’t afraid of using plus size models (love that). For instance, they have a high rise leak proof underwear with velvet compression bands that give extra support and stability.

Knix also have what they call Dream shorts (the picture). These underwear are designed for super-comfy sleep. It has a thicker waistband, are made of 4-way stretch material, and built-in coverage.

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incontinence underwear for women

Absorbency: up to 60ml

Pee proof ladies underwear for moderate and heavy incontinence

For moderate and heavy incontinence there’s only one brand on my recommendation list. At least for now. And that is Wearever. They offer stylish pee proof ladies underwear with light, regular, super, and maximum absorbency. In ml that is about 60, 120, 240, och 480 ml.

Wearever – super and maximum absorbency

I will admit, when function has to come first, something else must give. The more the underwear can absorb, the bulkier they get. Some people really don’t like that, and some people love them anyway. They’re not as elegant or cool as some of the underwear either, but I think they’re ok. They’re available in beige and white, and in the sizes S to 8X. You can get a 6-pack for about $100.

Check out all styles from Wearever →

super absorbent briefs for women

Pee proof ladies underwear for severe and total incontinence

If you suffer from severe or total incontinence, I would recommence using disposable underwear. I will give you 4 different options that are all very popular and super duper absorbent. It’s hard to say which ones you’ll like the most because that depends on your preferences and body. Unfortunately it’s only try and try again that will get you to your most comfortable and confident place.

Depend Silhouette Incontinence Underwear →

Depend Silhouette disposable incontinence underwear might be the absolute most popular choice. At least the most bought and tried one. I can understand why. For a disposable underwear, they have a nice design and look. Most people find them very absorbent, with low risk of leakage, and they breath enough not to cause rashes.

disposable pee proof underwear for ladies

Always Discreet Boutique →

If you have read what I had to say about the Depend underwear, there’s really not that much to ad about the Always underwear. People tend to review them the same. I guess you can choose the package you like them most. The design is of course a little different. That means one of them might fit you better than the other.

feminine leak proof underwear

Amazon Basics →

Did you know that Amazon has its own incontinence brand? Meet Amazon Basics. Calling them pee proof underwear is a stretch because they look more like diapers. But, if you can live with that they’re kind great. Great fit, comfortable, good absorbency. Most important of all, the cheapest ones out there.

cheap pee proof underwear for ladies

Tranquility →

This is probably the best overnight pee proof underwear for women out there. Super absorbent and usually doesn’t leak at all at the sides. This is also more of a diaper. One good thing is the tear-away seams for easy removal.

overnight pee proof underwear for women

Plus size pee proof underwear for women

For once, there is no shortage of plus size options. Almost all of the pee proof ladies underwear designs from Modibodi and Speax by Thinx are offered in 3XL and a lot of them in 5XL. Hurray! Modibodi even have a line called Curvy. But I recommend you look through all the designs and styles to find your favorites.

How does incontinence underwear work?

Depending on which pee proof undies brand you go for their “technology” and functions differ a bit. Although, they usually have an absorbent panel consisting of two or three layers. 

  • The inner layer eliminates moisture by transferring it to the middle layer. That keeps your skin nice and dry. This also prevents bacteria from growing and smells from being produced.
  • The middle layer is the one that absorbs the fluids and locks it away. 
  • The bottom layer is often waterproof. Why? To keep you and your clothes super safe and dry

Save some money – and the environment

I think these pee proof ladies underwear are such a wonderful invention. It’s not just a way to feel more fresh and secure, it’s also a sustainable option. All the incontinence underwear is reusable and washable and can be worn time and time again. In the long run, that’ll save you money as well. If you like them, I recommend buying Speax Saver sets or Modibodi Bundle packs to save even more.

If you really like the idea with reusable protection, also check out Period proof swimwear and Sweat proof underwear as well.