Maternity bridesmaid dresses – from affordable to extravagant

Bridesmaid dresses can either be a Cinderella moment or a nightmare. And everything in between of course. It’s a very unique situation. The couple getting married can tell their bridesmaids what to wear. We are so used to deciding for ourself it might come as a shock even if we know about it. And if there are more than one bridesmaid it might be difficult to make everyone happy. Adding a maternity bump to the mix doesn’t make it easier. Or at least, that is probably how it feels.

The good news is that there are actually quite a lot of maternity bridesmaid dresses to choose from. Nowadays there’s also a number of things that can hold the group together in a beautiful way. Not everyone has to have the exact same dress in the exact same color. It’s common to let the bridesmaids choose their own dress style and color from a pre determined color scale.

maternity bridesmaid dresses

Find the best maternity bridesmaid dresses for you

Here’s a list of direct links to my top choices for maternity bridesmaid dresses, if you want to start browsing right away. If you rather learn a bit about the sellers in this list and what kind of styles they’re selling, just keep scrolling down. I have also added some of my favorite dresses to inspire and guide you.

You can find everything from cheap to affordable, and all the way up to elegant and high end maternity bridesmaid dresses here. My tip to you is to not exclude the sites that at first glance seem to be over your budget. You might miss out on a lovely dress that is on sale.

Affordable maternity bridesmaid dresses



David’s Bridal


Exclusive maternity bridesmaid dresses

Blush Fashion

Tiffany Rose


Maternity bridesmaid dresses

Here are short descriptions of each website and seller. I’ve also added some of my favorite maternity bridesmaid dresses to inspire you. Don’t put to o much emphasis on the colors. Most dresses are available in a range of colors. Happy hunting.

Tiffany Rose – the most elegant

If you have the budget for it, I think Tiffany Rose is one of the first places you should check out. They have so many well designed maternity bridesmaid dresses. Their designs are timeless classics with a touch of vintage or modern twist. Feast you eyes on unusual shades, tonal hues, sumptuous textures and unique prints. Dresses perfect for that special occasion. And there’s definitely not a tacky thread in sight.

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elegant maternity bridesmaid dresses

PinkBlush – for all sizes and occasions

If you haven’t heard of Pinkblush you should know that they’re focused on trendy, stylish and affordable maternity wear. What I like best about their clothes is that they focus on versatility. They want to help you find clothes you can wear during pregnancy but also beyond that.

At PinkBlush they don’t have a special section for maternity bridesmaid dresses, but they do have so so much to choose from. They have all kinds of occasion and evening dresses, lace, fitted, wrap, color block, petite, tall. A lot of them also comes in a range of colors.

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short maternity bridesmaid dresses

ASOS – creative fashion for everyone and every size

ASOS is my number one go to place for maternity clothes in general. They have so much affordable and trendy outfits for all kinds of body types and preferences. This place can be a real eye opener when it comes to style.

Like many others they don’t have a maternity bridesmaid dress category, but a lot of suitable beautiful dresses. If you’re looking for something that isn’t super traditional, I think this might be the place for you. My favorit brand for bridesmaid dresses there is Maya. They’re so so so beautiful and you can get both regular and maternity dresses in the same style and color.

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beautiful dresses for pregnant bridesmaids

David’s Bridal – 45 colors to choose from

David’s Bridal has been around since 1950. Today they’re an international wedding dress destination. But I think they still have that traditional feel about them. They’re all about making dreams come true. And what could be bad about that?

At David’s Bridal, you can find a range of classic maternity friendly dresses. They also have stylists that can help you put together the looks you want. And it’s not unusual with 45 different colors to choose from.

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maternity friendly bridesmaid dresses

Dessy – classic looks in all sizes

The Dessy Group was originally known as A & M Rosenthal, established 1939. But it wasn’t until the 1950’s they started making bridesmaid dresses. And since then they’ve been a big player on the bridesmaid field. If you’re looking for some classic and stylish looks for your bridesmaids I would recommend Dessy.

The dress inte the picture is a maternity dress, but I do think you should browse through more fo their wide selection. They have a lot of dresses for bridesmaids that are maternity friendly. By that I mean, they’re are not marketed or labeled as maternity dresses but they fit a pregnant body great. Anything with a high empire waist and flowy skirt will work perfectly for growing bellies.

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classic maternity bridesmaid dresses

Etsy – handmade bargains

Have you heard of Etsy? In short, it’s a global platform, or marketplace,  for unique and creative stuff. People can register as sellers and push their handcrafted or vintage goods. I love it because you can strike the best bargains here. I’m talking about lovely handmade dresses for $40-50. But you have to make some research. It’s like Amazon and Asian sites like Wish. There are some real good stuff, and some real crap. Make sure to read the reviews and look at the customer pictures.

I found a really cool and cheap maternity bridesmaid dress that can be worn in so many ways. Just get the same dress for all your bridesmaids and let them choose which way they want to wear it.

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