Am i wearing the wrong bra size – 10 signs that you do

When you’re pregnant there’s a chance your boobs will get bigger and bigger and BIGGER. And if you’re breastfeeding your boobs will get bigger still (and then settle). Apparently a lot of us women wear the wrong bra size when our breast are normal. So just imaging the percentage of ill-fitting bras on preggos out there.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant or not, this text applies to everyone with boobs.”

It’s not just that it is unnecessarily uncomfortable but if you’re wearing the wrong bra size for some time it can mess with your shoulders and back, posture, appearance and the oh so important confidence.

I think the biggest problem might be that most of us don’t know how a bra should actually fit. The best thing to do is to consult a professional, a real bra specialist. You can find them in most specialized stores. If you don’t want to go to a store there are places online with pretty good measuring guides. Even if you’re not pregnant you should actually be measured each year as your body is constantly changing.

So are you one of many, asking yourself – Am I wearing the wrong bra size? This post will answer your questions. If any of the following 10 signs applies to you and your bras you need to start replacing them. Don’t feel too stressed about it. Maybe you can buy one a month and replace. If you don’t know where to start looking, here’s a link to the best seller in the picture.

best maternity nursing bra

1. The straps fall of your shoulders

Problem: The straps are too long.

Solution: Try shortening the strap (of course). If that doesn’t work you probably need to try another brand and/or style all together. We all look different. If you must have that particular bra, pay a tailor to adjust the straps for you. I prefer straps with a bit of stretch. The ones in non-stretchy fabric are much harder to fit properly.

wrong bra strap lenght

2. The straps dig into your shoulders

Problem: The straps carry too much of the weight or are too short

Solution: If you wear the straps too short, just extend them a bit. If they still leave you sore you probably got the wrong band size. The band should carry most of the weight, not the straps. If you can tighten the band by using the inner hooks you might solve the problem without buying a new one. Also, different models have different support. If you’re spending money, make sure you get a style that actually can support you.

3. Double boob and side boob

Problem: You’re spilling over your bra because things are too snug.

Solution: Try the easiest thing first, the straps. If extending the straps doesn’t take care of the spillage try a bigger cup size. If you’re breastfeeding this might be a come-and-go problem before and after nursing. I preferred wearing a bigger cup size compared to a too small. But to avoid the problem find a stretchy bra that follows your changing body.

4. Saggy breasts with no lift or support

Problem: This could be because of a number of reasons. But it’s surely because something, or everything is too big – the band, cup or straps.

Solution: First try to adjust the hooks and straps. If that doesn’t work, try to reduce the cup and/or band size. If you’re still sagging, try another style with more support. Consult a professional and make your life a little easier.

5. Unwanted back bulge

Problem: You’re not (necessarily) fat, it’s just your bra that’s too tight.

Solution: Going up in band size should take care of this problem.

6. The back of the bra rides up your back

Problem: You’re probably wearing the wrong band size. People often also wear the straps too short when they got the wrong band size trying to compensate for the lack of band support.

Solution: If you got more hooks to use in the back try making the band fit tighter to give you the proper support. If you’re not used to wearing it tight it might take a while to get use to. Adjust the straps to make sure they aren’t digging into your shoulders. The band should be placed under the shoulder blades. If you’re already using the tightest hooks you need to buy a bra with a smaller band. Make sure you don’t use the tightest hook right away as the bra gets worn out over time.

Am I wearing the wrong bra size_the bra is riding up

7. Your boobs peek out at the bottom

Problem: When you raise your arms the bottom of your boobs fall out of the bra because it is too small.

Solution: This might be the most common problem of all, women wearing the wrong cup size. I think it has to do with wanting to achieve a little push-up effect. But with the right size and style your boobs will look their best. And you don’t have to be uncomfortable and constantly pull down your bra.

8. The center of your bra floats in mid air

Problem: There’s space between the bra and your skin because the bra is too small.

Solution: The piece between your cups should always touch your skin and sit flat. Depending on your body type and bra style you need to try a bigger band width or cup size. Try both and test them out by lifting your arms.

Am I wearing the wrong bra size

9. The underwire hurts you

Problem: The underwire pokes you and can even create a sore.

Solution: Some people won’t wear underwires because they think it’s uncomfortable. They’ve probably tried on the wrong size. If your underwire is hurting you try on a bigger cup size. Also make sure it doesn’t pierce the fabric and stick  out.

Am I wearing the wrong bra size_painful underwire

10. Your cups are wrinkling or baggy

Problem: The fabric tends to wrinkle and bunch when the cup size is too big

Solution: Go down a cup or two

If you’re on the market for a nursing bra with stretch this one is really worth trying. It has a 4-way stretch fabric that can handle your changing shape and it’s super comfortable. It’s also smart to buy something you can use through both pregnancy and nursing.

nursing bra stretch

Am i wearing the wrong bra size – treat your boobs right

In addition to buying the wrong bra size, I think a universal problem might be that we tend to use the ones we got way too long. They get stretched out and our bodies are constantly changing. Especially if we get pregnant, but also just from one year to another. So treat them, and yourself right and make sure you look your best and walk around as comfortably as you possibly can. It will not dig a hole in your wallet if you replace them continuously.

You might be surprised by how comfortable a perfect fitting bra is.