Maternity activewear shorts

Unless there’s a medical reason, you should try to stay physically active during your pregnancy. It’s actually even recommended. Being active is good for both you and your baby. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or someone who has never trained before. You can work out on your own terms.

If you’re planning to stay active during your pregnancy, you will need to get some maternity training clothes. Even if you only get a small bump, at least your waist will expand. Shorts is one of those items that are impossible to squeeze into after some time.

You can try to size up, or get a pair of men’s shorts (they’re wider) but that usually doesn’t work all through the pregnancy. That means you just have to get a proper pair eventually, spending money on two instead of one pair.

There are tons of different kinds of maternity active wear shorts to choose from. The different styles have different benefits. Consider what you’ll be using the shorts for before getting a pair to make sure you get the most out of them.

maternity activewear shorts

Different types of maternity activewear shorts

You can of course use one pair of shorts for all kinds of activities, but most are designed with a sport in mind. The design is intended to help you perform the sport in a comfortable way. With that said, choose the ones you like and feel comfortable in. Chances are you won’t use them otherwise.

Maternity yoga shorts

Yoga shorts are slim and sleek. They’re great to wear when doing things that require flexible movements. Yoga shorts can be short or semi long (full length are called yoga pants). Another great aspect to them is the compression effect. They slightly compress your thighs and butt which improve the circulation.

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Maternity running shorts

Running shorts are generally cut quite short. The short cut maximizes breathability and movement. If the short is to long it will ride up the leg when lifted which in the long run causes discomfort.

A lot of the running shorts have an inner lining, making underwear unnecessary. They can have both a tight and a loose fit.

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maternity running shorts

Maternity bike shorts

It seems impossible to find a pair of proper maternity cycling shorts. Bike shorts should be skin tight, stretchy and knee-length. Preferably without abrasive seams on the inner thigh, draw sweat away from the body, compress the legs to fight muscle fatigue, and reduce wind resistance and weight. It’s also nice with padding if you’re going for a long ride.

Although, the style itself is very on trend. Some of the best I could find were these. Comfortable, super soft and slim, stylish and very flexible and stretchy.

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Maternity bike shorts with pockets

I also really like theses. They have the right length (in my opinion), comes in lovely colors, are super comfortable and have great pockets.

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Maternity walking shorts

If you want a pair of maternity shorts for walking I think you can choose a style that is either causal or flexible. It should definitely be comfortable. By this I mean that if you just want shorts for walking, you can basically choose any kind of shorts. If you’re doing some kind of sport as well, you can combine the two. Choose a pair you like that fit all your needs.

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maternity walking shorts

Bestselling maternity activewear shorts

Before finishing of this list of maternity activewear shorts I want to recommend one more pair. I think they’re one of the the most versatile, comfortable and price worthy maternity shorts. They have a slim fit but are not too tight, breathes a little, have practical pockets and can be worn for yoga, running, walking or just lounging. The best part is they’ll only set you back about $13.99

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Leak proof underwear for sports

When I was pregnant I produced my fair share of sweat and discharge. Working out could be quite uncomfortable and wet because of this. During my second pregnancy I found leak proof underwear. I’ve been a fan ever since. They work like period underwear, collecting all the fluids and keeping you dry and comfy.

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There’s apparently no shortage of shorts. Like I mentioned in the beginning, consider what you’ll be using them for, and for how long. You will only wear them for w few short months and there’s normally no reason to buy more than one or two pairs.

When you’re done woth them you could give them to a friend, save them for your next pregnancy, or give/sell them second hand.