IT’S SO CUTE I’M GONNA DIE! I’m not kidding. It has taken me so many hours to make the choices for this list. There are too much cute stuff out there. I had another little one in August and had so much fun with a couple of outfits.

I think the best and most price worthy newborn baby boy photo outfits come from Etsy and Amazon. There are so many incredibly creative and skilled people selling their things there. I love the handmade and crocheted items. They are really the icing on the cake for a photo shoot. The best part is that you can get them for cheap.

Newborn baby boy photo outfits

Indulge in this selection of overly beautiful baby boy outfits perfect for that first newborn photo shoot. It’s the perfect way to remember how cute your bundle of joy really was. All the sellers I have chosen are highly ranked and have tons of great reviews from satisfied customers.

romper and sleep hat for newborn photo

The most adorable handmade sleep hat and romper you have ever seen. Choose between blue, grey, beige and cherry. It only comes in newborn size. The seller also has lots more quality photo props to check out.

baby boy photo props

Quality rompers in rich autumn colors. This item is only available from size 6-9 months. That means it’s not a coming home outfit. Rather a cute outfit for the first (or second) photo shoot of your boy getting bigger. Perfect for twins as well.

personalized baby boy outfit for photo shoot

Why not make the photo even more special by adding your babies name on the hat? There are a bunch of options including long and short sleeves and hat or no hat. Truly make it your own.

cutest baby boy photo outfit

This little sleeper is a bestseller on Etsy, over 17,000 sales. I guess it has all you can ask for. It’s soft, you get a romper with feet and a matching hat. Plus cute ness overload. It comes in a couple of colors but only in newborn size.

king outfit for newborn photo

A cool little outfit perfect for your new little prince. The set includes a crochet headband/crown and diaper cover, ready to use for awwwesome pictures. I think the gold is spot on, but you can get it in other colors like royal blue.

Newborn photo prop

This lovable baby boy outfit includes pants with suspenders, newsboy hat, bow tie, and booties, they make the perfect outfit for your baby photos! A great present for a mom and/or dad.

newborn baby boy photo prop

Another precious outfit for your precious. It works just as well as a photo outfit as for a special occasion. You will get oodles of awwws for sure. Available from newborn to 12 months.

adorable outfit for baby boy

An outfit with a Scandinavian design and color touch. It’s stylish, soft and neutral. Just the right amount of everything. Your little boy will look like the star he is in this photo outfit.

newborn baby boy winter outfit for photo

Winter is just around the corner and nothing can make your baby look more snug and adorably chunky than this handmade knitted jumpsuit and booties in a deep brown or green. Use it for both the trip home and the for the first amazing photos.

newborn boy photo outfit

A smart outfit for your little man. It’s made to order so it will take a couple of weeks to arrive. But it’s worth the wait. You can get it in three different sizes from new born up to 6 months.

adorable newborn baby boy photo outfits

Adorable romper for a newborn baby boy photo shoot. It comes in 4 different colors. I think it’s a perfect mix of cute, trendy and classic. The outfit is handmade and made of soft wool. It fits most babies under 2 weeks.

Newborn baby boy photo outfits

Make your baby feel safe and snug for the photo shoot with this little sweet cocoon. 100 % cotton. 100 % cute. And why not use it as a little bag or a pouch when your baby outgrows it?

outfit for photo shoot for newborn boys

This seller offers a lot of smashing choices. The set of 3 includes a hat, leg warmers, and a suspender bow tie bodysuit. The set of 2 includes either the hat or the leg warmers. Choose any of the ties you want.

Handmade crochet knit for your little charmer. check out the satisfied customer pictures. They are super nice. If you want to wash the items before the photo shoot make sure to do it gently otherwise they might shrink a little.

One more heart melting baby suit to consider. You can never go wrong with the traditional baby blue. Have a peek at the customer images if you’re not convinced.

cute clothes for baby boy pictures

Your little man will look absolutely dashing in this little outfit. Perfect for a photo shoot of your newborn or as a baby shower gift or present. Cute enough for a shoot, but still wearable for a different day.

baby boy clothes for photo

Most of the other choices are just cute. This is cute but also such a fun little newborn outfit. You can obviously wear it for more than just a photo shoot. Your friends and family will love it.

baby blue outfit for photo

A perfect little baby blue outfit for a bums up picture. That might be the cutest pose possible. Easy to put on and in great handmade quality.

Animal inspired photo outfits for newborns

Animals are cute. Babies are cute. Dressing up babies like animals. Yes, it just makes sense to double up on the cuteness. And these photo outfits are way of the cuteness chart. Will your family and friends get a photo of a bunny boy or maybe a little bumble bee?

Bunnies are like the epiphany of cute. Therefore, it was impossible to only choose only one. Both are handmade crocheted costumes for photo sessions…

baby outfit for photo

If you’re looking for a cute animal photo outfit you should check out this sellers stuff. But what can be more cute than a baby bear boy? It’s like a baby wrapped up in a teddy bear wrapped up in a snuggle.

The first one from Etsy comes in a lot of colors, just choose your favorite. But the second one comes with a carrot. Now you understand why it’s absolutely impossible to choose huh?

This doesn’t scream lion to me, but I’ll bite. I would put on this little mane cap and romper any day of the week. It’s suitable for 0-2 months babies to wear.

Do you love pandas. Make your little one into one. In this handmade crochet knit you will get both a panda hat and a sleeping bag. Now all you need are some leaves.

newborn boy mouse outfit

For this wonderful costume you can choose color for body, ears, nose and tail. And you can even order it in preemie size. Get your camera ready.

pig costume for baby photo

You can get this in almost any color imaginable. Choose your own color mix for base, nose, ears and tail and if you want just the hat or the whole set. This seller has a lot more super cute options that are worth checking out.

baby boy outfit nemo

What do you think of this little fish? Cute as can be right? The set includes a hat and a fish cocoon. Just find something blue to put the baby on and you’re ready to get started. If your baby is, of course.

Santa costume for baby boy

Your baby’s first Christmas cards won’t get any better than this. You’ll get a hat with a long tai, a pull-on diaper cover that is easy to put on and take off, and a pair of black boots.

Share your newborn baby boy photo outfits

If you found something you liked please share the end result with the rest of us. It is impossible to get enough of cute newborn baby boy photo outfits. If you didn’t know that.