Long sleeve maternity t shirts online – from basic to stylish

Being pregnant is a lot about trying to find a balance between style and comfort. Long sleeve maternity t shirts can definitely do the trick. They are pretty versatile and there’s good reason to own a couple.. Wear them with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a laid back look.  Or under a jacket and high heels for work or afternoon coffee at a café with some friends.

Scroll down to find all sorts of cute, cool, fun and stylish long sleeve t shirts perfect for your growing bump.

Stylish long sleeve maternity t shirts

Relaxed and roomy

I first thought about starting with a basic option. Something we all need in our maternity wardrobe. But that’s easy to find and not very inspirational. Instead, let’s have a look at a really cool and relaxed oversized long sleeve t-shirt in white. I especially like that the arms are a bit balloony. Get a comfortable and fresh look with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

If you’re looking for a good deal on some basic long sleeve t-shirts head to the bottom of the page.

oversized maternity t-shirt

It’s all in the details

This maternity top is quite similar to the first one. The biggest difference is the side buttons. If you’re planning on wearing just a long sleeve t shirt this might be a better choice. The buttons are e nice detail giving your look something a little extra. There are about 8 different colors to choose from and it also has the ruched sides. A small warning! The buttons will draw attention to your sides. If you’ve gained some extra weight and don’t want anyone to notice you might want to go for a more slimming option like the first on the list.

Long sleeve maternity t-shirt with buttons

The versatile off shoulder t shirt

Here’s another version of the flexible long sleever. This time it’s an off shoulder type in super soft and stretchy material. The advantage of off shoulder is that it’s easier to dress up than the plain one. You can easily wear it with jeans, leggings, pants or skirts. If you’re still not sure, read through all the good reviews.

Maternity long sleeve t shirt off shoulder

A turtle neck for colder days

You might be starting to realize how many kinds of long sleeve maternity t shirts there are out there. How about a turtle neck long sleeve t shirt? This one is a nice basic choice with an even nicer price tag. Perfect for fall and winter when we need to keep a little warmer. There are several colors to choose from and it has ruched sides and elastic tape on the sides creating tons of space for the baby. One disadvantage is that it should be hand washed.

maternity polo

Easy to mix and match

This is perfect for that everyday wear we all need. Easy to match with tons of pants, jeans, blazers, jackets, scarfs and other accessories. It has a more elegant look than you regular long sleeve tee and will work for both fun and work.

stylish long sleeve maternity t shirt

Maternity and nursing long sleeve t-shirt

Pinkblush has so many cute options for long sleeve maternity t shirts. If you have a couple of minutes to spare you should check out all of them here. What I really liked about this one is that it’s designed for both a bump and for nursing. Simple, cute and functional.

maternity and nursing long sleeve t-shirt

Maternity tee with ruffles

Sometimes a few ruffles is what we need. They add a bit of femininity and flare to the otherwise plain long sleever. This tee also has some raw edge detailing and a nice v-neckline. The relaxed fit compared with a pair of leggings will be super comfortable and very flattering for a bumpy figure.

maternity tee with ruffles

3 pack Save

As I mentioned before, everyone need a few basic long sleeve t shirts for their maternity wardrobe. It will result in endless outfit combinations. Just pair the t shirt with different cardigans, scarfs, necklaces, shirts, jackets, pants, jeans, shoes, etc. Here you get a saver pack with 3 t-shirts in the best basic colors in regular fit. A bonus is that they are made with organic cotton and grown with less water and no pesticides.

basic maternity t shirt with long sleeves
long sleeve t shirts for pregnancy