Best nursing bathing suits – one pieces, bikinis and tankinis

Trying to find a maternity swimsuit of any kind isn’t too hard. Trying to find stylish nursing bathing suits is a little trickier. I only found a few that are designed specifically for nursing. There are all the more choices I know to be easy to breastfeed in. That has a “nursing friendly” designs. Scroll down to view my pick of best nursing bathing suits.

If you want to go out and look for yourself, there are a couple of styles that work pretty well for breastfeeding. Most halter neck designs can easily be tied up and tied for a feed. The ones that have drop-down clips or ties at the shoulders. And also, the swimsuits that are of shoulder.

Nursing bathing suits

The one-piece swimsuits have its advantages. It squeezes you in all the right places. It provides a little more cover than a bikini. When you go for a swim you don’t have to worry about any “falling outs”. And for a few years there has been quite a lot to choose from as it has become trendy.

Finding a cute nursing swimsuit isn’t done in a heart beat. There aren’t that much to choose from and some should never have seen the light of day. Others are too much active wear for a day at the pool or the beach. But it’s not all bad news. I have scoured the web for you and come up with a couple of solid choices.

Cute design with slimming effect

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to look like a one. Not an old and boring one at least. This is actually not a one piece even though it looks like it. It’s not even a nursing swim suit. It’s a regular two piece bathing suit. But it’s perfect for both breastfeeding and the after-pregnancy-body. The top with its flounce covers your belly and the high waisted bottoms has tummy control effect. All helping you looking your best and feeling comfortable. There are in total 14 colors and patterns to choose from and tons of great reviews.

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two piece nursing bathing suit

The best nursing bathing suit?

This nursing  bathing suit is an Amazon Choice with nice reviews. A proper swimsuit for breastfeeding. It has integrated nursing clips in the tied halter top. Which is also adjustable. And the pads are removable for discreet access. This is all great. But what’s even better is the fit. After giving birth it takes a while for the body to recover and, at least, working its way back to original shape. This swimsuit is both supportive and slimming across the tummy and under the bust. It might be my favorite.

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best nursing bathing suits polka dot

Be Mamalicious

You can usually find a couple of nursing and nursing friendly swimsuits on ASOS. If you haven’t heard of them before they offer trendy fashion at really reasonable prices. They sell one of my favorite maternity brands, Mamalicious. I think their items are thought through, of nice quality and in classy styles.

A loot the swimsuits on ASOS are maternity swimsuits. If you’re not interested in that, make sure you check out their bikini and tankini collection. There you will find a lot of maternity friendly gorgeous options as well.

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maternity and nursing swimsuit

Nursing swimsuits with One-step feeding clasp

EastElegant have a pretty elegant option. I would say elegant both in style and in function. The One-step feeding clasp is a clips that is integrated into the tied halter top (which is also adjustable). You can also take off the cup using just one hand. What’s even better about this one piece breastfeeding swimsuit is that it has tummy control. That means it is slimming. It helps to support and shape your body, giving you a nice silhouette. Choose between the colors wine red and black.

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nursing swimsuit with a clasp

Tie waist maternity One-Piece

Pinkblushmaternity unfortunately doesn’t have any nursing swimsuits. They do have a lot of absolutely lovely maternity swimsuits that are very nursing friendly. I would also say that they’re post partum forgiving. By that I mean they can help you look great in a swimsuit even if your body haven’t returned to its former glory just yet. The wrap V-neckline makes it easy to breastfeed in, and the adjustable straps, waist tie, and ruched sides will help your silhouette.

Pinkblush always have floral delights in every category, swimsuits are no exception. I love this feminine bright lavender. If it’s not your cup of tea it comes in other colors. There’s an olive green option that’s definitely worth checking out. Pinkblush also have a lot of other swimsuits to choose from of course.

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trendy maternity and nursing swimsuit

Sexy, comfortable & nursing friendly

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that is nursing friendly, this is absolutely stunning. It has a great and flattering fit and a great knot design that will help cover the post partum belly a bit. The tie design also makes it easy to breastfeed in and it also has removable pads. That means it’s easy to slip in a nursing pad as well. And you can wear it the next summer as well.

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sexy nursing swimsuit

Breastfeed in bikinis

Crossover design for nursing & yoga

You don’t have to buy a special nursing bikini if you already got a nursing friendly design, except for size reasons. Most of us get a little bigger both here and there during pregnancy and after. What’s extra awesome about this one is the crossover design. You can wear it during labor. It’s perfect if you’re considering a water birth. Of course you can wear it to the beach and pool. But it also works as a yoga top. And it’s a flexible easy to use nursing item. Mommas are going crazy over this one.

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best nursing bikini

Elegant maternity bikini

A super stylish choice that is both maternity and nursing friendly. That means you will look fabulous while pregnant and later when you nurse as well. It has straps and removable padding.

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nursing bikinis

Nursing bikini with clips

This bikini has the convenient clip-down nursing function that makes discreet feeding easy. The cup drops down while the inner frame supports the breasts. It has a bit of push-up and adjustable straps for support and comfort. There are a couple of colors to choose from. I recommend the pink one.

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nursing bikini with clips

Nursing tankinis

Nursing Tankini with boyshorts

This is not a nursing tankini, but just a regular one. But that doesn’t mean it won’t do the trick. I really like it because it has removable pads, adjustable shoulder straps, 25 colors and patterns to choose from, and it covers (hides) your belly a bit. On top of that it’s cute and you can get it for about $28. That includes the bottoms as well. I’m not the only one who like it. It’s a number 1 bestseller.

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nursing tankinis

Maternity and nursing tankini

If you want a tankini you can use both as pregnant and while nursing this is a great stylish option. It has preformed cups to help you look great. The zipper in the front makes it possible to fold down the side for breastfeeding.

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maternity and nursing tankini

Pretty in pink

I think this nursing tankini is awesome in 3 ways. First and foremost, it provides super easy nursing access. Number two, it is super cute. And finally, the design is super for the post partum tummy. Pair it with any bottoms you want. You can find it in black on Etsy as well. See you at the pool!

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nursing friendly tankini

Have you heard of leak proof swimwear?

Yes it’s true. There is such a thing. That means you can go from a swim, to the beach and to the cafe completely safe from leaks. By leaks I mean little pee accidents, lighter periods or heavy discharge. Perfect if your pelvic floor is a little weak or in the beginning or end of your cycle. They are water resistent, dries incredibly fast, doesn’t stain and fight away odors. I would go with a pair of leak proof bottoms and a regular nice bikini.

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leak proof bikini bottoms

Want some privacy?

If you, like me, aren’t super comfortable with nursing in public you might want to bring some kind of nursing cover as well. I breastfeed when ever and when ever, but I do prefer some privacy. And so does my baby. I’ve gathered some great choices under the post Nursing covers. Check it out to see what’s available.

If you’re pregnant and going on a holiday I’ve put together some tips and inspiration for what to pack – maternity clothes for holiday. Happy nursing all you fantastic mums out there!