Maternity clothes for a party

So this is like mission impossible. How to choose just a few favorite maternity clothes for a party? You might suspect that this is going to be a rather long post. And you’re absolutely right. But what a post. I’ve collected very party worthy dresses, pants, tops, skirts, shorts and jumpsuits that I like. Even if you’re not here to buy it will surely be fun to browse and dream.

I generally prefer darker and deeper colors for parties. Evenings and nights sort of requires it. If you’re looking for an outfit for a summer garden party, you might get a little disappointed. There are one or two great options for that as well, but this post is all about full on party gears. Are you online to find dresses for a more formal occasion check out this post instead.

Maternity party dresses

All pregnant women need at least one maternity party dress in their closet, in my opinion. Being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from going out and having fun with your friends. A good party and some nice conversations refuel the mind from time to time. And nowadays there are so many beautiful maternity clothes to choose from. And don’t worry too much about spending money on things you can’t use in the future. Me and my friends have been buying and lending each other tons of stuff between all pregnancies. They have come to so much use. And after my final one I will sell them all to someone else.

Designer maternity dress

If you’re on the market for a serious party dress this is the one for you. A designer dress from Italy by Pietro Brunelli. It just oozes style and luxury. It does cost a pretty penny (approx. 180$) but if you got the dollars it’s definitely worth it. The rose detail is just beautiful and the perfect thing that will make people green with envy. It has gotten so popular that it’s now available in 7 colors. People who bought the dress have nothing but good things to say about it.

“Amazing dress I love it so much. going to buy another”.

“Dress makes me look so elegant and classy!”

designer maternity party dress

Bumpilicious burgundy ruffles

If you’re looking to spend less but still wants something to get noticed in here’s a lovely thing in deep burgundy. No one will miss your beauty and bump in this fitted maternity dress. It has an elastic neckline with layered ruffles and short bell sleeves. Suitable for any party you have planned. 

maternity party dress with ruffles

A pop of color

A proper party dress has that something. That little extra. In this case it’s a couple of things. A cold shoulder. A mock neckline. A ruffle trim with short sleeves. A sexy back keyhole. And a lovely rust color (5 more colors to choose from). All in all, a dress worthy of a good ol’ party. The best part, you can wear it before, during AND after pregnancy. Check out the images if you don’t believe me.

maternity party clothes

For shimmering nights

What’s more glamorous than black and gold and sequins? Probably nothing. But that’s not what I like most about this dress. A lot of sequin dresses can seem a little heavy and doesn’t move very nicely. This dress is designed to fit you all through your pregnancy. Parts of the dress are in a transparent material making it lighter to both the eye and feel.


sequin maternity party dress

Once you go black you never go back

Yet again, a black party dress. You can basically never go wrong with a black dress. And everyone looks great in that color. Did I mention it’s the most slimming color? That might come in handy for some of us when the pregnancy is urging you to put on some baby weight. The uneven wrap front also helps as it ruches the sides. What I like the most about this maternity party dress is the mix of modest and sexy. The long sleeves covers you up while the almost too high split is super sexy.

short black maternity dress for a party

Be the Queen Bee

Have you heard of Queen Bee? They transform runway styles and red-carpet looks into fabulous maternity dresses. What a concept, right? I absolutely love it. So when you’re ready to go all out, put on this rose gold sparkling maternity dress. You’ll be the Queen of any party you’ll go to.

Queen Bee Maternity dress

Maternity tops for a party

Do you feel more comfortable in pants? Not really a dress girl? Or maybe shaving your legs is impossible by now. In any case you can always go for a pant and a fun top instead. If you’re on a budget a top can make more sense as it is more versatile than a party dress. Most tops can easily be dressed up and down with jackets, pants, shoes and accessories. Here’s a couple of party tops I like.

Rock the ruffle

I think the design of this maternity top is so smart and flattering. The side ruffles gives that extra something while drawing attention from the belly. The peplum is cut to look great with a growing bump. You can get really big in this and still look glam. If you dress it down it will work nicely at the office as well. If you’re not a fan of the Mauve color (that I love), have peek at all the other 22 colors and patterns available.

maternity top with ruffles

The cold party shoulder

It’s actually not super easy to find fun and stylish maternity party tops. Most shops only offer basic maternity tees, tops, and tanks. Pinkblush is different. They have a fine selection of tops worthy of some real fun. Like this one. A cold shoulder maternity top with sexy lace details. Simple and just enough. If you wear a jacket over it at work, you’ll be party ready in a jiffy.

black lace maternity top

Volume in all the right places

I’m in love with this shiny color. A hit on any party and even in the office. The volume sleeves and loose fit will help to take focus from the belly but at the same time give you a lovely pregnant look. I’m sure it will look fab without a bump as well.

best maternity top for a party

Bump friendly party pants

If you already have some basic pants and are actually looking for maternity PARTY pants, look no further. How about some cool striped waist ties? Or why not some classy dress pants in taupe? Maybe really high heels and a pair of skinny jeans? The sky is the limit. Or maybe your bank account (they’re all reasonably prices).

Spray on vinyl

I don’t think anything’s more party than vinyl. It’s so much fun that the “old” hard rock materials, like leather and vinyl, are trending a bit. And are available as maternity wear! These bad boys are made in the style “over the bump” and are elasticated and super skinny.

maternity spray on vinyl pants

Smocked wide leg maternity pants

I know I say it a lot, but I love these. They might be the ultimate maternity party pants. Stylish, slightly sexy, and comfortable. The wide leg will have a great slimming effect and they move dramatically when you move.

wide leg maternity pants

Animal print leggings

Leggings are so darn comfortable when you’re pregnant. I like over the bump-pants and leggings in particular because they don’t have to be that tight to fit without sliding down. With most pants there’s a pretty slim window with that perfect fit. Not too tight and not too loose. That window is so much bigger with leggings.

animal print leggings

Maternity party skirts

For party animals

Do you have a lot of parties to go to? Then it’s better to buy a couple of flexible basics to pair with stuff you got. A black maternity pencil skirt is the perfect item. It goes with everything. You can easily dress it up and down and wear it to almost any occasion. Did I mention it’s cheap?

maternity pencil skirt

Faux leather maternity skirt

Depending on how you accessorize and what you pair with this skirt it will work just as well at the party as in the office. You can wear it comfortably both over and under the bump to get different looks. Smart and stylish fir your pregnancy and beyond.

faux leather maternity skirt

Maternity party jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are fantastic maternity clothes for a party. They are generally very comfortable and somehow mystically give you a vibe of sophistication. Especially if you pair it with a great pair of heels. The only downside is probably the whole “going-to-the-bathroom-process”. Both Pinkblush and ASOS have so many beautiful, cool and stylish jumpsuits to choose from. You should check them out before you make up your mind.

Cool one shoulder

This jumpsuit is actually even cooler than it looks at forts glance. The nice one shoulder cut isn’t all. When you lift the other arm, you’ll get a kind of a butterfly effect from the fabric hiding beneath. Click the image or the headline to head over to Pinkblush and all pictures of it from different angles.

One Shoulder Maternity Jumpsuit

Fallen shoulder scuba jumpsuit

Here’s another great designed maternity jumpsuit. Fallen shoulders and tie details are so right at the moment. I like it especially because the tie or bow creates both a distraction and a creativeness in the piece. You can tie it anyway you want. It’s also flexible, comfortable and makes your bump look super cute.

best maternity jumpsuit for a party

Lovely leopard

This jumpsuit doesn’t scream party, but animal prints are usually easy to glam up. Just add those sexy heels, golden jewelry and accessories, and smokey eyes. A classic party look perfect for any bump.

leopard maternity jumpsuit

Share your best maternity clothes for a party

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