Delivery robes – beautiful maternity nightwear for hospital

I actually didn’t know that delivery robes existed when I had my first baby. So I obviously didn’t have one in my labor bag. But I’m not going to make that mistake again. This time I’m not going to look like a ghost at the hospital in the chemically washed out gowns they provide. This time there are going to be some nice and happy colors in the first pictures. I’m also planning on using it both before and after birth at home. It’s great for night time visits to the bathroom and later the feedings. You could of course get a “regular” robe just as well but the delivery robes usually have some advantages. The belt is placed just a little higher than normal to fit over your belly. And the materials are wash and stain friendly.

Where to buy delivery robes

I think there are a few great places to get delivery robes online. I’ve gathered my favorites below. Most of them have different styles and prices. I describe them briefly and give you a few stunning choices. Scroll down to find one you like. If you want a hospital gown as well there are some options that come in sets and you can find more options under “Delivery nightgowns” and “Plus size maternity hospital gowns“.


Pinkblush is like delivery robe heaven. They have so many beautiful robes to choose from. When I started writing I decided that I would choose and present three favorites for each site and brand. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than I imagined. But I did managed in the end. And you can always keep browsing the sites if you don’t think I’ve made the right choices.

The Floral Lace Trim robe

The lace trim is kind of a Pinkblush hallmark. They got tons of different designs with it. And I understand why. It super stylish and feminine. This is one of their most popular patterns. The floral print maternity robe will for sure collect some nice comments from both friends and hospital staff. The open front and tie closure makes it perfect for maternity, delivery and nursing.

People who have bought it says it’s “so comfortable, soft and cute!”. And it washes great as well.

Delivery and Nursing Maternity Robe

Animal print delivery robe

Pinkblush gots a whole section with just delivery robes. They’re all pretty similar in style but there’s a pattern and color for every taste. If you’re in to animal prints, this might be something for your hospital bag. The tie closure is great for a changing body. It will cover your bump all through the pregnancy stages. The light fabric and stylish design is perfect for lounging and as a nursing cover as well.

I bet you won’t be able to resist wearing it before even if you plan not to. It’s soo pretty and comfy.

Nursing Maternity Robe

Look stunning in stripes

If you want a really nice looking robe, but aren’t interested in something too flashy I would recommend something like this. The 3/4 sleeves, crochet trim and soft material gives it an exclusive feel but the stripes keeps it down to earth. Very homely and super mama!

delivery robes for pregnant


I think Amazon sells lovely, great quality delivery robes for reasonable prices from two brands in particular, BabybeMine and Ekouaer. They both got robes that are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Functional fashion, so to speak! And they know how the pregnant body should be dressed. I’m sure there are other sellers with nice stuff but these are my top choices for maternity nightwear for delivery rooms.

Matching Delivery Robes and Baby Swaddle Set

I told myself to just keep this post about delivery robes and nothing else. I tend to drift away from subject sometimes because of all the fun, cute and amazing maternity clothes and products out there. And now I’m doing it again. But just a little bit. I promise. How about a matching delivery robe and baby blanket set for you and your baby? It even comes with a baby hat. Irresistible right? I just wish they had mini robes for my 2 year old as well so we all could match.

If you’re not in to stripes there are tons of other patterns and colors to go for.

Matching Delivery Robe and Baby Swaddle Set

Labor and nursing robe

These robes might be the most popular on the market. Or at least the most well known. They have done their marketing right. But they also have a great product with tons of satisfied customers. The company BabybeMine was founded by two moms, for moms. In other words, they know what they’re talking about.

The delivery robe is supposed to keep your covered from mini bump and way beyond. It’s designed to make you look just as fab lounging around the house, in the hospital, in the first photos and while nursing your little one.

labor and nursing robe for hospital bag

3 in 1 maternity robe

Ekoauer has tons of “cheap” sleepwear and underwear, maternity and nursing sleepwear just being one part of it. I think this robe is a classic and perfect for the hospital bag and late night breastfeeding. The soft material will keep you warm and snug. And there are 12 different colors to choose from. The only downside as far as i can see is that it doesn’t have any pockets.

The delivery robe is an Amazon’s Choice and a great gift for a mom-to-be, if you’re looking for one.

3 in 1 maternity robe

A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod have designer maternity clothes. They are a bit more expensive compared to brands like Motherhood Maternity. But they are actually both part of the same corporation, Destination Maternity Corporate. If you want to check out both brands you can find them at Destination Maternity. The prices aren’t outrageous at all even if they’re designer clothes. It’s still super affordable and they have absolutely beautiful maternity nightwear for hospital stays.

Elegant lace trim

Child labor is hard work. That’s why you deserve a nice looking robe like this. It will make you look and feel better. The relaxed fit and lace trim will give you that easy breezy appearance we all want. Not too much, but just enough. Cool to the touch and perfect for nights with the little one.

maternity robe with relaxed fit

Delivery room glamour

I think A Pea in the Pod has such stylish things. They are, as I mentioned before, a tad more expensive than some of the others in the maternity clothing business but sometimes it’s worth it. Especially in this case. This lovely set is almost too pretty to resist. And it is not even that pricy. It is soft and stretchy and perfect for maternity and delivery rooms.  The downside being the lack of nursing function. But you can always use it again when you’re done breastfeeding.

luxury delivery robe


Motherhood Maternity got a lot of nice maternity and nursing clothes for all shapes and sizes. They have a lot of basic, classic and a little neutral designs. And their prices are very reasonable. Their delivery robes are available at about 30$. A great place to shop when you want something nice and pretty but don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

Nursing 3 Piece Sleep Set

Yet again I find myself a little of topic. The combination of pretty things and wanting to cover all needs are too much for me to handle. What if someone realizes that they don’t want a robe? Instead, they want a robe set with pajama bottoms and a top. I think this will come in handy if you expect temperature differences. Our house gets a little cold at night during winter. Maybe I should go for the set instead of just a robe?

FYI, the top has a clip-down nursing mechanism so don’t worry about the breastfeeding aspect.

Nursing 3 Piece Sleep Set

Nursing And Maternity Robe

I like that this robe is a little longer than most delivery robes. It’s more of a traditional robe. And some of us just want a comfortable, nice and clean robe. It has some great details like a fine lace trim and big pockets. And it doesn’t scream maternity or delivery. So, it works great for both a changing body and life after that.

classic maternity robe

Jessica Simpson leopard print maternity robe

If you didn’t know it, Jessica Simpson has her own maternity clothing line. She is one impressive entrepreneur. I’m not as impressed by her actual clothes but this maternity robe is an exception. It has just the right amount of everything. Style, trendy print, lovely lace trim and a nice relaxed and flowy fit.

leopard print delivery robe


Nordstrom lands somewhere in between all the other sites. They sell a lot of different brands and have quite a wide price range. You can find a little bit of everything here. Maybe not the cheapest things but from affordable to maternity designer clothes. Their focus is on clean and stylish looks. It’s an old and traditional fashion retailer.

Maternity/Nursing Pajamas & Robe Set

I’m in love. Love love love. Sometimes I want to get pregnant again just to wear all the lovely things I find. If you don’t want to wear a nightgown this is the set for you. It has everything and is wearable from start to finish. You can wear it when you’re pregnant, in the hospital, when you’re nursing, in bed, and around the house. It is functional, gorgeous and flexible.

Maternity/Nursing Pajamas & Robe Set

Stylish maternity and nursing robe

If you want to feel and look like a queen on the maternity ward you need a this robe. Simple but oh so elegant. It’s super soft and you will want to use it for years to come. It wont go out of style.

stylish delivery robe

A flattering robe

Last but not least we have a sophisticated and stylish maternity robe. This is not a set like the other ones from Nordstrom but just a silky soft robe. What makes it special is the peekaboo lace and a very flattering cut. If you want something that you will want to wear for years to come this might be an option for you.

delivery robe from nordstrom

Putting a robe in the hospital bag or not?

For my first baby I thought that delivery robes were not worth spending money on. But that was before I realized how ugly the “things” the hospital provided me with was. I got to say that they were pretty comfortable at my hospital but since I had to spend a few days there I really could have used something nice to put on. And especially for the first pictures. I look horrible. I’m not making that mistake this time.

Will you bring a robe?