Maternity dresses for baby shower – pink, blue, white and cute

First of all, you DON’T have to wear a dress to your baby shower. You should wear what ever you’re comfortable and feel beautiful in. I absolutely love dresses, but haven’t always been comfortable wearing them. Putting on a dress used to make me feel so awkward. When I realized why I like dresses the awkwardness started to subside. I think dresses celebrate our feminine sides. Both on the inside and the outside. And being pregnant is the most feminine thing of all. Beautiful maternity baby shower dresses are like odes to the woman and her uterus. So corny, but oh so true.

Regardless, if you’re looking for maternity baby shower dresses you’ve come to the right place. You will find tons of choices and inspiration. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find something you like. Maybe even love. And probably more than one. I will start off with short descriptions of my two favorite maternity dress websites. It usually only takes me seconds to find stuff I like there. I hope you’ll have the same experience.

baby shower

If you want some suggestions and inspiration for what’s trending and are appropriate for baby showers, please just keep scrolling. I have cherry picked some of the most cute, sexy, beautiful, and unique baby shower dresses for pregnant women. In my opinion of course. Feel absolutely free to disagree.

Where to find maternity baby shower dresses

When I want to find maternity baby shower dress, there are 2 sites I would visit first, ASOS and Pinkblush. I know that I wouldn’t have to look any further. I always find too much stuff I want there. Pregnant or not. They do differ quite a bit in style, but they both offer modern, trendy, and beautiful maternity dresses for reasonable prices. Especially at ASOS you can find great designs for cheap as well. They always have nice things on sale if you have the time to keep a look out.

Check out their dress selections by clicking the links below. If you rather see some of the options I like first to get inspired, keep scrolling.

If you for some (weird) reason can’t find what you’re looking for with ASOS or Pinkblush, there are other great places to visit. Here are some other maternity retailers and shops I like.

Pink maternity baby shower dresses

If you’re having a girl, I think it’s a cute to wear a pink maternity dress. This is not exactly forward thinking but everything doesn’t have to be. Do you think it’s a nice way to tell people the sex of your baby, just do it. On the other hand, wear a pink dress if you’re getting a boy just because you love pink.

In all sizes and colors

This is a super popular baby shower dress from Pinkblush. It has gotten tons of great reviews and there are lovely photos from buyers to look at. If you’re not feeling the pink there are 17 other colors to choose from. And it’s available in size S to 3X. So, do you want a long maxi dress for a reasonable price you should take a closer look at this one.

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maxi dress for baby shower


I’m in love. With this dress. It’s one of the most beautiful baby shower dresses I have found. I feel the urge to get pregnant again just to be able to wear this dress. Almost. Or get really rich so that I can buy it for a friend. Just because I can. In my opinion, this is the perfect pink maternity dress for a baby shower. The only down side being the price tag. Unfortunately they wont give it to you for free, not even for cheap. Maybe it will be on sale in the future?

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the best Maternity dress for a baby shower

Just for fun

It’s almost impossible not to get happy seeing this dress. I think it constitute what makes ASOS such a great place to shop. They always have fun and unique designs that are not super expensive.

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maternity dream dress

The classic floral

Pinkblush most be most famous for their floral patterns. There’s always lots of floral delights to choose from no matter the season. In my opinion colorful florals will always brighten the room and the mood.

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pink floral maternity dress

White maternity baby shower dresses

I’m not 100 % sure why, but white baby shower dresses are super popular. It’s pretty obvious why you would want a blue or a pink one, but white? Maybe it has something to do with it being natural and pure somehow. If you know, please enlighten me. I do know it makes for beautiful maternity baby shower dresses. So, no matter why. If you want it. Buy it.

Lovely off the shoulder

Wonderful fitted dress in ivory with an off the shoulder design and flattering ruched sides. The ruffles making it just enough and not too much. It has that little detail that makes all the difference. But it’s still not over the top. Stretchy and comfortable material. Available in a range of colors.

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ruffled off the shoulder maternity dress

Simply romantic

There is something so simple and sweet about this dress. I think that reflects the innocence of children in a way. Kind of perfect for a baby shower. The eyelet lace straps bring and pockets bring thoughts to a romantic summery day in the grass many years ago.

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white baby shower maternity dresses

For all stages of pregnancy

If I wanted a white long maternity dress for my baby shower I would seriously consider using something with a little pattern or some kind of color. Making sure it doesn’t look like a wedding dress. I would also consider getting a dress that will fit from bump to baby. Then you can use it again and again.

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floral maternity gown for baby showers

Blue maternity baby shower dresses

There are tons of blue dresses to choose from. My only suggestion is not going for the obvious. You want you dress and look to be a little unique. What is your special style?

Baby blue

I think this is such a happy blue. A celebratory blue making me happy. In many ways a classic maternity dress. A nice rose print and nicely fitted with ruched sides for better fit. A fun and beautiful neckline with ruffles. What more can one ask for?

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floral blue maternity dress baby shower

A head turner

Super chic and elegant are words that come to mind when looking at this dress. It’s made of luxury silk chiffon crepe and is of course a little more pricey than some of the other options. You will get what you pay for. Part from being very beautiful it has a smart design to make you look your absolutely best pregnant self.

Easy to wear and effortlessly stylish for all kinds of occasions.

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exclusive blue baby shower dress

Make an elegant entrance

If you want something really elegant I think this is a strong contender in blue. The maternity gown is perfect for both baby showers and maternity photoshoots. Why not kill two birds with one stone? You get off shoulder, wrap front, mermaid style skirt, form-fitting ruched sides, cinching under the bust, hi-low hemline and a slight train. I know, wow.

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elegant maternity baby shower dress

Blue chiffon maternity baby shower dress

I’m not sure why I like this dress so much. Maybe it’s the simple elegance of it, or the flow of it all. What I do know is that I’m not the only one. It’s popular and loved by many.

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blue maternity shower dresses

Unique maternity baby shower dresses

Your bump dress doesn’t have to be in any of the traditional colors or styles. It can be how ever you want it. Of course. You are unique, the event is unique. Let the dress be unique. I’ve picked two popular favorites of mine. They both make a bump look absolutely beautiful.

A cream dream

I could never wear this color, it would totally wash me out. But if I could I would. Cream is such a soft and gentle color. Combined with these pleated tiers with ruffles the result is so feminine and fun. The back keyhole cut out gives it a little edge.

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feminine maternity dress

Green maternity baby shower dress

If you want to glam it up, something shiny will do the trick. I myself got a soft spot for anything that shines. I think it can make any party feel more festive. People always say that you glow when you’re pregnant. I think most pregnant women doesn’t always feel that way. This way you can let your maternity baby shower dress shine for you.

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green maternity dress for baby shower

What is a baby registry list?

A baby registry list is an online list of products from a retailer that you want for you and your baby. In other words, the gifts you want people to bring you on your baby shower. If you want things from a special shop or retailer, see if they offer the service. Otherwise I would recommend the Baby registry. It is universal. That means you can add stuff from other websites as well. Not just the things Amazon have. Although they have like millions of products.

Why is it a good idea? Well, it’s an easy way to buy gifts that truly appreciated. You can add stuff in different price categories so that everyone can buy according to their financial situation. It’s also a great way to avoid getting duplicates.

If you want to know more, have a look at this Guide to choosing registry and products.

Are you planning a baby shower?

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