Maternity clothes for tennis – dresses, skirts, shorts, tanks and tights

So, is it safe to play tennis during pregnancy? Yes, at least in the early weeks. I mean, Serena Williams won the Australian Open in her second month. With that said, it’s probably not the wisest idea to take up tennis as a newbie during your pregnancy. The ones who know and studied it say that moderate exercise is really good for you and the baby but stay away from high speed sports where you risk to fall and stuff you’re not accustomed to. That doesn’t include things like power walking and swimming. Do you want to take up swimming and want to look fabulous head over to “Best nursing bathing suits“.

If you want to keep playing you are going to need some maternity clothes for tennis.

Maternity activewear for trimester 1

During the first trimester it might be that you don’t notice much changes in your body at all. Or you’ll feel like crap and get super bloated. It might be a good idea to invest in some loose fitting active wear. Not just to hide the pregnancy but also because of comfort. Tight clothes usually make the bloating worse and can give you a stomach ache.

Loose fitting maternity clothes for tennis

Athleta doesn’t have maternity wear, but they do have maternity friendly designs. Going for a loose fitting tank or top can be a smart move. You can probably wear it during both trimester 1 and 2, but also post pregnancy when you’re back to your old self again. No money or materials wasted. I love this bright red 2 in 1 support top. If you like it you’ll love its back. It’s for medium to high impact workouts and made of supersonic fabric with supportive compression.

maternity tennis top for trimester 1 and 2

Long sleeve maternity training top

So, this is a maternity activewear top but for the first few months you could probably get away with any loose fitting top you want. The upside of getting a proper maternity top right away is that you’ll get to use it more. And you don’t have to worry about the growing bump. This has you covered from hump to bump and all the way to the baby. Going for something black or white can also be smart as it pairs with almost everything else.

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maternity training top

Maternity clothes for tennis – trimester 2 and 3

Heading in to the second and third trimester you’ll most definitely need som actual maternity clothes for tennis. I must say the supply has been scarce for a long time. But there are some nice options nowadays. I don’t know if it’s connected to the fact that mums to be are now encouraged to be active instead of taking it easy.

I’m all for an active life style so keep it up as long as it feels ok. Just make sure it’s safe and listen to your body. We can not control how our bodies work. Some women grow a big belly early in the pregnancy and that will affect the balance and risk for falling.

Classic maternity tennis dresses

Playing9 is the first place (that I know of) that has tennis and golf clothes specifically designed for maternity. And this mum has thought of almost everything. Breathable fabric, ruched sides, nice design, cute skirt with a little bounce and double lining for extra support. It includes both bra pads and matching shorts with room for tennis balls on each side.


Shorts for an active and growing belly

These shorts will serve you well (joke), both on and of the court. They work well for any workout and casual daily wear. All in all, a classic pair of shorts that’s easy to mix and match with other items. The image display the black shorts but there is also a striped option that is super cool. The full maternity panel will give gentle back support and grows with your belly.


Maternity skorts for sports

Have you heard of the skort? Basically it’s supposed to look like a skirt but have the function of a pair of trousers or shorts. The world doesn’t seem to be inhabited by any maternity tennis skorts, but the next best thing exist, maternity skorts for golf. These doesn’t have any pockets for balls but only for essentials. The waistband fits right over your belly throughout your pregnancy and can be folded down after delivery. The length is very appropriate if that’s a concern.


Maternity active sweater

A lot of pregnant ladies are warm rather than cold. But if you’re going out on a windy day it might be a good idea to wear a sweater.. Tis one is light, sporty, and goes great with both leggings and jeans if you choose to go for a walk instead.

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maternity activewear sweater

Maternity leggings

If you just started searching for maternity clothes you probably haven’t heard of Pinkblush. It’s a great place to find all kinds of trendy and stylish maternity clothing, including activewear. I think they have a great selection of leggings for both tough workouts and lounging. I really like these black ones. Classic but with a neat little extra something with the crisscross detail.

maternity leggings for tennis

Stylish maternity training tanks

Pinkblush also has a couple of maternity tanks worthy of a browse. Most are well made for the pregnant body, classic styles and colors, and easy to mix and match with other items. Perfect for tennis or just a nice walk with a friend.

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maternity tanks for tennis

Did you find what you were looking for?

I hope you did. If not, please let me know. Maybe I, or someone else, can steer you in the right direction. Or maybe you know of some other great place where we can find maternity clothes for tennis?