Newborn baby girl photo outfits

If you’re searching for newborn baby girl photo outfits, you’re in trouble. Because there are so many adorable outfits to choose from. I think you’ll end up buying a few more than you set out to do. I can at least almost guarantee you’ll have a really hard time deciding.

I have 2 go-to places for newborn baby outfits, Etsy and Amazon. They both have a nice and wide selection and really fair prices. If you’re not familiar with the sites, they’re actually quite similar. They’re both global online marketplaces where sellers and buyers meet. The biggest difference is that Etsy only focuses on unique and creative goods, and you can find almost anything on Amazon.

I’ve spent hours and hours looking for cute newborn baby clothes for those first photos. I have two girls myself and I think it’s such a lovely gift for baby showers or that first visit to a friend. Depending on how the birth went, new moms doesn’t always have the energy to think of such things. But most treasure it afterwards. It’s so easy to forget how small they really are at first.

Well, enough. Take a look at some of my favorites. Buy them, browse the websites further, or just get inspired. Maybe you want to sew something yourself?

Cute newborn baby girl photo outfits

Here’s my collection of super cute outfits worthy of a real photo shoot. Or just a quick snap at home. You decide. If you end up getting one of these, I would love for you to share the photo here.

photo outfit for newborn baby girl

For the girly girl

What could be more cute and girly than this pink delight? You can get just the tutu and headband, or choose to add the necklace as well. It’s available in sizes from 0 to 24 months.

baby angel wings

For your little angel

This might be my absolute favorite newborn baby girl photo outfit. You’ll get a pair of adorable feather wings and a headband. The wings are about 7 inches and strapless and are meant to lay upon the baby.

baby girl photo outfit with a bow

The cutest satin bow

I think this outfit works just as well as a coming home outfit as for a photo shoot. You can buy all the pieces separately or make your own set. There are a lace romper, 4 headbands, 4 flower clips and a pair of ruffle leg warmers to choose from.

cute newborn baby girl photo outfits

Newborn baby girl tutu

This list wouldn’t be complete without a tutu. How about a super fluffy cupcake styled peach tulle tutu that is paired with a matching flower headband? Perfect for newborn photo shoots and announcement pictures.

baby girl wrap and headband

Headband and wrap

If I were going to buy an outfit for a newborn baby girl as a gift, this would be my number 1 choice at the moment. The parents can use it for a photo shoot but it’s also for everyday use. A lot of the other outfits aren’t.

adorable clothes for newborn girl

Romantic ruffles

It’s so cute I’m gonna DIE! Ivory, ruffles, flowers. All the ingredients for girly cuteness overload. Check out the reviews for photos from satisfied customers.

wrap set for newborn photo

It’s a wrap

I love this newborn photo idea. They become just a little bundle of joy. It’s adorable. The set includes a hat and a wrap. There are several colors and fabrics to choose from. This is very gender neutral but there are more girly ones. There’s a wrapping tutorial at the bottom of this post.

newborn outfit and props fot photo

Newborn outfit and props for photo

For my first baby I made the mistake of not thinking about the backdrop for my photo, just the outfit. And that’s just as important to get a nice image. Here you get it all in 3 pieces. A lovely blanket, a wrap and a headband. All matching.

bunny outfit photo prop for baby

Baby bunny

I know most people want something stylish or classy for their newborn baby girl picture, but… Consider the cutest bunny on earth. Maybe even the universe. Jokes aside, I think a little humor can be oh so precious. There are a lot more animal inspired outfits to find if you’re intrigued.

Baby girl sets for a photo shoot

If you want something a little less costume and a little more “regular clothes”, PatPat have so many insanely cute baby girl options. Their items are usually also very affordable, sometimes even cheap. The upside of a cute photo shoot set is that you can keep on using it. It’s not just a one time thing.

cute newborn outfit for girls

Loving red

A set of two including the most adorable ruffled suspender shorts in burgundy. The romper is made out of soft cotton and has a cute bunny print. It can be washed and tumbled dried. Perfect for photo shoot and other festivities.

cutest baby girl photo outfit

3 piece set with a headband

A three piece set with a ribbed romper and skirted shorts in a romantic floral print. The headband is that extra little detail that give the photo and you baby girl that extra something.

sweet baby girl outfit for newborn

For my big girl

This is such a unique design for a baby girl. It doesn’t come in size 0-3 months but starts at 3-6 months. I think the style looks better on a baby that is a few months old. It kind of has a big girl vibe to it.

Personalize your baby girl for the photo shoot

This is such a cute way to make your photos even more unique. It’s also a fun gift to a friends baby shower if they already know the name and have shared it with you. I had a really hard time choosing just 3 here, so make sure you check out the other options to make sure you get the outfit(s) you like the most.

personalized twin outfit for newborn photos

Maybe for twins?

Get the name printed in a beautiful and clear way on the gown. The print and material are of good quality and will not crack or harden after washing it. Can be used for both photo shoot and other festivities.

personalized newborn baby girl photo outfits

Swaddle blanket & headband

This is my favorite personalized baby girl outfit. It awakens the “must have-feeling” in me. If you choose to get the hat as well, it’s a perfect gift for a mom to be.

baby girl photo outfit with name

Hi, my name is…

As you can see, there are no shortage of delightful personalized baby girl clothes. You can get this outfit with a long or a short sleeve. Regardless, it’s delicious.

Crochet & Knit

A proper newborn baby girl photo outfits-list must have some handmade crochet and knit items. It creates such beautiful looks that never get outdated.

baby girl bonnet for photo shoot

Baby bonnet

This is so lovely and perfect for a newborn photo or a christening. Or why not both. There are a couple of colors to choose from and you can also get a ribbon. I would go with white and save it for my precious to give to her newborn one day.

crochet baby girl clothes

Cute as a button

Available in 10 beautiful earthy colors. The buttons may vary but are always made out of wood to complete the genuine and handmade look that quality crochet gives. I think it can, and should, be used for more than the photo shoot.

newborn knitted hat for pictures

Knitted hat

Yes, it’s another hat. But can you blame me? All babies look absolutely delicious in these hats. I think I got three different ones. You will get tons of “awws” from this one. Comes in a couple of colors as well.

Baby girl rompers

Rompers are the baby version of a snuggly one piece. Almost all baby wardrobes include a couple of rompers in different designs. The ones I have chosen here are absolutely exquisite

newborn baby girl romper with bow

Delicate and beautiful

You have to look at the customer photos for this outfit. They are all just as pretty as the sellers pictures. I believe this outfit is really “easy” to photograph. Words that come to mind are elegant and gorgeous.

cheap newborn baby girl photo outfits

Beautiful and cheap

This lace outfit is quite similar to the previous one. I choose to include them both because this one is a lot cheaper. One third of the former one actually. But still lovely.

newborn baby girl photo outfit for photo and special events

Multiuse romper

If you want something that isn’t over the top but still photo worthy, this romper might be it. The baby girl will look adorable no matter if it’s for photos or some other special event. There are 12 different colors to choose from.

Newborn baby girl photo outfits for free

If you haven’t found something you like, or feel like this isn’t something you want/can spend money on. I got a tip for you. Get creative. Like the featured image for this post show, you don’t need an outfit to take a super cute photo of your newborn. Use a towel. Or why not go butt naked on a sheepskin or a beautiful pillow you already have? Maybe you just have some fabric laying around? Can nature help you? I would love to see photos of your creativity here. Please share.

If you also want to check out some newborn outfits for little gentlemen, head over to my collection of baby boys clothes.

Photography wrapping tutorial for newborns

Here’s the wrapping video tutorial I was  talking about before. If you want some other kind there are tons of great ones to find on Youtube.