Maternity clothes for holiday – what to pack

So, which are the essential maternity clothes for holiday? Normally we can all get pretty far with just some sunshine and sunglasses. And maybe a swimsuit. But as pregnant you’ll probably need to get a few other things. Depending on the state of your current wardrobe of course. My tip for you is to not buy everything new. Choose a few key pieces that you can mix and match. And don’t rely on old clothes in stretchy materials. Your body is constantly changing and growing. Your butt might end up eating up your old shorts.

I would spend my money on dresses, shorts and/or skirts, tops and supportive and comfortable maternity shoes. During the days you can mix it up with your swimwear to achieve a more laid-back style.

For the beach and the pool

Going on holiday in the sun requires at least two pieces of swimwear. In my opinion. You always want a dry option. If you have been hesitant about showing of your bump before, you just need to embrace it now. There’s actually a lot of gorgeous swimsuits to choose from. If you have some stretch marks you don’t want to show, just choose a one-piece. Otherwise there are traditional bikinis and creative tankinis lying in wait for you. It’s also good to bring some kind of cover up. I think it feels nice to put that on when going for a walk or having something to eat. Like a kimono or something similar (you’ll find a few lovely choices further down the page).

I have gathered some of my favorites to inspire you. But if you have the time you should browse the sites I’m sending you to as well. There are thousands of items to discover. So, don’t let your bump cramp you style. Go on and find something that is really you.

If you want more plus size options, check out Plus size maternity swimsuits.

Maternity one pieces

Maternity recycled swimsuit in leopard print

Leopard prints are just everywhere right now. And I can’t say I hate it. I love it. There are actually two more things I love about this maternity one piece. Firstly, the tie waist. It gives you such a beautiful look and silhouette. Secondly, that it’s made of recycled nylon. ASOS has a responsible edit. The items are made of waste, like fabric scarps and fishing nets. The waste is processed back into nylon fibres. Unfortunately fashion has a big impact on the environment. By keeping things circular we can help to reduce pur impact on the planet (sorry about the rant).

maternity recycled swimsuit in animal leopard print

Maternity bandeau swimsuit

This is also a favorite of mine. It is so cute with its bandeau neck and frill layer. A black swimsuit also has its advantages. A lot of us gain a bit more than just a belly while being pregnant. Black has that lovely slimming effect that helps us look nice in something skin tight. The frill also hides our sides a bit.

It will also work great for nursing. Just pull it down. You might want a nursing cover if you’re not super comfortable with flashing the boobs everywhere. It’s also part of ASOS recycled edit.

recycled maternity bandeau minimal frill swimsuit in black

Maternity tankinis

Maternity floaty tankini

I have never tried a tankini with this floaty design so I really can’t say what happens when you jump in the pool with it. But I really like the idea of it. Swimwear has become so fashionable just the last few years. In my opinion. It’s not just about boobs and looking sexy. It’s more about style and fashion now. The swimwear looks more like regular clothes. Like this tankini. It’s like a real halter neck top. Easy to wear all day on holiday. From beach to market to café.

The design is also very forgiving and you can wear it even after the pregnancy. Check out the open back. No criss crossing tan lines here!

Maternity tankini

Wrap front maternity tankini top

This is one of Pinkblushs’ bestsellers. It has tons of loving reviews. Especially from people with a larger chest. The tankini top comes in 11 different colors and patterns that are truly vibrant. The fit is great and you can wear it all through your pregnancy. What else? Triangle faux wrap bust. Adjustable and convertible straps. Ruched sides. Check, check, check. All you need to do now is click, click, click, and it’s yours.

maternity clothes for holiday tankini top

Maternity bikinis for holiday

Scalloped maternity bikini set

If your boobs doesn’t grow that much during your pregnancy you can probably use the bikinis in your closet. At least the bikini tops. The bottoms are another story. But for most preggos the bra and bikini size changes AT LEAST one size up. And if it does. You definitely need a new one. Bulging boobs on the brink of escape aren’t fun for anyone. For obvious reasons there aren’t that many maternity bikini sets available (regular bikinis are kind of the same thing). But with the latest trend of really high waisted bikini bottoms I think it’s warranted with one proper set.

I found a maternity bikini that I think is hitting the mark. It’s so cute with its scalloped trim and so flexible in its fit. You can adjust the halter neckline, the tie back, and the bottoms. The padded bust is also removable. No bulging lines in sight.

maternity bikini set

Shiny bikini crop top 

This bikini crop top isn’t obviously sold as a maternity bikini. But hey, it works just as well. And I actually think the bottoms are wearable all through a pregnancy if you size up. They can be worn pretty low. But now we are talking about the top part. The straps are adjustable but there are no clasps in the back (that can unhinge). Simple, beautiful and oh so shiny. I just love the bronze.

If you bring a scarf to the beach a bikini is perfect for nursing and you can prolong the life of your new bikini. If you want to and can breastfeed of course. Put the scarf around your waist when going for ice cream and you’ll look super fab in a heartbeat.

maternity one-piece swimsuit

Maternity holiday dresses

When packing for summer holiday you need to think beach, activity and evening. And how you can mix them all together. A Maxi dress works for the beach, a stroll down the market and in the evening with a short jacket. That’s why I wouldn’t choose a pattern that screams beach but go with something a bit more versatile. So, one of the best tips when packing maternity clothes for holiday is making room for the accessories.. Sunglasses and sandals for the day and some jewelry and scarfs for the night.

The Maxi dress

This maternity Maxi dress in 100% cotton is not just loved by me but by celebrity mums like Dania Ramirez and Holly Willoughby. It’s perfectly designed for pregnancy. The empire waist draws the eye to your thinnest point while the long dress lengthens your silhouette. And there’s plenty of room for the baby bump.

If you want to check out more Maxi dresses Seraphine has a lot of lovely ones perfect for holiday.

maternity maxi dress

The magic wrap dress

If I could only buy one maternity dress for holiday I would probably get a wrap dress. The fit is super flexible and allows you to grow and you can wear it after giving birth. A lot of them also have a very forgiving flowy fit, giving us nice silhouettes even when the punds are adding up. The stretchy material will make it easy to breastfeed in as well. The wrap design is perfect to wear to the beach. You can take it off and put it on without getting sand everywhere.

I’m not sure if I would choose a block color or a pattern for the dress, but if I would go for the pattern it would definitely be a floral one. I love how that just breathes summer and relaxation. The last thing I would look for is a dress that is dress up and down in a snap. Like this Hi-low maternity wrap dress in an ivory watercolor flora.

Check out more beautiful maternity wrap dresses on Pinkblush.

perfect maternity clothes for holiday

An amazing evening look

You may think that this dress is too much of a statement to bring on holiday and not very versatile. You may be right. But I think you should bring one piece of something extra nice. There’s usually at least one night out where you’ll be doing something extra nice. And I think it’s very possible to mix it with different jewelry, belts, jackets, boleros and shawls to get new looks.

It has gotten some really great reviews. People love this dress. Some of the comments have been:
“I felt like a princess, I will get it a different color.”
“Gorgeous dress made in Italy, amazing quality.. stretchy and comfortable!”
“In love… Dress makes me look so elegant and classy!”

maternity clothes for holiday evening dress

Maternity shorts and skirts

Shorts that fit well with most things

And now I’m back to looking for those mixable pieces. And what’s nicer and easier than a pair of crispy white shorts. They go with absolutely everything and can give a laid back or luxury feel depending on the rest of the outfit. The only disadvantage is that they’re white and stain easily. The shorts from Pea in a Pod has good quality and the patented secret fit belly.

Lovely details

  • Luxe Essentials Denim Maternity Shorts
  • Secret Fit Belly for growing bellies
  • Roll Hem
  • 4 Inch Inseam
  • Machine Washable
Maternity shorts

The classic jeans shorts

You can never go wrong with a pair of basic denim shorts. These have a cuffed hem, 5 pockets and the elastic waistband for a growing belly. I chose these because of the light color, classic style, and stretchy material. If you ever get pregnant again you can use them as they won’t go out of style. They’re also easy to pair with all sorts of swimsuits and tops (I know I’m repeating myself, but this is important stuff).

The nice details

  • 98% Cotton 2% Spandex, comfortable and stretchy
  • Machine Wash
maternity jeans shorts

Pink Distressed Raw Hem Maternity Jean Skirt

Skirts can be a little tricky even when you don’t have a huge tummy. Being pregnant doesn’t make it any easier. I don’t like very wide skirts that goes over the belly. Even if you’re skinny I think they make you look like a cloud, all big and poofy. And it makes you look disproportionate. If you got some love handles you want to hide, it’s better to choose one that’s over-tummy but with a slim fit. It doesn’t have to be tight. Even better, get a tight skirt and a loose fitting top.

I think this little maternity jean skirt is so right. The raw hem, distressed details, four pockets, and an elastic bellyband makes it fresh and comfortable. Just the way we like it. It’s so easy to mix with different tops, jackets and shoes. And nothing says holiday more than a short cute skirt.

short denim maternity skirt

Mauve Floral Maternity Midi Skirt

This skirt is wearable both over and under the belly. I would get a size bigger than what you usually wear as we tend to get wider when we’re pregnant and I think this one is a little tight around the waist. It has a drawstring closure so you can always adjust it if it runs a little big. This also makes the skirt wearable after your baby’s born. And who doesn’t want a lovely floral midi skirt to swing around in the sweet summer breeze?

floral maternity skirt for summer holiday

Maternity Tops

There are indescribably many maternity tops to find online. You can basically get what ever you want. So, I’m not going to present you with countless options. Instead I’m giving you 2 pieces of advice on what type of tops to put in your suitcase. You’ll also get tips on where you can browse for more options. Let’s dive in.

Tip 1: Kimonos

Kimonos are great. You can wear them to the beach, during the day and in the evening, mix with shorts, swimwear, basic tops and pants. They’re usually in some sheer material and don’t take up much space in your luggage. And you can use them post pregnancy. Kimonos also nicely hide love handles and bingo wings if that’s something you think about. I always pack e few.

The kimono in the picture is from Pinkblush. They have a  great selection. Check them out!

maternity kimono

Basic tops and tees

If you already have some basic tops and tees. Bring them. They’re perfect to match with shorts, kimonos, and skirts. Add some jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories for extra flair. If you still need to shop for some I recommend getting something that isn’t super basic. Get basic with a twist. Instead of buying a regular t-shirt, go for an off shoulder, or a lace sleeve. Look for that little something extra. You will still be able to mix it with your other clothes.

The top in the picture is from ASOS, which is a great place to find maternity clothes for holiday. And yet again, I need to recommend Pinkblush. They have so many clothes with that wonderful summery feel.

maternity off shoulder top

Maternity shoes for holiday

It’s actually pretty hard to find shoes particularly designed for maternity. But that’s only half the truth. With pregnancy comes swollen feet and a lot of people suffer from that anyway. The key is to look for really comfortable shoes with a supportive sole, a slight heel and stretchy material.

You might think it’s unnecessary to buy shoes that are bigger than your normal size, but I don’t think you have much of a choice. If you don’t want to be in constant pain. Did you know that your feet can get bigger from the extra weight of the pregnancy?

Ballet pumps

Seraphine are one of the few places where you can find maternity shoes online. And they have these ballet pumps in nude and black that are well worth their money. They have 4 levels of comfort:

  1. 1. Patented ergonomic insoles
  2. 2. Concealed wedge heel
  3. 3. Supple leather
  4. 4. Lightweight flexi outsoles for added grip

I think they check every box with these shoes. Comfortable, supportive, improves poster, flexible material, boost circulation, easy to dress up and down, and relieves aches and pains. And they’re super cute. If I only bought one pair of maternity shoes for holiday, these would be it.

maternity shoes

Maternity sandals

I actually head straight over to Amazon when I need a pair of comfortable and supportive sandals. In this case I would put the support before the style, but there are some really cute options. Some are a little more sporty, but you can use them for a light hike and in the water as well. A great choice if you don’t have much room in your suitcase. Others have a shock absorbing midsole if that’s what you’re looking for.

I would probably go for a sandal that is somewhere in between comfortable and cute. The shoes in the picture offers both pretty petal flowers and memory foam cushioning.

maternity sandals

Comfortable and cool

A pair of comfortable sneakers will get you a long way, even on holiday. They’re obviously not the best beach shoes but for almost everything else they’re awesome feet company. And yes, you can wear them with a dress. The trends of today are loving the sneakers. Mix it with jeans, dresses, skirts, and shorts. Sneakers are just right.

I think these sneaks from Old Navy (GAP) are perfect to bring on holiday (and beyond). Great color that goes with most, a sweet retro style, and most importantly: cushioned insoles with memory foam. They describe it “like walking on fluffy little clouds”. Maternity feet heaven!

Check out all Old Navys’ comfy shoes.

maternity sneakers