Affordable maternity summer dresses

What is affordable? My first intention was to find maternity summer dresses under 40$, under 25$ and under 10$ but that was impossible. It was easy finding affordable maternity summer dresses under both 40 and 25$ but impossible under $10.  Maternity clothes are generally more expensive than regular clothes. Which is so annoying. And my go-to-places didn’t deliver. Instead I decided to find places where there would always be a sale on maternity dresses. Places where you almost always can strike a bargain.

Don’t forget the Sales & Outlets

Nowadays almost all stores and sites have some kind of sale going on. With a bit of luck or persistence it’s possible to find some real affordable maternity summer dresses. Here are links to 7 stores with maternity dresses on sale. TiffanyRose and A Pea in the Pod are generally a bit more expensive, but they got beautiful dresses so make sure you don’t miss out on some real bargains.


Below I’ve selected a few that I really like. At the bottom there’s also a selection of a few plus size affordable maternity summer dresses.

Maternity summer dresses under 40$

If you have a budget of 40$ your home safe. There are tons of beautiful summer dresses to choose from. You might have a problem with choosing just one. I easily found three lovely dresses from Pinkblush, ASOS and Amazon that I love.

Since we’re looking at outlet and sales pages, the selection of dresses is constantly changing. They might no longer hold the one in the picture but they will have others in similar styles and colors.

Affordable fashion from ASOS

ASOS is one of my favorite stores, for both regular and maternity clothes. They offer fun and trendy clothes for all shapes and sizes. And for really reasonable prices. There’s also always both items in the outlet and some other sale going on. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter.

The dress in the picture is both a maternity and a nursing dress. The double layer designs are so smart because you can wear them right from the start to finish. Then you can share it with another mama to make its life even longer. The tie front is right on trend and give you and the bump that chic cute look.

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maternity and nursing mini dress

Strike a bargain at Amazon

Wrap dresses are perfect for changing bodies. They easily adjust to your body, curvy or slim. And now we’re not just talking about the belly, but also your boobs and waist. We tend to grow bigger in all kinds of places and this dress will help you look cute and fresh. The wrap design is great for nursing as well.

If you want a more relaxed fit, just go up a size. Choose from 27 different colors and patterns. The stretchy material also makes it nursing friendly. A super flexible dress.

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wrap dress for pregnant women

Floral and flounce on sale from Pinkblush

Pinkblush is kind of famous for their floral and flounce dresses. They always have several different styles and designs on that theme to choose from. One of Pinkblush focus areas are to offer flexible clothes that you can use for years. From bump to baby, but also beyond that.

Their dresses usually cost more than $40 but you can always find many awesome ones on sale. I will not link to the dress in the picture as their items on sale constantly change and I don’t want you to hit a dead end here. But if you like floral and flounce, Pinkblush is a great place to browse (they have a lot of other stuff as well of course).

Also, there’s often som extra bonus or discount if you sign up for their newsletter.

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maternity summer dresses on sale

Make the most of your money at Motherhood Maternity

I think it’s amazing that you can find these kind of lovely maternity dresses for mere $40. Motherhood Maternity often has a lot of different discounts and not just for the stuff that is hard to sell. There aren’t super many to choose from but they constantly change it up.

This dress would be perfect for a summer gender reveal party, or some other formal occasion you are invited to or hosting. A pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity are both part of Destination Maternity and you can reach them both from the same site nowadays. So make sure you check out both their dress departements.

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maternity gown for gender reveal

Maternity summer dresses under $25

Lots of affordable maternity summer dresses at Old Navy

If you’re looking for a cheap option Old Navy is a great place to visit. They usually have a lot of different dresses on sale. Their whole brand is about affordable fashion. That means you can find a decent summer dress on sale for $14-20, easily.

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affordable summer dress for pregnancy

Low-cost and trendy at ASOS

ASOS is one of the best places to find low-price trendy maternity clothes and dresses. There’s always cool stuff on sale. It’s not easy finding really cheap maternity dresses, and it can be even harder if you’re in a hurry for some reason.

My tip to you is to constantly be browsing the sales on all of the sites I’ve mentioned in this post. That way you can snatch up the really good stuff as soon as it’s available. Snooze, you loose as they say. That truly is a smart way to keep a stocked closet full of truly affordable maternity dresses and other clothes.

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Maternity oversized t-shirt dress

Amazon bestseller in 16 patterns and colors

You can get this bodycon dress in 16 different colors and for under 25$. It’s a super popular choice on Amazon and has been marked a Best seller. The sides a ruched for a great fit all through pregnancy and the dress is light and breathable. Since it is sleeveless you can even use it if you’re going to breastfeed. A solid choice if you’re looking for affordable maternity summer dresses. Amazon never disappoints.

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cheap maternity summer dress

Affordable maternity summer dresses in plus size

Summery dress with a little slit

Motherhood Maternity is a great place to look for plus size maternity clothes. Like a mentioned before, they don’t hold super many options. But the ones they have are usually great.

A long summery sleeveless dress from Motherhood Maternity. It’s summery, flattering and so so comfortable. The dress is easy to dress both up and down and you can wear it to parties or just for relaxing. Heels or sandals, both will fit.

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affordable plus size summer dress

Affordable and flattering

Don’t focus on the slim model in the picture and give this dress a shot. It’s available in XS to 3X and there are a lot of customer images to look at to see how the dress fit different sizes.

I think the design and pockets are super cute and flattering, especially with a nice and round belly. Choose between 18 different colors and patterns. And all of this to a very reasonable price.

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affordable maternity dress plus size

Super cute

Again, don’t focus too much on the image (it’s stretched which just makes it look weird). There are plenty of customer images to watch if you want to. Moving on.

If you thought you had a lot of colors and patterns to choose from when looking at the previous dress, this takes it one step further. There are 28 colors/patterns available. And you can get in in size 14-26W.

People love this dress. There are almost 1500 reviews on Amazon. Most of them very very positive.

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affordable summer dress for pregnant

Do you have tips on where to find affordable maternity summer dresses?

Do you have a favorite store where you buy your maternity clothes? Love to hear about it and why you love it so much.

If you need some inspiration for more summer outfits and maybe a holiday as well, head over to “”Maternity clothes for holiday“.

Have a great day!