Maternity polo shirts – for pregnancy, training and nursing

You are probably already aware of the lack of maternity polo shirts online and in store. I have absolutely no idea why this is. There’s a reasonable amount of people wanting and searching for this. I’m almost thinking about making my own. Almost. Until this happens, you’ll have to do with what’s available right now.

Right now, there are two options, in my opinion. Number one is, size up. If it’s a little stretchy this will probably get you through most of the pregnancy. At least the part where you still can move around enough to actually exercise. Or, number two, get one of the available maternity polo shirts. There are one or two decent to choose from.

Maternity polo shirt for sports

This must be the best maternity polo shirt available for sports. Unfortunately also the most expensive. But you do get a proper maternity shirt that will fit you all through your pregnancy. Might be worth investing in if you think you’ll be able to exercise and play for awhile. Playingnine offers fitted maternity clothes for golf and tennis. This polo shirt has ruched sides for a nice fit and an adjustable zipper in the front. It comes in 4 different colors, pink, blue, yellow and white.

If you’re searching for more maternity clothes for golf and tennis, feel free to wander of through these links.

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Stretchy and loose fit

You can’t really tell from the picture but this polo shirt is both stretchy and big in size. If you look through the customer review pictures you’ll get a better sense of the true fit. After going through tons of options, my choice landed on this one. It is obviously not a maternity polo shirt but an alternative for sizing up and making it work. The fabric it made of 12% elastane so it will expand with you. They market it as performance wear but I think it works as a uniform as well. There are a couple of different colors to choose from.

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performance polo shirt for pregnancy

Long maternity polo shirt

Here’s another polo shirt that is actually a maternity shirt. I think the picture is a little misleading. It does have a long fit, but it will not look as weirdly long as the picture seem to show. When you’re in month 8 and 9 your belly will probably be quite big and you are going to need the length to cover you belly. You don’t want it to peek out. Otherwise it seems like a pretty functional nice quality polo. 100 % cotton, stain resistant fabric and covered neck seams. The stain resistant thing might be a thing after giving birth as well. Who knows? This might be your favorite shirt.

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A plus size option

Another way to size up is to look at the plus size shirts. They tend to have a little different cut and account for a bigger belly area. This one also is a little longer which will help to cover your growing belly. It’s reasonably priced, has good reviews, and looks really nice. They’re lightweight and will keep you cool and comfortable (we tend to sweat when we’re pregnant). It will work great for work and causal things you have going on.

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plus size polo shirt

Long sleeve maternity nursing polo

I’m guessing most people are looking for maternity polo shirts for sports, but if you’re not this might be something you’ll like. At writing moment ASOS has a few long sleeve maternity polo shirts available. What’s even better is that they’re nursing polos. That means you can wear them from bump to baby.

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long sleeve maternity and nursing polo shirt

Got some other options?

Have you managed to find some other nice maternity polo shirts online? Or in store? Please let the rest of us know.

Stay cool ladies.