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Modibodi understand that coronavirus stockpiling has resulted in a shortage of many essentials, from toilet paper to personal hygiene products. As a result Modibodi are offering a leak-proof alternative delivered direct to your door.

Have you sprung a leak? Don’t worry. First of all, it’s very common. You’re not alone. And secondly, there’s help to get. No matter what fluids you’re leaking, Modibodi can make your days easier. They are the best leak proof underwear out there. Do you fit into any of these categories?

I have

  • periods
  • heavy discharge
  • bladder leaks
  • leaky boobs
  • odor problems

Before moving on, if you happen to be a man, looking for leak protection, Modibodi has a brand called Mo. They have stylish reusable leak proof underwear designed for men. And they’re not the only ones.

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leak proof underwear from modibodi

4 different kinds of Modibodi panties

Modibodi has 4 different kinds of panties, designed for different needs. They all come in different size and shapes.

How does Modibodi underwear work?

I know it sounds a little bit like magic. No more pads or tampons? Impossible! But Modibodis are very much part of reality.

It has 3 layers with different functions.

  • The bottom one is for extra waterproof protection, to make you absolutely safe and secure.
  • Middle layer absorbs the fluid and hide it away – 2.5-20mls depending on which one you choose.
  • The top layer swiftly removes moisture and keeps your dry – which stop bacteria from growing and smells from sneaking out.

So, the Modibodi holds up to 2 tampons worth of fluid. And now you’re probably expecting the Modibodi panties to be uncomfortable and as thick as a night pad. But then you would be wrong. It’s actually super slim. 3 mm, no more, no less. And you can choose between superlight, light, moderate and heavy absorbency.

  • Superlight is like 1/2 a tampon and is for little drips
  • Light-moderate is like 1-1 1/2 tampons and for normal period days and other moderate leaks
  • Moderate-heavy is like1 1/2-2 tampons and is for them heavy days and overnight protection
  • Heavy is like 2 tampons and for overnight and “I kind of peed my pants” moments.

As you can see, Modibodi underwear are your best and most stylish friends against pee, periods and other leakage.

The collection

And now for the fun stuff. Which ones to choose. Modibodi has 5 categories to browse. There are multiple styles and colors to choose from within each category.

The Classic collection – stylish and comfortable all through the day

You can never go wrong with a classic. In timeless style it will protect you and keep you comfortable and fresh. All day, every day. From work to work out. They can replace your panty liners, pads and tampons. And that’s not just good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Go green and choose a sustainable way.

leak proof underwear from modibodi

The Sensual collection – glamorous leak proof underwear

This is my favorite collection. Before I used to pull out my oldest and very used underwear whenever aunt flow was in town. How about being able to pull out a pair of sensual ones instead. With a good conscience and no fear of ruining them, just feel comfortable, confident and sensual in the best period and leak-proof protection money can buy.

the best leak proof underwear on the market

The Seamfree collection – no visible panty lines

I may have lied a little before because when I think about it, the seamfree collection might be my favorite. It’s better to say that Modibodi got you covered no matter the occasion. If you want to slip into some leggings, pencil skirt or party dress this panty will seamlessly keep you dry, fresh and fabulous. Light bladder leaks will never worry you again. Join the movement and help save the planet – one pair of seamfree underwear at the time.

seamless leak-proof panties

The Curvy collection  – embracing your curves

Modibodi loves curves. Their mission is to make everybody feel confident and fresh all through the day and all through the month. There is a Modibodi panty to fit every need, every size and every shape. Even every mood. The curvy collection offers protection for all levels of absorbency. Join the movement and take smarter care down there.

modibodi plus size leak proof underwear

Save money with bundle packs

Save your hard-earned dollars and check out the bundle packs. There are smart mixes of all the Modibodi collections, from the classics to the moisture wicking ones.

modibodi bundle pack save money

Is Modibodi really the best leak proof underwear?

Modibodi is the original leak proof underwear. They’ve been in business since 2013 (I think) so they’re a trusted player with quality products. They wouldn’t have survived and thrived otherwise. But that’s not why I choose them.

It’s the combination of function, design, quality, sustainability, versatility, flexibility and personalization (different absorbency) that I think make them unique. They care about women and girls feeling confident and free. I love that. And that’s why Modibodi has the best leak proof underwear on the market.

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