Breastfeeding hacks – top 20 tips

If you’re pregnant you will most likely encounter the expression “breastfeeding is natural”. Sure, women have breastfed throughout history, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It doesn’t mean it comes naturally for the most of us. And it doesn’t mean that all babies are the same. Some just get it, some doesn’t want to and some are just super fuzzy. Luckily there are loads of breastfeeding hacks that you can try out with your little one.

The first weeks of breastfeeding can be painful and stressful. But there are ways to make it easier. And believe it or not, but a lot of them are both super cute and super helpful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned mom or a first timer, I’m sure you’ll find some useful tips here. If you know of any other great breastfeeding hacks please share them in the comments. We can all learn from each other.

I’ve gathered 20 potentially lifesaving (or at least mind saving) breastfeeding hacks divided into 4 categories; Nursing hacks, Pain relief hacks, Engorgement hacks and Memory hacks. You might have heard of some of these tips before but hopefully there are some new aha-moments for you as well.

Nursing hacks

1. Nursing Necklace

This was a true revelation for me. I had a super fidgety baby with restless fingers that grabbed, pulled, scratched and pinched while feeding. A Nursing necklace gives the baby hands something exciting to play with. It’s a cheap investment in a healthy and sound mind. The best part is that there are tons of cute, stylish and classic necklaces to choose from AND a lot of them double as teething necklaces.

Nursing necklace

2. Nursing Tops

Some people prefer the two-shirt method (when you lift one shirt up the other one stil covers your tummy) but I really like the Nursing tops. Mostly because I think a bra and two shirts/tops on top of that are bulky and inconvenient compared to the nursing top. And if your boobs are a little bigger it’s hard to find nice looking tops that stretches the right way (over and under your boob). Feel free to disagree. I love the nursing tank from Modibodi. It has the same function as a nursing bra AND nursing pads. Just through it in the washer and use it again. Eco-friendly, super absorbent, antibacterial, stain resistant and super easy to breastfeed in.

Nursing tops

3. Nursing Scarf

If you want to wear whatever you like (maybe not a dress) a Nursing scarf or Infinity scarf is a great option. Just find one that goes with a lot your clothes/ your style and use it as an accessory. This way you’ll get privacy for both you and your child when nursing in public. Head over here if you want to look at the most popular nursing covers.

Nursing scarf

4. Blanket as boob support

If you need to hold up your breasts to feed there’s a simple solution. Just roll up a receiving blanket and put it under your breast for support. No more tired wrists. And of course they can double as stroller, car seat and nursing cover, summer blanket, burp cloth and for changing diapers. What ever you need it to be.

Receiving blanket

5. Breastfeeding Pillow

While we’re on the subject of getting tired… If I could choose only one nursing item it would be the breastfeeding pillow. You spend so much time feeding it’s best to get real comfortable. I love the ones that go around your back because it gives you support while wrapping the baby around you in a great feeding/sleeping position. The best part is that both your hands are free.

This one with a little pocket is a best seller and loved by many. If you haven’t nursed before you’ll be surprised by how thirsty you get. It’s best to always have some water (and a nursing pad) close by.

Breastfeeding pillow

6. Nursing Night Light

You’ll probably need some kind of night light when you get up to feed the baby in the middle of the night. Any dimmed light can be used but this Nursing night light is clever in more ways than one. It grows with your child. At first it provides a soft light and white noise for newborns and feedings. Then it works as a comforting nightlight. Finally, it has a time-to-rise setting for the older child.

Nursing night light and white noise

7. Slings

Do you need to breastfeed standing up? Then the sling is you answer. The extra fabric can even be used to give you some privacy. This kangaroo solution often results in a sleeping baby beauty as well.

Baby sling

8. Breastfeeding Basket

A breastfeeding basket is absolutely genius. And cute. Fill it with your breastfeeding essentials, like water, snacks, wipes, lotion, lip balm, hair ties, a book, nursing necklace, receiving blanket and whatever you might need. You probably have a couple of nursing stations around your house and the basket is easy to bring with. Making sure you’re not getting stuck for 40 minutes with chapped lips and nothing to read.

And why not staying hydrated in style. These water bottles are the best. Or why not make your own? -Drink more water make more milk at Etsy.

Breastfeeding basket and water bottles

Nipple hacks

9. Nipple Shields

Nipple Shields actually made it possible for me to breastfeed. Without them I’m not sure I would have succeeded. Nipple shields are for latch-on difficulties or flat/inverted nipples.But they also help with the pain as they shield the nipple. So if you have a bleeding nipple that need some rest you might want to try it. They also give a little protection against those sharp baby teeth. Some people think they’re a hassle, I love them.

Nipple shields

10. Heal sore nipples

While on the subject on sore nipples, here’s THE solution. The fastest and cheapest way to heal sore nipples is soaking them in warm water. Since most moms don’t have time to take 10-15 minutes of showers 3 och 4 times a day a clever person thought of Shot glasses. Just fill them with warm water and soak away. You can do this while nursing if you want to, one nipple at a time.

Shot glasses

11. Thrush remedies

It’s very common with thrush in infants and toddlers. More than often the thrush spreads from your baby’s mouth to your nipples. The yeast infection can get pretty painful and can even spread inside your breast. If you want to try to avoid giving your baby fungal medication/antibiotics try dipping the pacifier and dabbing your breast with mineral water (with sodium bicarbonate). You can also mix lukewarm water and baking soda which is a little “stronger”.

Mineral water

12. Breast Milk Pacifier

This hack is not really a breastfeeding hack, it’s for the breastfeeder. If you got a teething baby you can help to sooth their gums with breast milk popsicles. Either use the pacifiers cover cap or an ice cube tray. Fill the item with breast milk, stick the pacifier in it and freeze.


13. Teething Necklace

The two most common teething necklaces are made out of silicone or amber.  They both claim to be natural pain relief. The silicone necklaces have soft, chewy beads that can be frozen or cooled. And the amber necklaces are said to have anti-inflammatory and succinic acid immune system boosting properties that help with teething pain and also reduces drooling and fussiness. There’s no scientific evidence for this but some moms swear by them.

Teething necklace

Engorgement hacks

14. Pineapple

Pineapple is said to be a natural anti-inflammatory. If you’re having problems with engorgement and/or blocked ducts, fiesting on pinapple might actually help. I’m not sure this actually works but hey, pineapple is delicious.


15. Cabbage

The cabbage hack is a little more reliable. Just clean the cabbage leaves and put them in your bra and they will ease the engorgement. It also works wonders with mastitis (inflammation of the breast).


16. Nursing pads

Nursing pads are lifesavers. Or at least saviers of face and laundry. When the milk starts leaking when you’re going for a coffee or visiting grandpa you don’t want a wet stain on your boob. Sure it’s natural and all that, but it’s still a bit embarrassing. And milk is not like water, the stain gets all stiff when it dries and you need to wash the shirt. To summarize, nursing pads are great. You can find both disposable and washable kinds. Hey, you can even sew your own. I prefer the disposable ones as they absorb a lot better.

Nursing pads

17. Milk Savers

An alternative to the nursing pads are the Milk savers. They catch the milk that leak during let-down. You can then give the milk to your baby or freeze it. A lot of people find them a bit bulky so they’re probably better to use at home while feeding and not in public.

Milk savers

Memory hacks

18. Mammary Minders

I’m a very organized person with a pretty good memory. But after some sleep deprivation and around the clock breastfeeding we all forget which damn boob we used to feed the baby with the last time. Luckily help is nearby. Mammary Minders are a nifty little magnetic reminder. It’s cute and discreet and you can attach it to all of your undergarments.

Mammary minders

19. The hairband/bracelet hack

If you don’t want to spend money on a breastfeeding reminder, simply wear a hair band on the wrist on the same side that you’re feeding from. Or why not a cute bracelet.


20. Baby Nursing App

If you want to keep track of not just which boob you used last but also when that baby ate, for how long, last diaper change, etc, check out the Baby Nursing app.

Baby nursing app