Leak proof underwear for girls

I started my period career in the age of pads and tampons. I think the pad wings was the “big” invention of my time. For a very long time nothing really changed or happened in the industry. The tampons didn’t even have the “twist and open” thing. This means I’ve spent I don’t know how many hours trying to get the plastic of the tampons. It also means a crap load of pads and tampons building mountains of waste.

Today we have a lot of different, and more sustainable, options. We got the menstrual cups and leak proof and washable underwear. And there are pads made of fabric and degradable materials. They are all good options. But I prefer the underwear. They’re convenient, sustainable and cute. And we still (usually) wear underwear anyway.

Some starting tips

Leak proof underwear can be used for all kinds of fluids. Even if some brands are marketed as period underwear, they work just as well for pee and sweat. There are even leak proof swimwear available nowadays.

If you’re brand spanking new to period underwear there are a few things to know and consider. There are basically 3 absorbency levels, light (1-2 tampons), moderate (2-3 tampons)  and heavy (3-4 tampons).

washable period underwear

Depending on your flow and time in cycle you can choose different underwear. You will want something to sleep in and something different during the days. If you want to learn more about how leak proof panties work, keep reading and look for the headline “How does leak proof underwear for girls work”.

Where to find leak proof underwear for girls

I got 2 favorite brands, RED by Modibodi and Thinx (BTWN). They both offer lots of styles, patterns and colors, but they basically works the same. I’ve gathered some of their best sellers to inspire you and help you get started.

RED by Modibodi

RED is a part of Modibodi but designs exclusively for girls and young women. That means top quality and fresh looks all around. You can learn more about their work with social impact and follow their blog and podcast on the website.

At the moment they have 2 styles to choose from, hipster bikini and hipster boyshort. They both come in a couple of different colors. You can choose either moderate/heavy bleeding or 24h absorbency.

Check out all leak proof underwear from Modibodi.com →

period proof hipster boyshort
leak proof bikini for teens

Thinx (BTWN)

Thinx (BTWN) is one of the leading brands in period underwear for tweens and teens. Their underwear styles are designed for the younger body. They’re made of breathable and comfortable cotton. And remember, you can always use leak proof underwear as backup and use tampons and pads as well if you need to. You’ll still use so many fewer and will feel so much more safe.

If you’re hesitant why not just give it a try? You can try Thinx (BTWN) for 60 days and if they don’t help you period better they will give you a refund — no questions asked!

There are 4 different styles to choose from and a range of colors and patterns. Basic black or popping colors, your choice.

Check out all underwear from shethinx.com →

period underwear for teenagers
thinx leak proof underwear for teens

Save money with bundle packs

If you’re a first timer you’re probably not ready to start off with a bundle pack even if that would save you a lot of money. You probably want to start with a pair or two to test the waters.

If you, like a lot of us, become a believer you should definitely go for bundle packs after that.

leak proof underwear save money

How does leak proof underwear for girls work?

A lot of first time users are worried about smell. I mean, can I wear the same period underwear all day without them starting to ooze? The answer is yes. As long as you got the right absorbency level you can wear them all day long and there’s no need to worry about smelling. This is how it works.

There are three layers. The top layer, is the one closest to your skin. It wicks away any kind of moisture super quick. This keeps you dry and stops bacteria from growing, thus preventing smells. The middle layer absorbs the fluids and locks it away nice and safely. The final bottom layer is actually waterproof. It’s you final defence against the leaks. You can’t be any safer.

This might sound like a lot of layers and maybe not the most comfortable solution. Wrong! The underwear are super slim, only 3 mm thick. Amazing, right? They are so so comfy and no one will ever know you’re on your period from just looking at you in your underwear. Technology at its best.

Why leak proof underwear for girls are the best

Still not sure that this is something for you? Here are a short summary of all the benefits that I think tips the scale.

  • Look & feel great – When you look great, you feel great. And no one can ever tell what’s going on down below.
  • Great technology – leak proof underwear helps you to forget you’re even on your period.
  • Save the environment – by using washable underwear instead of tampons and pads you help save the planet by producing less waste and doing less damage. Learn more about your social impact over here.
  • Save money – they might seem a bit expensive at first, but in the long run you will definitely save some dineros.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below.