Being pregnant is a lot about trying to find a balance between style and comfort. Long sleeve maternity t shirts can definitely do the trick. They are pretty versatile and there’s good reason to own a couple.. Wear them with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a laid back look.  Or under a jacket and high heels for work or afternoon coffee at a café with some friends.

Scroll down to find all sorts of cute, cool, fun and stylish long sleeve t shirts perfect for your growing bump.

Stylish long sleeve maternity t shirts

The super basic from Motherhood Maternity

Let’s start off with the most important of them all – the super basic long sleeve maternity t shirt. It comes in 17 different colors and patterns. Of course you should choose the ones you like the best, but a tip is to go for a basic solid colors that you really like (i’m voting black). Then you can wear it with all kinds of different clothes, colors and accessories. I really like the ruched sides on this design. It’s a litlle more forgiving than the supertight fit. And it will fit you all through pregnancy for sure.

Long sleeve maternity t shirt black

It’s all in the details

This maternity top is quite similar to the first one. The biggest difference is the side buttons. If you’re planning on wearing just a long sleeve t shirt this might be a better choice. The buttons are e nice detail giving your look something a little extra. There are about 8 different colors to choose from and it also has the ruched sides. A small warning! The buttons will draw attention to your sides. If you’ve gained some extra weight and don’t want anyone to notice you might want to go for a more slimming option like the first on the list.

Long sleeve maternity t-shirt with buttons

The versatile off shoulder t shirt

Here’s another version of the flexible long sleever. This time it’s an off shoulder type in super soft and stretchy material. The advantage of off shoulder is that it’s easier to dress up than the plain one. You can easily wear it with jeans, leggings, pants or skirts. If you’re still not sure, read through all the good reviews.

Maternity long sleeve t shirt off shoulder

A turtle neck for colder days

You might be starting to realize how many kinds of long sleeve maternity t shirts there are out there. How about a turtle neck long sleeve t shirt? This one is a nice basic choice with an even nicer price tag. Perfect for fall and winter when we need to keep a little warmer. There are several colors to choose from and it has ruched sides and elastic tape on the sides creating tons of space for the baby. One disadvantage is that it should be hand washed.

maternity polo

An oversized option

If you’re looking for a more laid back look this oversized t shirt will do the trick. The arms aren’t full length but I think it’s cool enough to consider anyway. It’s made of soft jersey and will give your bump the right amount of swag all through out your pregnancy. I think it goes with both loose fitting jeans and sneakers as well as leggings and some heels.

stylish long sleeve maternity t shirt

Lovely floral sleeves

Pinkblush has so many cute options for long sleeve maternity t shirts. I had a hard time choosing. If you have a couple of minutes to spare you should check out all of them here. The fit is a little looser than tight. I think it will look absolutely best with a pair of regular jeans.

cute maternity t shirt

Stylish plaid maternity top

Let’s finish strong with another stylish opportunity from Pinkblush. Plaid does have a wintery feel to it so maybe this works best for winter bellies. Although almost all of us at least touches winter during our 9 months of pregnancy.

stylish long sleeve maternity top

Have some fun

There’s no shortage of fun long sleeve maternity t-shirts. And we all need a bit of fun to get through some of the pregnancy days. One of my favorites is definitely this one from Cafépress. That’s an online shop with loads to choose from. They are all designed to fit you through the entire pregnancy and in a soft stretchy material.

fun maternity t-shirts