If you’re looking for a maternity nightgown to wear before and during labor, you should check out the post “Delivery nightgowns“. But if you’re looking for the best nightgown after delivery, you’re in the right place. There’s actually quite a difference. Not just in design but also in function.

Delivery nightgowns should (in my opinion) have some way of opening up the back. If you for instance want an epidural you need easy access. After delivery on the other hand, there’s no point in wearing a maternity nightgown with snaps or buttons in the back. Now you want something with easy access in the front. For breastfeeding. And you also want something that’ll make you look nice walking the halls of the hospital. And for the first photos with your little one (or ones).

These nightgowns are all perfect for hospital and nursing. I’ve also added some maternity nightgown robe sets if you want to take the hospital dressing up a notch.

Best nightgowns after delivery

Maternity nightgowns perfect for nursing

Let’s start off with something cute, simple and comfortable. It’s almost too comfortable. You might want to live in it. The design works both with and without the bump. And it’s perfect for nursing. No clips or snaps. Only easy access.

I really like this one as it can double as a “wear at home”-dress. No one can really tell you’re still in your nightgown. Put on a pair of tights and you’re ready. It’s usually this versatility that makes us really use a piece of clothing. Money well spent.

best nursing gown after delivery

Top rated from Motherhood Maternity

This one is a classic nightgown. And it’s a classic for a reason – it has all the things we want! It’s comfortable and soft. The nursing function is super easy, just a clip-down away. Built-in pads for looks and leakage. A little loose fit for the post-delivery belly. Six different colors and patterns to choose from. And sleeveless to keep us sweaty mothers nice and cool.

In summary, all you could ever want from a top maternity nightgown. And the price doesn’t hurt either.

best maternity nightdress after delivery

Classic striped maternity nightgown for hospital

This might be my favorite. Love the navy inspired stripes and the little pocket. The fact that it doesn’t have that delivery nightgown look is also a plus in my world. This nightshirt will make you look really nice both in the hospital and every night after that. It has front snaps that opens quickly. You know they don’t like to wait. This also makes it easier with skin-to-skin contact which is so important in the beginning. And as you can see you can buy it and wear it before birth. It’s designed to fit your bump as well.

All the maternity nightgowns from Baby be Mine are designed by Moms For Moms. So, you know it comes with both comfort, function and a sense of style.

best maternity gown after delivery

A nursing nightgown in leopard and lace

I’m not a big fan of Jessica Simpsons clothing line in general but here she has done something right. Maybe it’s because I got a soft spot for animal prints. It doesn’t matter. This nursing nightgown manages both leopard and lace without being sexy. Just stylish with a hint of sophistication. Spot on (pun intended). You also get the clip-down nursing function (which can be done with one hand), a shelf bra with pads and a nice and relaxed fit. I might just get this one myself.

It has gotten great reviews as well. If you’re really into it you should check out the matching leopard maternity robe.

leopard nursing nightgown for after delivery

Maternity nightgown robe sets

Save money on a 3 in 1 solution

Sometimes it can be nice to have a robe to wrap around yourself. If you need to get up to nurse and comfort your baby in the middle of the night. Or when you’re in the hospital. Now you can get a matching set and save some money at the same time. There are lots of colors and prints to choose from. I got hooked on this black willow printed maternity nightgown robe set.

The nightgown has an elastic neckline for nursing. No need for any buttons or snaps. And you can wear it during labor as well if you want to. This is a 3 in 1 solution for you. The robe belt is in a high position to accommodate your changing body. Make sure you pack one of these nightgown robe sets in your hospital bag.


Maternity sleep jumpsuit

I think this is so cool and sweet. A sleep jumpsuit that you can wear from day 1 of your pregnancy all the way through to the breastfeeding times. The scoop neckline and button front makes it possible to nurse one moment, and look super cute the next. The long sleeves will keep you warm while night feeding. The two little patch pockets completes the look and are perfect for a pacifier or tissues (feeding can be a messy business).

All in all, comfortable, functional and again, super cute.

maternity sleep jumpsuit

Matching maternity robes and baby blankets

I’m getting a little of topic here, but I can’t help myself. Some might think a maternity robe and baby blanket set is unnecessary. They might be right. But just look at the picture. That is sooo cute! With the little hat and all. I think you really get your moneys’ worth with this set. It includes:

  • One Maternity/Delivery Robe
  • One Baby Swaddle Blanket (32″ x 32″) and
  • One 1 Newborn Hat

The robe is comfortable and feminine. Perfect for pictures, visits, and nightly feeding and changing adventures. It even has hidden pockets for your phone. It’s a fun and thoughtful gift for a baby shower as well if you don’t know what to get.

If you’re looking for a plus size delivery robe, I got some great options as well for you.


Are you a snap girl?

Do you prefer snaps or an elastic neckline for your maternity nightgown? Share your favorite nighty with the rest of us.