Trying to find a maternity swimsuit of any kind isn’t too hard. Trying to find stylish nursing swimwear is a little trickier. I only found one that was designed like a nursing tank top. I also found a few that are actually called nursing swimsuits. And a couple that I know will be easy to breastfeed in even though they are only called maternity swimsuits. Scroll down to view my pick of best nursing bathing suits.

If you want to go out and look for yourself, there are a couple of styles that work pretty well for breastfeeding. Most halter neck designs can easily be tied up and tied for a feed. The ones that have drop-down clips or ties at the shoulders. And also, the swimsuits that are of shoulder.

Nursing bathing suits

The one-piece swimsuits have its advantages. It squeezes you in all the right places. It provides a little more cover than a bikini. When you go for a swim you don’t have to worry about any “falling outs”. And this year there’s a lot to choose from as it has become trendy.

Pom pom swimsuit

This might be the coolest maternity bathing suit on the market. The stretchy fabric and ruched sides will make you look great from bump to baby. And the Bardot neck is giving your baby easy access to the foodery. This pom pom swimsuit is just waiting to take you on a holiday.

best nursing bathing suits stylish

Best nursing bathing suit?

This nursing  bathing suit is an Amazon Choice with nice reviews. A proper swimsuit for breastfeeding. It has integrated nursing clips in the tied halter top. Which is also adjustable. And the pads are removable for discreet access. This is all great. But what’s even better is the fit. After giving birth it takes a while for the body to recover and, at least, working its way back to original shape. This swimsuit is both supportive and slimming across the tummy and under the bust. It might be my favorite.

best nursing bathing suits polka dot

Stripe design with shoulder ties

This stripe design is in the right direction. The vertical lines will elongate your silhouette and making you look slimmer. The stretchy fabric is actually made out of rubbish! It’s recycled yarn from recovered fishing nets. And some other waste materials. So, you won’t just do your figure a favor with this one, but also the nature. And of course, it’s really easy to nurse in as it has shoulder ties.

best nursing bathing suits shoulder ties

Black lace nursing swimsuit

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to look like a one. This black lace nursing bathing suit will for sure make you look super sexy. The brief-cut legs and plunging neckline are the icing on the cake. Halter neck straps makes breastfeeding where ever you are uncomplicated. And it’s made of a quick drying material.

best nursing bathing suits black lace

Striped halter one-piece swimsuit

Let’s finish strong with a black and white striped halter neck one-piece maternity swimsuit (that was a long word). Don’t be afraid of the stripes. The stripes under the breasts are vertical making the eye focus on your slimmest point. Very smart. You can easily just tie up the knot in the neck when it’s time to feed your little one.

best nursing bathing suits stripes

Bikinis for breastfeeding

Hide the tummy in style

There’s really no reason to buy a special nursing bikini if you already got a halter neck bikini, except for size reasons. Most of us get a little bigger both here and there during pregnancy and after. This polka dot bikini is super cute and great for nursing. You just untie the knot and fold it down. I really like the high waist bikini bottoms that are so on trend right now. They are perfect for hiding a tummy and making us look a little slimmer.

Worth mentioning is that it is a nu ber one Best Seller with awesome reviews on Amazon.

best nursing bikini

Super cute nursing bikini

This bikini has the convenient clip-down nursing function that makes discreet feeding a lot easier. The ruffle front also helps with that. As you might have noticed I’m a fan of the polka dots. It’s not that I love them. I think they are cute. And I guess a lot of swimwear have polka dots. It also suits this bikini because it is super duper cute overall. Just notice that this is only for post pregnancy wear.

best nursing bikini

Nursing tankinis

Nursing Tankini dress

A lot of the tankinis looks like one-piece swimsuits and I don’t really see the point in buying one. If you’re not heading for the nudist beach, I guess you want to use both the bottom and the top part anyway. But there are exceptions. This baby doll maternity tankini is adorable. It’s like a swim dress that flows over your changing curves throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The straps are adjustable and easy to let down for nursing. There’s also a discreet built-in bust support which can be comfortable. And the bottoms that are included are fully lined.

best nursing tankini

Breastfeeding swimsuit tankini

If the previous one is cute and stylish, this might be its opposite. Not ugly of course. It’s classic and practical. I would pair it with a pair of cute bottoms to light it up a bit. But it’s worth considering if you want to look great and go for a swim (not just relax in the sun). This top is formfitting with a built in feeding friendly bra. It has 4 way stretch for the postpartum body and is made of high quality Italian fabric. And of course it has the easy-to-use nursing clips. It even says that it is sand repelling, which would be awesome if it worked. We all love the beach, but hate the sand.

breastfeeding tankini

Beach Cover up from ASOS

So, this is obviously not an example of the best nursing bathing suits out there. But … in my opinion this is the best nursing beach cover up. And that’s worth mentioning in the context of beach and baby time. It’s really nice to have something beautiful to cover you from the midday sun or on the walk home. The material is 100% viscose and the design is loose but not oversize.

If you’re pregnant and going on a holiday I’ve put together some tips and inspiration for what to pack – maternity clothes for holiday. Happy nursing all you fantastic mums out there!

best nursing cover up