Maternity nursing bras – the best breastfeeding bras

There are thousands upon thousands of maternity nursing bras to choose from. So which ones to get? Well, there’s no right or wrong. We all have different preferences and budgets. I will give you some great tips on brands, styles and designs that are popular across the world.

The best maternity nursing bras

First of all, don’t just get a regular bra in a bigger size. Real maternity nursing bras are specially designed for the task. When you go hunting have these things in mind.

  • Comfort & Fit – You want your bra to be snug and comfy, but make sure it’s not too tight. It can increase the risk for blocked and infected milk ducts . Which hurts like h…
  • Support – Make sure you get a bra that can support you boobs even when it is “open”. That will make the feeding easier.
  • Flexibility – You want the bra to be stretchy enough to adjust to your changing curves. The first few weeks of breastfeeding your breasts will grow really big, but they settle after a while. And you don’t want to spend money on different sizes just because of that.
  • Function – Only buy nursing bras you can open and flip with one hand. You’ll need you other one to hold the little one.
  • Price – Don’t over spend and buy too few. They will get stained and you won’t always have time to wash. You also have to change them almost every day due to growing bacteria.

If you want to know more about what makes a nursing bra fit properly, head over to How to choose the right nursing bra.

Great comfortable and casual nursing bras

One of the most popular nursing bras

This is one of the most popular nursing bras out there. The bra has even won the Mom’s Choice Award. And for good reason. The cup drops fully down (this matter more than you might think if you’ve never nursed before).

It’s made of a 4-way stretch fabric that hugs your changing curves. And it is soft seamless and wire-free. It also has removable foam inserts that you can choose to use for discretion and shape. Finally, it provides full coverage.

You can get it in XS to XXL and there are 14 colors to choose from.

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bravado seamless nursing bra

The perfect everyday bra?

This is cake Maternity’s Flexi Wire spacer nursing bra. A great t-shirt bra with a few dazzling details. I think the best thing is the flexi wire. It gives extra support, great shape and is still very soft and comfortable.

The spacer cups gives a great airy feeling and smooth profile without being bulky like other foam bras (spacer cups are special light foam that breathes). And the drop down function in the cups are perfect for feeding.

It’s available in 85C to 105K and comes in 3 lovely colors.

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maternity t-shirt bra

Get your moneys worth 

Here’s another bestseller for you. I do own a couple of these myself. And they are among my favorites. At least the first few months of breastfeeding. They’re super comfy, easy to clip open and close (with one hand) and the right amount of stretch versus support.

I keep reading that you need at least 3 nursing bras. One to wear, one in the washer and one to spare. I don’t know about you guys but, I DO NOT wash that often. Even if you use nursing pads there will be leakage. You will need to change you bra quite often to feel clean and fresh. That’s why I love this price worthy 5-pack.

Available in S-XXL. Choose from 6 modern color combinations.

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Sexy nursing bras

Bringing sexy back

After a few months of full focus on the baby and being nothing but a mom, I felt the need to put on something pretty and starting to be me as well again. I might sound ridiculous but one step towards that was getting myself a sexy nursing bra.

It wasn’t as comfortable as the super soft wireless ones I wore at home, but it made me feel great. ASOS is a good place to look for both fun and more comfortable nursing bras. They have a nice selection that is constantly changing and good prices over all.

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lace balconette nursing bra

Nursing bralette

If you want sexy but wireless, this is such an elegant choice. The design is quite classic but the lustrous lace give it that extra oumph. It offers easy access and is all around a lovely nursing bra. Just remember that wireless bras never give the same kind of support if you have a larger and heavier chest.

I love the shiny pink, but you can also get it in black or white .

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nursing bralette

Pumping bras

Low impact workout AND pumping bra

This is a hands-free pumping bra and a bit of magic if you need it. It has a combination between a pumping bra and a sports bra. It’s perfect for low impact workouts like yoga and walks. You can of course use it as an everyday bra as well.

The cups are double layered which makes it easy to discreetly use the breast pumps. This is real good quality and it has tons of good reviews to lean back on.

It comes in XS to XL and in 4 different color combinations.

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hands-free pumping bra

Just click and pump

This is one of the more popular pumping bras online. Bravado knows what they’re doing. Since over 80 % of breastfeeding moms pump, there’s a lot of us that need a fast and easy way to do it.

This patent pending design is a little revolutionary. It has a clip and pump function. It offers almost ultimate convenience, ease and discretion. You don’t have to detach the breast shield and it keeps the bottle in the right position. You can easily breastfeed att the same time as well.

Size range from S to XL and you can choose the black och grey/pink one.

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the best hand-free pumping bra

Nursing sleep bra

Style and comfort 

The days of sleeping comfortably naked will be over for a while, if you’re breastfeeding and don’t want to stain your sheets all the time. Or at least it was for me. But don’t fret. There’s super comfortable and super stylish nursing sleep bras.

The one in the picture is one of my favorites. It has no clasps and no wires. Just smooth comfort all the way. The racerback also gives some support.

If S-XL fits you, you just need to put it in your cart.

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beautiful nursing sleep bra

Seamless Sleep Bra for nursing

The next option is different in style but holds almost the same level of comfort. No hardware in sight. Just soft cotton and elastic bands. I really like the broad shoulder straps and the band underneath the breasts, they help keep everything in place.

I would choose this kind of bra if I wanted a sleep bra that could double as a wear-at-home bra as well. And it’s better than the latter if you have a little bigger chest as well. As usual Amazon doesn’t disappoint and offer a good deal on a set of 3.

Sizes ranges from M to 3XL and there’s 10 colors to choose from.

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seamless nursing sleep bras

Leak proof nursing singlet

When I started breastfeeding I had no clue. Absolutely no clue. For example, I was surprised that learn that the boob the baby isn’t using at the moment leak quite a lot. What to do?

I bought nursing pads. First the ones you wash then the disposable ones (which I liked a lot more). But sometimes I forgot to put them close by. This time, at least during the night, I’m going to try a nursing singlet.

A nursing singlet looks and feels just like a regular nursing bra. The difference being leak proof breast cups. Yes, you heard me. Smart, right? Each cup holds 10 ml. And you can wash the top as many time as you like. Saves both your money and the environment.

Available from 32A to 40F in black.

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nursing singlet

Outstanding nursing sports bras

High Impact Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra

I think Cake maternity has some of the best nursing bras on the market. They might not be the prettiest, but they’re experts on creating high quality nursing bras.

This flexi wire sports bra is one of their newest designs. It’s a high impact workout bra that provides awesome support, function and comfort. And it will fit no matter the size of your chest, almost. It has spacer technology for breathability and to reduce friction, and a whole lot of other impressive features.

It comes in tons of sizes – from 70B to 90K and three color combinations.

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the best high impact sports nursing bra

Yoga/sleep bra

This is also from Cake maternity and is one of their bestsellers. It’s designed for light to moderate activity. Like yoga, a walk or just your daily business. If you don’t mind the straps it works well for sleeping as well. The stylish T-back design will help to keep everything in place.

It’s available in sizes S to XL and you can choose from 6 modern colors.

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nursing yoga bra

Do you know which maternity nursing bras you’ll need yet?

Try imagining what your days will be like after the baby comes. Do you think you will go on a lot of walks? Or will you be spending a lot of time at cafés with your mom-friends? If it’s your first, you might not know what to do with your days yet. Maybe you’re planning on working as soon as possible. No matter what, make sure to spend your money wisely on the maternity nursing bras you actually need. And please share your experiences in the comments if you like, or dislike, something.