Maternity clothes for third trimester

Congratulations on getting to your third and final trimester. I think this is the best and worst one. The worst because you’re getting really big and very pregnant. The best because you can start to really connect with the little one inside. It’s becoming more real. And also, the end is near.

Another great thing is the maternity clothes for third trimester. This is when we usually start to get a nice round belly to dress (and show of). It’s time to have fun with your new-found shapes. And believe me, there are reasons to show it off. To name some, you are so beautiful and it’s such a special time in life, and people will in general help you and smile at you a lot. That is such a mood booster.

So, what to wear?

The best maternity clothes for third trimester

Generally the best maternity clothes for third trimester are checking these three boxes:

Comfortable – As you’re getting more and more uncomfortable in your own body, your clothes shouldn’t add to that. Make sure your maternity clothes are both comfy and supportive in all the right places.

Flexible – You are probably pretty big, and getting bigger. Wear clothes that will fit you no matter your size (without getting see through). It’s also great to choose things that you can combine in a lot of ways to minimize the cost. Finally, can you wear them even after being pregnant?

Stylish – Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. There are lots of maternity clothing shops out there. Find YOUR store.

If you already know what you want but don’t know where to look, I can help. This article will give you some tips but if you want more, check out where to find maternity clothes.

Must haves for third trimester

Maternity leggings

If you haven’t bought a pair of maternity leggings yet, you have to do it now. There’s nothing more comfortable to wear at this time. Especially in the third trimester. Even if you like me, aren’t a leggings person, I can almost guarantee you’ll love wearing them now. You can find them in almost all maternity shops as well.

The leggings in the picture are from A Pea in the Pod. They’re super popular and high quality. If you want something cheaper have a look on Amazon, ASOS or Pinkblush.

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maternity leggings for third trimester

A pair of Jeans

Jeans aren’t a must have for everyone, but… There’s a reason why jeans are so popular. They go with almost everything and are almost always right to wear. I loved the stretchy maternity jeans. They’re like a pair of leggings. Soft, stylish and easy to move around in. I also like the “over the belly” fit on all pants. That helps smooth out love handles and actually give a bit of support to the belly. You just need to find a pair with the right amount of stretch.

The jeans in the picture are my personal favorites from H&M. They’re cool, stretchy and has wide ribbing for improved fit. You can get them in light, regular or dark denim.

Other places that holds a lot of popular maternity jeans are Amazon, ASOS, and Old Navy (GAP).

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stretchy maternity jeans

Tops/tanks – in the basic colors

I must recommend getting some basic tops and tanks. They might be the most essential maternity clothes for third trimester because they help to maximize your wardrobe. I think I bought like all of mine from H&M. They’re great quality. stretchy and pretty cheap. The tops also have ruched sides. And ruched sides is the shit when you’re pregnant because that gives them a great fit even when your belly is huge. Perfect to wear with cardigans, jackets, blazers, etc. You can get them in a range of colors and are sold in packs of 2.

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tops for trimester three

At least a couple of dresses

There are a lot of dress styles that will fit you from baby peanut to baby melon. Pinkblush is one of my go-to-shops for maternity dresses. Especially for summer dresses. They have so many beautiful flowery options. One of their goals is to offer flexible clothes. By this they mean clothes that will fit you from bump, to baby, and beyond. Look for styles with empire waists and flowy fits. Then you can use them even the coming years as well.

I think the dress in the picture is a great example of a dress that is perfect for both the third trimester and the next summer. It comes in 12 different colors. If you want to look at more dresses, check out ASOS as well.

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flexible maternity dresses

Cotton briefs or period panties

If you never experienced heavy discharge, you’re probably in for a treat around the third trimester. Most of us who have been pregnant can testify to that. It’s no time for sexy thongs (for most of us). We want comfortable and breathable. I vote for comfy cotton maternity briefs.

If you’re very uncomfortable with the discharge I suggest you invest in some leak proof underwear, like period panties. They are reusable. You just rinse them in cold water after use and through them in the washer. No more worries about leaks or smells. And you can just keep using them when you get your period back.

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underwear for heavy discharge and maternity

Supportive bras

My boobs started to expand as soon as I got pregnant. That’s quite common as they’re preparing to produce milk right from the start. When you’re in the third trimester they’ve usually settled. If you’re planning on breastfeeding I would suggest you buy a nursing bra right away. That way you don’t waste any money.

Make sure you get a bra with room to grow in. Both your chest and your boobs might change a bit more. Look for a bra with a thick band, without underwire, wide shoulder straps and cotton materials that breathes. The maternity/nursing bra in the picture is one of the most popular there is.

I got a whole article about nursing bras if you want to check out more.

maternity and nursing bra for third trimester

If it’s cold, you’ll need at jacket or coat

Up until the third trimester you can probably get away with some of the jackets you already own. But right about now (or sooner) they won’t fit anymore. If it’s winter you’ll definitely need to invest in a proper maternity jacket or coat. Even if it’s just a bit chilly it might be nice to be able to zip or button up. There are as usually a lot of stylish and fun options.

ASOS have a few nice options as well as A pea in the pod and Motherhood Maternity. I think this trench coat in stone is so right. You can probably sell it for a good price after being done with it.

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maternity clothes for third trimester

Must haves that aren’t maternity clothes

There are lots of clothes that aren’t “maternity clothes” that looks great when you’re pregnant. Use what you have or buy something new. You can wear it after your baby is born anyway.

  • Cropped jackets – looks amazing with a proper baby bump
  • Cardigans – so comfortable and perfect to cover up extra baby weight and love handles (if you have any)
  • Blazers – perfect for the office
  • Accessories – this is the time for bold accessories as your wardrobe might be a bit smaller than usual

Be prepared for the third trimester

I always recommend thinking and planning ahead. In this case it means, try not to buy maternity clothes that you can only wear during the third trimester. The list I’ve just put together contains great third trimester wear, but if possible, buy these item straight away to make good use of them. And look for flexible clothes that you can wear even after giving birth.