I actually didn’t know about all the bleeding that takes place after giving birth. No one really told me about that. I just thought you pushed out the baby and the afterbirth and that was that. I didn’t reflect on it being attached to the wall of the uterus . Or that it would leave a big wound in the uterus when it came off. Did you know that it is normal to bleed between 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth?

It’s recommended not to use tampons or menstrual cups because you have a wound that can get infected. It’s not like being on your period. At least not at first. You’re bleeding quite a lot. Most hospitals will provide you with disposable panties during your stay but when you leave, you’re on your own (it’s a worldwide tradition to steal a few).

This is when the need for postpartum underwear kicks in. Like me, you might have “period panties” that you’re not particularly careful with. The wear and tears. But you’ll probably won’t be very comfortable in these as you need to put a giant medical pad (best sanitary pads after delivery) in them. The best underwear after delivery have a little different design than normal underwear. A little bigger and a little wider to make room for everything. And if you have gone through a c section, you’ll need something else entirely.

The best underwear after delivery

There’s no right and wrong here. It depends on what you like and what you need. Then there’s the matter of quality and comfort of course. But let’s start with the essentials. Consider these 4 points before moving buying post delivery underwear:

  • Size – choose a bigger size than your normally do to feel comfortable in your postpartum body and maxi pads.
  • Material/fabric – go for cotton, or some other fabric that breaths as much as possible (to prevent infections)
  • Function – do you want disposable briefs, periods panties, light compression or for c sections?
  • Style – do you prefer briefs, bikinis, high-waist, boy shorts, low rise, etc.?
great underwear for after delivery

The best disposable underwear after delivery

Before buying disposable underwear I did imagine that there would be a few to choose from. I did not imagine that there be that many styles and brands to choose from. There was nothing to do but dive right in. I don’t know which ones you will like the best, but I have made your choice a lot easier. I have gone through tons of reviews and found some that are loved by many. Here are my favorites.

Most liked disposable underwear

After scouring the web and reviews I have come to the conclusion that Always discreet and Depend Silhouette are the most liked disposable underwear available. They’re pretty and feminine, has elastic legs that prevent leaks and have great absorbency. The material is breathable (super important for healing and not getting an infection) and very comfortable to wear. Nothing like super thick pads that makes you feel like you’re wearing a diaper. You’ll get comfortable, safe and cute underwear no matter which one you choose. They also cost about the same (make sure you look at the package size when comparing). Both are available in S to XL.

always discreetdepend silhouette

Seamless mesh knit underwear

Coming in third on this list doesn’t make this disposable underwear after delivery an inferior choice. Just a different one. They are not feminine and cute like the other two but are designed for comfort and healing. That’s why it’s oh so soft, breathable and seamless. They don’t have an elastic waistbands which makes them perfect for both natural birth AND c-section. Unfortunately, we never know what’s going to happen when we give birth. With these, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

If I haven’t been clear enough about it yet, you need to put a pad in these. They are not absorbent like the other two. But they are great for keeping pads (and ice packs) in place. You can even wash them a few times before disposing of them. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to ruin your regular underwear and still want to wear pads.

best disposable underwear after delivery

Best underwear after c section

I haven’t gone through a c-section myself, but I have both a sister and friends that have. And I understand that it’s quite a painful ordeal. Even if everything goes according to plan. It takes about 6-8 weeks to recover and we’re talking about major abdominal surgery here. So on top of all the postpartum bleeding you will have to deal with a wound. A wound that sits right about where your underwear lining is. And you don’t want anything that shafes against that scar. Think high waist and loose fitting.

There are a lot of great underwear to get that are designed for the time after a c-section. They’re both comfortable and helps with recovery.

Recovery underwear C panty

C-Panty is the only patented postpartum c-section underwear that provides everything you need for C-section recovery. Or that’s what they say. I think there are other great options, but I have to agree that they seem pretty awesome. The compression C-Panty reduces swelling, discomfort, irritation, minimize scarring and protects the incision area. All which speeds up recovery. It also helps to banish that incision bulge. You’ll also get some support from them which makes it easier to move around. And finally, it helps to give you a nice post baby belly and figure. You can wear immediately after surgery.

C-panty underwear for c-section

Thinx high waist period panties

If you want a pair of underwear to wear after surgery that looks like regular underwear and also takes care of your postpartum bleeding, Thinx period panties might be something for you. I think this is so smart. You’ll kill two birds with one stone. They got a comfortable high waist (nowhere near the incision) and you don’t have to wear those super thick pads. These underwear holds up to 2 regular tampons worth of fluids. They’re washable which is great for both nature and wallet. You can keep wearing during your periods later. This might be the best underwear after c section in my opinion.

period underwear from thinx

Cheap postpartum tummy control

If you want to spend a little less on your post delivery underwear Innersey has a cute and price worthy 5-pack. The high rise will give you support and keep that tummy and hips in place. The compression can help keep a bandage in place. They’re designed to hold real big pads in place but also has an extended lining in the crotch that absorbs some liquids. Protecting you from embarrassing leaks. You can choose between 8 different color combinations.

If you’re planning a c-section, I think it’s wise to at least consider some sort of specialized underwear as it will help you and be so much more comfortable. I would definitely do anything I could to speed up my recovery and prevent infections.

postpartum tummy control

The best washable underwear after delivery

If you’re not a fan of disposable products there’s a whole lot of washable options. And no, I do not many your regular underwear. We are taking things a bit further here. I’m talking about underwear that is specifically designed for postpartum needs.

Leak proof underwear – at half price

Ever heard of period panties? Underwear that’s designed to absorb fluids. Works just as well for pee and postpartum bleedings. If you’re familiar with it, you might have heard of the more well-known brands like Thinx and Modibodi. EvaWear are not as known but their product is just as good. It’s super absorbent, breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and stretchy. And they’re like half the price as well.

I really can’t recommend period underwear enough. It’s great for the environment , so comfortable and great for recovery as it keeps you dry (preventing bacteria from growing). And you can keep using them as period underwear even after all baby business is done.

leak proof underwear for after delivery

The maternity pack

Here’s a great deal for you. Modibodis’ maternity pack. You get 3 maternity briefs (the low cut kind that goes under the belly) AND a maternity singlet. The briefs are awesome to wear during pregnancy. They’re super comfortable as they are super low cut. The belly can grow as much as it wants. And they absorb any leakage that might happen (I’m talking about pee). After giving birth you can use them for the bleeding. And after that you can use them as period panties. or for when you need to do those pelvic floor exercises. Win-win-win.

The maternity singlet is for breastfeeding. Boobs tend to leak. Instead of using disposable pads you can wear this washable option. Super convenient and sustainable.  And one advantage with the washable underwear is that they’re so much more stylish than the disposable ones.

maternity pack with underwear and breastfeeding tank top

Postpartum underwear for maternity pads

This underwear are designed to sit above a c-section and to smoothly cover your belly. Even if you’re planning for a natural birth I recommend preparing for any event. If you haven’t given birth before, don’t expect the belly to disappear with the baby. It takes a while to morph back to original size (if ever). What separates them from ordinary underwear is also the design underneath. They are made to hold post-surgery dressings or postpartum maternity pads. Preventing leaks from finding its way out.

postpartum underwear

Which is your favorite post delivery underwear?

That’s pretty difficult to answer if you’ve never tried any. But if you’re on your second or third pregnancy you might have some good advice to share with the rest of us.

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