Are delivery nightgowns worth spending money on?

When I first encountered the concept of delivery nightgowns, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I guess my first thought was, “is that really a thing”. My second thought was “hell yeah”. Who wouldn’t want to bring some color and style into the otherwise washed out hospital environment? Some may think it’s unnecessary but I’m a strong believer of look good, feel good. I’m not talking about delivering in perfect makeup and painted nails. I’m talking about the power of a shower and some clothes that make you feel comfortable and nice.

Don’t expect this purchase to be all that easy and straight forward. It’s a bit of a jungle. Especially the many names. You’ll be facing hospital gownies, delivery gownies, delivery robes, maternity/nursing nightgowns, delivery gowns, hospital gowns etc etc. There are even matching nightgowns and baby sets (that are adorable by the way). I’ve been scouring the market selection and compiled what I think are the best labor gowns and wear out there.

The classic delivery nightgowns – the gownie

I honestly don’t know if I love or hate the classic gownie. They are super comfortable and practical. But they’re not exactly flattering for your figure. Although the ones you buy yourself definitely has some advantages compared to the ones the hospital offers.

First of all, you can get a bit of color and pattern to brighten up both yourself and the room. Great for both the mood and the first family photos. And it will not be worn or washed (with harsh chemicals) by anyone else.

They’ve got snaps instead of strings in the back. For full coverage (thank you very much).

The front snaps will make it easy to breastfeed and snuggle with your new born. And it actually opens all the way, so you don’t need to unhook an IV.

And don’t worry, they are already approved by hospital staff. They even work great when you’re recovering from a C-section. There are no strings tightening around the belly and they offer easy medical access.

maternity gownie

The best labor gowns

You might think that a gownie and a labour gown are the same thing. They have the same functions with snaps in the front and in the back. But the labour gown comes with a sense of style.

I think the labour gowns has a sewn in adjustable empire waist and elasticated armholes that ensures coverage and comfort. Like this one. In addition to the shoulder snaps the neckline is also elasticated to make it easy to nurse and cuddle.

You’ll get comfort, function and style.

labour gown

The delivery robe

A delivery robe might not make my list of absolutely necessary things to put in the hospital bag. Some kind of robe might be comfortable to have while walking the halls of the maternity ward or when you get visitors. But the one you have will probably do just fine.

But if you feel like splurging, wouldn’t it be fun to have a matching labour gown and delivery robe? It’s a great baby shower gift if you’re not sure what to get. Tips! There are matching baby sets and push socks for some of the robes as well.

The robes from Baby be Mine are both stylish and comfortable. And what makes them a little bit better than your existing robe is the position of the belt. It’s positioned high on the belly to make it possible to tie it even when you’re really big.

If you want more stylish tips check out these delivery robes.

delivery robe

Robes and nightgown sets

So, looking back at the ones I liked the best so far it becomes apparent that I really like blue. There are of course a lot of other colours. Just follow the link and keep browsing.

As mentioned above, if you want to look pretty for the first baby pictures together, there are super cute robes and nightgown sets. This nightgown doesn’t have any clips or snaps but an elastic neckline for breastfeeding. It can be more comfortable to skip the snaps when you don’t need any more medical examinations. The belt in the robe is also positioned high up to not end up on the middle of the big belly. So, make the most of it and buy and use it before the hospital visit.

robes and nightgown sets

A little lux delivery nightgown

Giving birth is both a wonderous and terrible experience. It’s indescribable and unforgettable. So, if you want to spend a bit of extra money on your maternity nightgown, no one should hold that against you. What ever gets you through it. This is a super soft gown and robe set designed to fit through all three trimesters and beyond.

It comes in three colours; olive charcoal floral and lilac paisley. Instead of snaps or buttons it has an elastic neckline for nursing. You just pull it down whenever i’s time. You can almost do it in your sleep.

And it’s not that expensive. The set will set you back about 60$.

delivery nightgown and robe

Stylish delivery nightgowns – from Ekoauer

I think this delivery nightgown represent the best of two worlds. It has well placed side buttons for feeding that offers easy and discreet access. The gown also has the button down back for medical examination and labour. A loose and stylish fit makes it both comfortable and somewhat flattering. It doesn’t make you look like a curtain but it’s also not a dress (I think that’s weird).

You can choose from 9 different solid colors. And it’s what is called a 3 in 1 maternity gown. It works as a nightgown, during labour and delivery and for nursing.

And it’s actually about 10$ cheaper than the traditional gownie.

stylish delivery nightgown

Delivery nightgown with matching pillowcase

The headline might be a sentence you never thought you ever read. But delivery nightgowns with matching pillowcases are a thing. You probably need a sense of humor to appreciate it, but it will make your hospital stay more homely. And I actually read about that just yesterday. Bringing stuff to the hospital that are personal and spirit lifting will make your stay and room feel more safe and warn. A tiny bit more like home.

I’m not sure my own budget will allow for this but I haven’t removed it from my list yet. It’s actually not that much more than a regular delivery gown depending on which one you want.

delivery nightgown with matching pillowcase

Nursing gown for after delivery

If you really don’t want to use any hospital gowns it may be a good idea to bring a gown to change into after delivery as well. It probably needs to go in the laundry. I think it’s smart to choose a delivery nightgown that can opens in the back because of medical access. But after delivery I would choose one without buttons. It will be more comfortable (and prettier). I couldn’t choose just one, so here are two great options.


The first one is really environmentally friendly. It’s made out of natural fibre from wood and dyed with stuff from natural plants. The material is very delicate and smooth, and you don’t have to worry about your baby’s sensitive skin. You can easily open the buttons with one hand when it’s time for feeding.

Baby be Mine

The second one is designed for discreet nursing with its snaps in the front. I really like the pockets on both sides. They give the gown a little edgy silhouette and it’s very practical. And you can buy a matching baby gown or swaddle blanket if you want the Mommy & Me look.

Delivery nightgowns and robes in the plenty

If you haven’t seen anything you really like yet, keep browsing these sites. There are tons to choose from. I’m sure you’ll soon find the labor gown that is best for you.

Baby Be Mine delivery night gowns


Milk & Baby delivery nightgowns

Nuring nightgown
Nursing gown for after delivery

Push socks – a little bonus

Want to push things a little further? Push socks will be that extra little thing completing your delivery look. If nothing else, it’s a fun gift for a mommy to be.

labour socks

Plus size delivery gowns & robes

Check out these posts if you want a shortcut to great plus size delivery robes and plus size hospital gowns.