Maternity clothes for golf

It has been really hard to find maternity clothes for golf in the past but finally some alternatives has popped up. In many other sports it’s ok to wear regular maternity sportswear while pregnant but most private golf courses have dress codes. And we all want to look and feel great. Throwing on clothes a couple of sizes bigger isn’t fun for anyone. In all sports, but maybe especially golf, confidence is key. The apparel shouldn’t be a problem.

Maternity clothes for golf  –  2 to 3 trimester

During the first few months you can probably keep wearing your old clothes. It all depends on how fast your belly grows of course. When you start getting a little bump, focus on your stretchy clothes or invest in some new ones. If you’re buying something new it’s probably smart to get one size bigger than your regular. It shouldn’t be baggy, just give you and the baby some extra room.

It’s probably around the second trimester your old clothes no longer is an option. Depending on how strict the dress code is at your golf club and how much you love your favorite brands there are a few different options.

Playingnine – the first line of maternity golf apparel

Finally it’s here. The line is designed by a golfing mom who couldn’t find any maternity clothes for golf when she was pregnant. Focus is on high quality, performance fabric. She thinks everyone should be able to play with confidence, comfort and class. You’ll find really nice maternity polos and skorts. As a little bonus she also sells some cute baby rompers.

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maternity polo shirt

A plus size polo shirt

It’s almost fascinating how hard it is to find maternity polo shirts. Except from Playingnine, I can’t seem to find any other store offering it. As I mentioned before it’s sometimes possible to just size up. A loose fitting plus size polo shirt might get you a long way, depending on your starting size and bump development.

Good ol’ Amazon never lets us down. Sort of. Again, if you don’t want to spend too much money on clothes you’ll only wear for a few months this might be an option. Amazon has plus size maternity polo shirts that’ll give you a decent look. And you only have to pay about 17$.

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plus size maternity polo shirt

Bornfit –  a little cheaper running skorts

If you don’t feel like paying 79$ for a skort ( Bornfit offers maternity running skorts at a third of that price. Of course a running skort looks a little different from a golf skort but they are still stylish.

A maternity activewear skort from Bornfit will set you back about $21.

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maternity running skort

Maternity shorts for an active life

If you’re looking for maternity shorts for sports there are several super comfortable, classic styles for cheap on Amazon. If you get pregnant a second or third time you will be able to use them again, and again. They’re easy to mix and match with other items. And you can wear them while working out or just when you need a pair of casual shorts.

They’re available in Small to XXL and comes in a lot of different colors. The shorts are popular enough to be branded Amazons Choice.

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maternity sports shorts

These maternity sports shorts are available in Small to XL and in a 5 colors. What makes them worth buying is the compression shorts underneath and the hidden pocket at the side. The full panel also offers some back support and is at the same time stretchy enough to fit you all through your pregnancy.

They’re soft and light weight and have breathable panels at the sides.

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over the belly maternity activewear shorts

Regular maternity shorts

If you’re not into the active wear style, there are “regular” shorts that will look great on the golf course. Maternity style of course. I like these stone ones from ASOS. They got stretch under-the-bump waistband and are designed to fit you from bump to baby. They have a lot more to choose from as well.

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ASOS have maternity clothes in sizes up to US 16. If you want something bigger you should check out ASOS Plus size and ASOS Curve. There you can find a lot of maternity friendly shorts, shirts, pants and over stuff for real curves. Size up and/or wear under your belly.

maternity shorts under the bump

Maternity golf pants

Unfortunately there are no maternity golf pants to be found online (or I haven’t been able to find any at least). I did find a few options that I think work.

A great place for maternity activewear is Old Navy. There you can find all kinds of maternity training pants, shorts, tops and sweaters at reasonable prices. I think the full panel with boot cut and stretch tech cargo pant are both golden.

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maternity cargo pant
maternity cargo pant

Another option comes from ASOS. Comfortable maternity chino pants with under the bump waistband. They’re obviously not like proper golf pants but I think they’re better than the yoga pant/active wear alternatives. You can find a lot of leggings and sweat pants designed for a growing baby belly. But a pair of chinos with a nice and loose fit are way more stylish. Again, ASOS does have a few nice choices.

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black maternity golf pants

Cake maternity – The best nursing brand

Cake Maternity was voted the number 1 nursing brand by 560 retailers in USA and Canada. And for good reasons. They don’t have 1000s upon 1000s of products. What they do have are the best nursing and maternity underwear for all shapes and sizes. And they have a couple of nursing sports bras. I don’t think there’s any reason to buy a maternity bra. Go for the nursing bra straight away. Unless you’re planning on not breastfeeding of course.

This Cake Maternity nursing sports bra has pull-aside cups for easy access and a cross over secure back. The fabric is elastic for stretch memory and quality anti-pill yarn. All materials are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and free from any harmful substances. Choose between 3 fresh colors.

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cake maternity nursing bra

Wear your clothes for longer with the Bella Band

If you want to keep using your old pants for a while the solution is the Bella Band. The Bella Band is a piece of fabric with stretch that you wear around your waist. It kind of work like paneled pregnancy pants and covers the buttons and zipper. You can either hide it completely under your shirt or use it as a fake layer. A bonus is that it helps keeping your pants/shorts in place. If you know how to use a sewing machine it’s probably real easy to make your own.

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maternity bella band

There’s not a lot to choose from

Unfortunately there’s still not a lot of options for the golfing mams in the world. But I think is an awesome startup and hopefully some of the bigger chains will follow. If they realize the potential they sure will. Why not email your favorite brands about the issue? If everyone would do that they’ll soon understand the demand.

Have you found any other cool online spots with maternity clothes for golf? Please share with the rest of us inte the comment section.