Maternity clothes for a wedding

I love getting dressed up for formal occasions. Especially when I was pregnant. It was like wrapping a beautiful and special present every time. And nothing beats a beautiful wedding pumped up on baby hormones, right? Happy endings, dreams of the future and tears of joy. No matter if you’re like me or just trying to quickly find maternity clothes for a wedding, we can help each other here. In this post I’ve gathered my tips on great wedding outfits, stores and styles for you.

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Maternity clothes for a formal wedding

Nowadays the dress codes vary tremendously. Not all weddings require formal floor-length dresses anymore. Some people write semi-formal or casual on the invitations. It can be quite the challenge to just understand what that entail. I will give you examples on all of the most common dress codes and where you can find these great maternity wedding clothes.

For a formal, or black-tie, I think you have 3 options, the traditional floor length gown, a fancy cocktail dress or maybe really dressy pantsuit. I would probably go for the gown in this case. But that’s only because I love them and it would make me feel the most comfortable. Pantsuits aren’t exactly trending at the moment. I guess the jumpsuit has taken its place. I don’t think that is classy enough for a black-tie event.

Floor-length gowns

There are a lot of places to find long beautiful maternity dresses perfect for weddings. I’ll list a few you should check out here. The dress in the picture is from ASOS. I think they have so many gorgeous options. I love the brand Maya Maternity (the dress in the picture), but if you think they’re too pricy, there are plenty of cheaper items available.

luxury maternity clothes for a wedding

Fancy cocktail dresses

If you want to show case your bump in a beautiful way, a stretchy slim fit cocktail dress will do the trick. If you want to wear a cocktail dress make sure it’s of some quality. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just have to look luxurious. The dress in the picture is from Pinkblush and comes in several colors. If you want more tips and inspiration on dresses, check out my article on Maternity wedding guest dresses.

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fun short maternity dress

Maternity cocktail dresses

There’s apparently something magical about the cocktail dress. It can be formal, semi-formal, something in between and also festive. It’s like you can never go wrong with a cocktail dress. I would say that you should pay attention to its level of elegance and sophistication as well as color.

Try to stay away from white, red and black. That goes for all maternity wedding guest clothes. Black is kind of allowed, but I think it’s a boring choice for such an event. Red used to mean you’re sleeping with the groom. Even if it doesn’t have the same meaning today I would choose something else just to be safe. And white is obviously reserved for the bride.

The dress in the picture is from ASOS. When writing this it’s on sale at $53.20. I think that’s a bargain for such a lovely and unique cocktail dress. That’s the great thing about ASOS, you can almost always find amazing items at decent prices.

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unique maternity cocktail dress

Semi-formal maternity clothes for a wedding

Semi-formal means dressy but not in a formal way. You shouldn’t go for a floor-length gown here. That would be inappropriate. Dresses and skirts below the knee works perfectly. When it comes to colors, there’s a difference between day and night. If it’s an evening event, go for something darker. Does the party take place during the day, a lighter color is preferable.

Dresses below the knees

You can find the most exquisite maternity dresses for weddings at TiffanyRose. It’s a British brand that exclusively offer elegant dresses for special occasions. The designs are inspired by the timeless classics from the 50s and 60s. The aim is to create things that will never be dated. But they do put a modern twist or vintage touch on everything.

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designer maternity dress for wedding

Dressy skirt and top

A skirt and a top is almost like wearing a dress really. If you manage to make a nice and complimentary mix of course. I love the skirt in the picture. The satin is wonderfully glossy, silky smooth and nicely draped. It’s something that will fit and move with your body at all stages of the pregnancy. Depending on weather and time of year you can pair it with something sleeveless or a little warmer.

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maternity skirt for formal occasion

Elegant jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is here to stay. At least for awhile longer. I love the one in the picture. The fallen shoulder, cap sleeves, tie waist and smooth and stretchy material just ticks all the boxes for me. Who said you need to wear a dress to look stylish and feminine, huh?

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maternity jumpsuit for a wedding

Festive maternity outfits for weddings

This one can be quite confusing. What does festive means? I would say you should have fun with it. Here’s a chance to play with colors. I would choose something that still has elegant qualities but a bit more personality. More you. And more party.

Play with colors

The color of this dress is so vibrant, and fun. It stands out. In a good way. The dress is still very stylish and cute. A wrap design is also a wise choice for when you’re pregnant. It will fit you perfectly through all stages and beyond. Works great to breastfeed in as well if you plan on doing that.

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maternity clothes for a wedding

Play with shapes

If the invitation says festive, see it as an opportunity to wear something unique. This Caftan is so elegant, still comfortable, and still fun. I think it works for both a night out and festive/destination weddings.

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maternity evening wear

Casual maternity wedding clothes

Causal doesn’t mean casual. Don’t be mistaken and show up in a pair of jeans and a shirt. Casual probably means outside, like a beach, and allows for something a bit more relaxed. We’re talking sundresses or other flowy elegant creations. This style is actually kind of perfect for pregnancy. Cool, beautiful and comfortable.

Outside vibes

A place where you can find lots of casual maternity wedding clothes for a wedding is Pinkblush. Especially dresses. And even more especially floral dresses. The dress in the picture is not floral but it’s one of their long running best sellers. It’s available in 26 colors.

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maternity dress for casual wedding

Rent your outfit

If you don’t want to spend a fortune but still wear a fancy dress or outfit you should check out Renttherunway. They have lots of beautiful maternity clothes for a wedding. They work with over 700 designers and its a great way to wear something unique.

You can choose between One-time rentals and becoming a member. They have different plans but in everyone you get new outfits every month. You don’t have to care about the individual price tags and it’s a very sustainable choice. I love it. Especially when it comes to maternity clothes because they have such a short life span for just one person. Learn more about Renttherunway.

The perks of renting for maternity

You actually get quite a few benefits from renting your maternity clothes. Here are the top ones.

  • Thousands of styles to choose from
  • Free dry cleaning and rental insurance
  • Flexible closet and plans
  • Free fit and styling advice
  • Save the environment

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Rent maternity dress for a wedding

One more tip

This is for everyone, not just you pregnant ladies. If you’re planning on wearing heels, do yourself a favor and bring a pair of cute ballerinas.