Christmas presents for pregnant women

If you’re looking for some great tips and inspiration for Christmas presents for pregnant women, you have come to the right place. My list includes a bit of everything but not a single unnecessary item. Or at least not from my point of view. I’m a mother of two and it wasn’t that long ago I was pregnant. So, I got some real life, current experience. I also write and research this stuff on almost a daily basis for this blog.

I have intentionally stayed away from things that requires personal knowledge about things like size and style preferences. There are maybe one or two items where you can choose between different colors and such. But most things should fit most moms to be. I hope you find something both you and the expectant woman will love. And please don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

Go get that mama what she deserves. We all need to be pampered a bit.

Best Christmas presents for pregnant women – for her

Bump boxes

Bump boxes contains things that aspire to pamper and prepare the pregnant woman for delivery. Being pregnant can be a real struggle. Even the easiest pregnancy is hard work from time to time. You can get a box for the second or the third trimester, depending on how far along she is for Christmas.

These are so appreciated and awarded Amazon’s Choice.

Bump box for 2nd trimester →

Contains belly butter, sonogram frame, organic bat soak, Momosas recipe book and a sleep mask.

Bump box for 3rd trimester →

Contains a hair wrap, headband,  refreshing eye-collagen for tired eyes, Bumplife wood massager (also great for labor), BumpLife “Inhale, Exhale” No Slip Socks for the hospital bag and foot soak for tired feet.

Christmas present for second trimester
Christmas present for third trimester

Body oil for stretch marks

I know it’s not proven that body oil can help reducing or preventing stretch marks, but it doesn’t hurt. Bio-oil Skincare oil is a top choice in trying to repair skin damage. Even after pregnancy and surgery. It contains Vitamin E for healthy skin, and chamomile and lavender to calm, soothe and cleanse which also have anti-inflammatory qualities. It works for all skin types.

If nothing else it’s a nice way to connect with the baby while keeping the skin healthy and smooth. Maybe it can be the partners job to rub the belly every night.

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body oil for stretch marks

Cooling lotion for tired feet

I have only good things to say about this foot cream. Relaxing, deeply moisturizing, softening, soothing, relieving, and 99.9% natural. No more tired, sore and aching mama feet. Let her partner help her feel better after a rough day of pregnanting.

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lotion for pregnant feet

Baby Bonding Bracelet

If you’re looking for a gift with an emotional touch, this might be it. A stone bracelet made out of Rose Quartz that is adorable. What makes it so special is its qualities. Rose quartz is a fertility stone and is also thought to protect a woman during childbirth. Further, it is supposed to boost confidence for feeding and nurturing and deepening the precious bond between the mom and the baby.

I don’t know if all this is true, but it sure is a lovely thought and gift. It can also be a practical one. The mom can use it as a reminder for which side the baby nursed from last. It can be really hard to remember some times.

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best Christmas gift for pregnant woman


You don’t really understand how big part “the drink” plays in your social life until you get pregnant. Unless you’re already non-drinker of course. And I’m not just talking about going out for a drink. We eat and drink a lot together with friends and family. Maybe before dinner, and over dinner. For holidays. And birthdays. And so on.

This book will give the pregnant woman 75 Preggatini recipes organized by pregnancy stages and symptoms. It also offers ideas for Preggatini Parties (baby showers with a more modern twist) and quotes from famous moms about pregnancy and health.

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virgin drink recipes for pregnant women

Power stroller hook

This is a fun Christmas presents for pregnant women who are tech nerds (or addicted to their phones). Stroller Power is a power bank in the shape of a large hook. Built inside the hook is an extra strong battery for charging phones and other accessories. The large hook also holds bags up to 25 lbs. And if you didn’t know it, a baby comes with a lot of stuff. A lot. So that’s an awesome thing.

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Christmas present for pregnant tech nerd

All mamas deserve some chocolate

If you don’t want to buy anything pregnant or baby related, you can never go wrong with some chocolate. Especially not handcrafted gourmet chocolate biscotti. Only premium and natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives or trans-fat. Perfect for the pregnant body and not too unhealthy. 

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Christmas presents for pregnant girl

Christmas presents for pregnant women – baby stuff

Give her a break – White noise sound machine

Newborns are used to the constant loud noises from inside the womb. The beating heart, the sound of air filling the lungs, rushing blood and all other things going on inside the body. The white noise machine creates a noises similar to that environment. That helps the baby to both fall asleep and stay asleep. And it works like magic. Any mom will be grateful for getting a machine like this.

This particular machine (the Hatch baby rest sound machine) also grows with the babies needs. In addition to the white noise it can provide a soft night light and a time-to-rise setting. It can be adjusted remotely via phone or manually. It’s also an Amazon Bestseller!

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baby gift white noise machine

Kill 2 birds with 1 Pacifier clip

Babies are natural experts on loosing pacifiers. One second it’s in their mouth and the next… you have no idea what so ever where it went. The solution. A pacifier clip that attaches the pacifier to anything you want. There are tons to choose from. I think this solution is great. It combines the pacifier clip with a teething toy. It will both keep the baby busy and relief teething pain in a natural and safe way. And help you from losing the pacifier of course.

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cheap Christmas gift for pregnant women

The best memories – milestone blanket

Capture the baby’s first year in a super cute way. You can see how the baby grows and eternalize those memorable moments along the way. A fun way to remember all the firsts. Perfect for social media and for sharing photos with friends and family.

I really like the milestone blanket because it’s so easy to make something really pretty and memorable. You can even add little things to the photo to make them unique for you and your family.

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milestone blanket present

Something cute – Baby socks

There’s not much to say about these baby socks except they are hilarious and oh so cute. And all moms need a lot of baby socks because the washing machine actually eats them (because they’re so small). A tip to give along with the socks is to wash them bunched. Then they minimize the risk of losing them and getting washing machine problems.

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cute Christmas presents for pregnant women

Handle the hands – Nursing necklace

This is a combination of a nursing and teething necklace. Some babies are super fussy when they eat/breastfeed. Their little hands are everywhere, scratching, pinching and clawing at their mom. A nursing necklace gives them something to grab on to instead of the skin. It is also designed as a natural pain reliever for the baby when it is teething. The soft chewy beads are safe, durable and you can even freeze them. Did I mention that the necklace is a lovely accessory as well?

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nursing and teething necklace